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  • Enduring Friendship : Sticking Together In An Age Of Unfriending


    Friendships are difficult.

    Sometimes it can seem as if friends are more work and pain than they’re worth, with friendship challenges that we have to endure and struggle through. Life gets in the way of our well-intentioned efforts to connect. Conflicts and differences over serious issues divide us and make us think that we could never be close to a person ever again. In today’s cancel culture, it’s easy to give up on people and just walk away, leaving us all more isolated than before. How can we build real relationships that are life giving and pass the test of time?

    Bryan Loritts mines one of the Bible’s least-known books for insights into how friendships can flourish even in the midst of sin and brokenness. With careful exposition and insight, he unpacks how the apostle Paul helped Philemon and Onesimus reconcile a most unlikely relationship with truth, repentance, and grace. With God’s work and steadfast love, even the most painful relationships that have ruptured are not beyond the reach of forgiveness and reconciliation. Discover how friendships that are hard can be transformed into friendships that endure.

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  • Life Council : 10 Friends Every Woman Needs


    Offering a path for a new way to think about friendships, The Life Council will inspire and equip you to be a better friend, make new friends, and appreciate how different types of friendships can bring a richness to your life like never before.

    You’d love to have a “ride or die” posse like you see on social media, but instead you have a host of really good . . . acquaintances. After all, trying to find a soul friend in the midst of dirty dishes, deadlines, and, oh, a crazy busy life can be overwhelming. But what if developing great friendships was actually easier than we thought? And what if finding a “soul friend” wasn’t necessarily our highest goal?

    In The Life Council, Laura Tremaine–the writer and podcaster behind 10 Things to Tell You–tells us what we’ve been hoping was true all along: making, keeping, and even releasing friends doesn’t need to be as hard as we make it. This fun and practical guide gives you what you need to:

    *Create your own “life council” with the friends you already have

    *Understand the ten kinds of friends every woman needs–and how to find them

    *Learn how to evaluate your friendship circle for what’s working and what might need to change

    *Navigate tough conversations with friends

    *Get excited again about the possibility of new friendships

    The Life Council will give every woman the help she needs to think about friendships in a new way and find true connection, freedom, and joy in her relationships.

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  • Life Changing Cross Cultural Friendships


    We can heal our communities–one friendship at a time.

    Many of us want to do something to improve race relations, but we don’t know where to start or even if we can make a difference. In Life-Changing Cross-Cultural Friendships, beloved authors and good friends Gary Chapman and Clarence Shuler answer those questions and more by recounting their own story together.

    Long before Gary was the bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages and Clarence was the president and CEO of Building Lasting Relationships, they were just an associate pastor and a young high school student, bonded by a love of Christ and learning how to navigate their newly desegregated community. Decades of friendship later, they are sharing the important lessons they learned that will enable you to experience enriching friendships across racial and ethnic barriers.

    Each chapter of this inspiring and practical book will guide you into a deeper level of understanding about what friendship is and about the benefits of cross-cultural friendships on an individual and national level. These powerful lessons will include:

    *The importance of choosing the right words
    *How to differentiate true friends from mere acquaintances
    *How Jesus initiated a cross-cultural relationship
    *The first two steps to your own cross-cultural friendship
    *Three ways to resolve conflict in a cross-cultural friendship
    *How to make friendships last through life’s many seasons

    Breaking down the walls of division might not be easy, but the simple act of building friendships tears down walls of racism and fear. Will you accept the cross-cultural friendship challenge?

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  • Ill Be There But Ill Be Wearing Sweatpants


    Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston, founders of the wildly popular “Sister, I Am with You” online community, address common obstacles to true connection and offer a confessional, hilarious, and practical guide for building deep friendships in the middle of this crazy, rollercoaster life.

    If you’ve ever wondered why it seems like such a struggle to make and maintain friendships as an adult–it’s not just you. The number of Americans who claim to have no close friends has drastically increased over the last few decades. Loneliness doesn’t care what age you are, how many Instagram followers you have, or where you call home. It doesn’t care how “put together” you appear to the outside world. Women have a collective wound that only authentic sisterhood can heal.

    In I’ll Be There (But I’ll Be Wearing Sweatpants), Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston, creators of the popular online community “Sister, I Am With You,” offer an-easy-to-follow road map to the place we all desperately want to be–standing beside other women who see us, know us, and love us for who we truly are. With hilariously relatable vulnerability and actionable steps we can all take today to build deep and satisfying friendships, Amy and Jess show us how to:

    *break free from unhealthy habits that block us from connection;
    *find the confidence to live freely and without fear of rejection; and
    *intentionally pursue friends in everyday life.

    I’ll Be There (But I’ll Be Wearing Sweatpants) won’t talk down to us, or boss us around. It won’t tell us to simply “find your people” and then leave us feeling even more discouraged than before. This book will snuggle up beside us, grab a fuzzy blanket, and say “Let me show you how to do it. I’ve been there too. It’s hard, but it’s not impossible, and it’s so much better together.”

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  • Amistades Que Sanan – (Spanish)


    Muy pocas personas disfrutan durante su vida el calor y la solidaridad de la amistad. Algunos llegan a la adultez sin haber tenido la experiencia enriquecedora de tener amigos; esas personas que nos sanan el alma porque son nuestros hombros para llorar y compaeros para celebrar.

    Durante una entrevista, le preguntaron a Otoniel Font que haria diferente en su juventud si pudiera volver atras. El respondio que hubiera cultivado mas la amistad, y comento la importancia de tener amigos. Unos meses despues, en el cumpleaos de su esposa, un amigo suyo hablo emotivamente a los invitados acerca del valor de la amistad. Eso calo hondo en el. Fue el momento en que decidio escribir y compartir los grandes beneficios que nos dan las relaciones de amistad, entre otras: mayor longevidad, mejor salud, resiliencia, sentido de pertenencia y proposito, y la sanidad del corazon ante las adversidades y desilusiones de la vida. Aprende a escoger y a apreciar a tus amigos, y aprovecha las lecciones en este novedoso libro que marca una primicia en el estilo literario de Otoniel Font.

    Very few people enjoy the warmth and solidarity of friendship during their lives. Some reach adulthood without having the enriching experience of having friends; those people who heal our souls because they are our shoulders to cry and comrades to celebrate.

    During an interview, Otoniel Font was asked what he would do differently in his youth if he could go back. He replied that he would have cultivated friendship more, and commented on the importance of having friends. A few months later, on his wife’s birthday, a friend of his spoke emotionally to the guests about the value of friendship. That settled deep in him. It was the moment when he decided to write and share the great benefits that friendship gives us, among others: greater longevity, better health, resilience, sense of belonging and purpose, and the healing of the heart in the face of adversities and disappointments of life. Learn to choose and to appreciate your friends, and take advantage of the lessons in this new book that marks a scoop in the literary style of Otoniel Font.

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  • Friendish : Reclaiming Real Friendship In A Culture Of Confusion


    Bible teacher Kelly Needham debunks our world’s constricted, small view of friendship and casts a richer, more life-giving, biblical vision for friendship as God meant it to be.

    As the family unit grows more unstable and the average age of marriage increases, a shift is taking place in our culture: for many people, friends now play the role of family. And just as with family relationships, our friendships often don’t turn out quite as we envisioned or hoped, and we wonder, Is there a better way to do this?

    In Friend-ish, Kelly Needham takes a close look at what Scripture says about friendship. She reveals the distorted view most of us have of it and recasts a glorious vision for a Christian understanding. By teaching us how to recognize symptoms of idolatry and dependency, she equips us to understand and address the problems that arise in friendship–from neediness to discord and even sexual temptation. With hard-fought wisdom, a clear view of Scripture, and been-there perspective, Needham reorients us toward the purposeful, loving relationships we all crave that ultimately bring us closer to God.

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  • Art Of Being A Good Friend


    These pages show you how to transform your friendships into soul-nourishing relationships, bringing them from shallowness and frivolity to a deep communion of mind and heart – a communion that will become for you and your friends a means for emotional and spiritual growth.

    If you’re married, you’ll find here new ways to appreciate the gift God has given to you in your spouse. If you already enjoy the blessings of other mature and spiritually oriented friendships, you’ll discover innumerable ways to make them richer. Best of all, you ll learn how to seek friendship with God.

    In The Art of Being a Good Friend you will also learn:

    *How true friendship can give you a complete education in the art of living

    *Whether you really have any true friends at all surprising ways to tell the difference between mere acquaintances and genuine friends

    *Scripture’s shrewd warnings about the pitfalls of socializing and its high view of friendship

    *Why the wisest people through the ages have valued friendship so much

    *Common ways you can unintentionally destroy friendships, and how to guard against those ways

    *And much more, to bring your friendships rich blessings!

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  • After College : Navigating Transitions Relationships And Faith


    Author’s Note
    Why This Book?

    Part I: Real Faith//Faithful To Christ
    “Go To An Unknown Land”: Trusting A Familiar God For Unfamiliar Times
    In Transition: Facing Change
    Take Up Your Cross: Embracing Adversity
    The Tyranny Of Choice: Making God-Honoring Decisions

    Part II: Real Life//Faithful In Community
    Beyond The Quad: Finding Friends
    No Perfect Church: Choosing Community
    People Are Strange: Preparing For Diversity
    Family Matters: Relating To Parents
    Twenty-Something Relationships: Navigating Sex, Dating And Marriage

    Part III: Real World//Faithful To Our Calling
    On Purpose: Stewarding Every Area Of Our Lives For Kingdom Good
    A Faith That Works: Adjusting To Our Jobs, Connecting Them To Christ
    Financial Faithfulness: Managing Money
    Conclusion: “The Land Is Good”: Trusting A Constant God For Dynamic Times

    Additional Info
    The first year out was one of the hardest years of my life. -Curt The years after college can be some of the most uncertain, unstable times of life. Recent graduates grieve the loss of community, question their place in the world and struggle to find meaningful work. It can be shocking to discover that college did not fully prepare you for the challenges you now face. “It’s much rougher than I thought. I thought things would just play out, and they didn’t. I don’t have friends, I don’t have a job and I hang out with my parents every night.” -Kate But you are not alone. For more than a decade, Erica Young Reitz has specialized in helping college seniors and recent graduates navigate the transition to post-college life. Drawing on best practices and research on senior preparedness, she offers practical tools for a life of faithfulness and flourishing during a critical, transitional time. This practical guide addresses the top issues graduates face: making decisions, finding friends, managing money, discerning your calling and much more. Discover how you can thrive beyond your undergraduate years. If you feel lost in transition, here are resources to help you flourish as a Christ-follower in a complex world.

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  • Spiritual Friendship After Religion


    Hardly a day goes by without some poll or news story documenting the changing relationship between the general population and religion, often accompanied by predictions of doom. The rise of the “nones” and the “dones” leaves many adrift in a world with multiple complex challenges. Providers of “spiritual friendship”-pastors, spiritual directors, pastoral counselors, concerned Christians-will need to change their approach as those with whom they interact distance themselves from the church. How should we talk with the “nones” and the “dones” about their spiritual lives? How can we be with them in their struggles when they are suspicious of our motives? These are questions providers of spiritual friendship face every day. This book offers answers that can help them look at their work in new ways. Stewart-Sicking presents an innovative approach to spiritual friendship, addressing major challenges of modern life and significant challenges in the lives of individuals, as well as making accessible scholarship on the subject that is difficult for practitioners to access.

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  • Heart Sisters : Be The Friend You Want To Have


    Be the friend you want to have

    Friendships with other women are as important to our mental, physical, and spiritual health as rest, exercise, and prayer. We don’t just want friends-we need friends. Yet sometimes they can be as difficult as singing a song without the lyrics.

    If you’ve ever been hurt by a friend, struggled to balance friendship with everyday life, or seen a friendship end too early, Heart Sisters will help you:
    – Overcome your fear of being hurt by other women,
    – Practically examine issues so you can work your way through conflicts,
    – Recognize when it’s time to establish healthy-and holy-boundaries,
    – Get right with God so you can get right with others, and
    – Discover the secret to authentic friendships.

    With discussion questions and real-life examples, Heart Sisters will help you be the friend you want to have.

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  • Storm Sisters : Friends Though All Seasons


    Women treasure the support, loyalty, and laughter found in their friendships–especially when they face the storms of life. Whether purchased as a gift or for oneself, Storm Sisters is a delightful journey on what it means to be a friend in all seasons of life.

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  • Jesse : A True Story Of Redemption


    Everyone needs a friend like Jesse. Nashville radio personality, LaVern Vivio (a.k.a. U-Turn LaVern), shares a true account of her lifelong friend, Jesse. From her childhood in Western Kentucky through the many ups and downs of jobs, relationships, and family trials, Vivio weaves a folksy, but true story of an enduring, encouraging, and supportive friendship. As you read this book, you will long for a friend like Jesse in your life. Here’s the good news – Vivio shares her secret to finding and developing this kind of life-changing friendship in your own life. Life is tough … and even tougher without a true friend. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet your Jesse. “Jesse is a captivating story of hurt and healing, bitterness and forgiveness, as a tender heart turns calloused and resentful to all but one person – Jesse – a true friend through thick and thin. LaVern opens the curtains of her soul in a courageous way to reveal the story of her heart. I have personally witnessed her walk with through many of the chapters of this story. I love this family, and I love what God has done with LaVern’s heart. I think you will love it too, for it will resonate with your own heart in more ways than you may expect.” Dr. Jimmy Sites Host of Spiritual Outdoor Adventures TV Author of The Heart for Adventure

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  • Friendships Dont Just Happen


    This essential go-to guide reveals how women can enhance their lives by creating valuable friendships in today’s busy, mobile world, from nationally recognized friendship expert and CEO of

    Every woman is searching for a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Many realize the significant role that an intimate, tightly knit circle of friends plays in creating a more fulfilling life, but with hectic schedules, frequent moves, and life changes, it’s more important than ever for women to establish natural, meaningful friendships that will contribute to their overall wellbeing.

    In Friendships Don’t Just Happen!, Shasta Nelson, friendship expert and CEO of, reveals the most important proven steps, processes, and secrets vital to establishing the five different levels of friendships, or Circles of Connectedness, that women-no matter their age or relationship status-are longing for in today’s stressful and mobile culture. This revolutionary, engaging guide will also benefit women who already feel rooted to fabulous friends, with insightful principles that will help them maintain and enhance their current friendships.

    Full of practical how-to tips, fun activities, guiding questions, and step-by-step instructions, Friendships Don’t Just Happen! highlights several areas of developing lasting friendships, teaching women how to:

    * Evaluate their current circle of friends
    * Recognize what types of friends they are seeking based on career, interests, location, and relationship status
    * Create a prioritized friendship action plan
    * Find extraordinary friends-where to look and how to approach them
    * Take initiative to jumpstart friendships and face fears of rejection
    * Establish “frientimacy,” trust, and happiness through conversation and activities
    * Maintain meaningful friendships and determine which ones are worthwhile

    We Value Belonging

    Friendships may not happen automatically, but what we crave about them sure seems to! We all want to belong-that need to be connected to others is an inherent desire. We live our entire lives trying to fit in, be known, attract acceptance, and experience intimacy. We desperately want to have others care about us. This book is about that hunger. And more pointedly, it is about listening to it and learning how to fulfill it.

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  • Truth About Guys


    Okay, it’s a fact. God made guys and girls different in more ways than just the physical.

    But how different could we really be? After all, we are all made in His image, right? Well, yes, but let’s just say that guys and girls view the world in such different ways, that it’s a miracle we communicate at all. What’s worse is that girls this age often think they know what makes guys tick. That couldn’t be more wrong!

    Chad Eastham tells it like it is . . . to girls . . . from a guy’s perspective. As a popular presenter at Revolve conferences, he is known for his ability to speak truth and to give girls clearer perspective about guys and themselves as well as understand their own value. Chad explains, “You are incredibly valuable and worthy simply because God created you.”

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  • Barkley : AKA A Small Person In A Black Fur Coat


    Barkley AKA A Small Person In A Black Fur Coat is the story of our almost sixteen year old male cocker spaniel as he reflected upon his life and all it brought. It is told from Barkley’s perspective, who for most of his years, has assumed the persona of a small person in a black fur coat. He has had five owners, all who loved him dearly, and as many AKA’s and experiences. As his life nears its end, he realizes that maybe being the most loved dog of a dear old lady might be equally rewarding as he goes Heaven bound to find Grandma.

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  • Friendship MAPS : A Journey Through Maturity Aspirations Perspectives And S


    Do you hunger to have a sense of where you are in God’s process, purpose, principles, and power at each crossroad in your life? Do you long to travel life’s journey with caring, friendly companions, a well-tested compass, and a trustworthy map? If so, then Friendship MAPS: A Journey through Maturity, Aspirations, Perspectives, and Struggles will point you in the right direction. Friendship is filled with possibilities, and the nature of our friendships often changes throughout our lives. It is a worthwhile endeavor to explore the potential that this person-to-person dynamic holds for each of us. By examining the scope of our maturity, aspirations, perspectives, and struggles (MAPS), we can see how these factors relate to our heart connections. Using the MAPS approach, you can explore the significance of your choices, the threat of superficiality, and the sufficiency of God’s grace as you seek to connect your heart with His and others. Just like the road maps stored in our cars or the GPS in our dashboard, Friendship MAPS provides markers for where we are and where we are going as we relate to those around us. The path that will lead us to good friendships is sometimes a rocky one. Therefore, it helps to have an excellent guidebook. With its solid foundation in biblical truth, Friendship MAPS: A Journey through Maturity, Aspirations, Perspectives, and Struggles fits the bill.

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  • Every Teen Girls Little Pink Book Of Girlfriends


    Are you a Mean Girl or a Teenage Drama Queen? Today’s teenage girls will find humor in learning about how to pick good friends, discover their identity in Christ, navigate through cliches, and be friendly to others.

    Pink is for Princess.

    From the bestselling creators of the little black book series comes a unique and fun new series for teen girls. The little pink books series utilizes hip graphics, sassy quotes, and funny stories to teach teen girls about spiritual principals in a practical way. Chart-topping lists, prayers, and girly art make this book and/or gift a must have for all your teen readers. Watch as they collect each book and share them with their friends. Make sure to stock them all for this new trend in teen resources.

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  • Lifes Too Short To Give Up Slumber Parties


    In the busyness of our days, we sometimes forget to slow down and enjoy the big benefits that are wrapped in the little moments shared between friends. This charming book is a sweet reminder to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy the journey. Life’s too short not to!

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  • Sacred Companions : The Gift Of Spirtiual Freindship And Direction


    SKU (ISBN): 9780830832705ISBN10: 083083270XDavid BennerBinding: Trade PaperPublished: October 2004Publisher: InterVarsity Press Print On Demand Product

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  • Friendship : Growing Side By Side (Student/Study Guide)


    Carolyn Nystrom leads you through twelve inductive studies to discover what the Bible teaches about friendship. As you dig into the stories of friends like David and Jonathan or Ruth and Naomi, you will experience the riches of godly friendship for yourself.

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  • Pursuit Of God In The Company Of Friends


    SKU (ISBN): 9780830832309ISBN10: 0830832300Richard LambBinding: Trade PaperPublished: July 2003Publisher: InterVarsity Press Print On Demand Product

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  • Clothesline Chats


    Whether studying the Bible, attending a conference or seminar together, or supporting a common interest, Christian women form groups for many reasons. A group’s effectiveness is influenced by its appreciation of the unique life experiences God has given to each of its members. However, many groups focus on achieving goals without providing adequate forums for their members to truly learn about each other. Clothesline Chats is a turnkey approach to getting to know fellow group members. A Chat group of up to fifteen women follows a schedule to telephone one another. Each woman receives a Chat name, and the group selects fourteen Chat days. On each Chat day, each woman considers a suggested conversation topic and initiates a Chat with one group member. Through these Chats, the women gain a familiarity with each other that rarely occurs in a group setting. Whether a group is diverse or similar, newly formed or well established, knowledgeable about Christianity or new to the faith, any Christian woman can benefit from the support and encouragement that comes from sharing her life experiences with her sisters in Christ

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  • Becoming Friends : Worship Justice And The Practice Of Christian Friendship


    Draws connections between the church’s worship, Christian friendship and Christian virtues, emphasizing that mission and discipleship can be seen as friendship with God and with one another.

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  • Wisdom Of Each Other


    The Wisdom of Each Other demonstrates the life-changing value of friendships. With originality and warmth, Eugene Peterson opens our eyes to one of God’s greatest and most overlooked provisions for counsel, encouragement, and renewal — honest, Christ-centered relationships.

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  • My Own Monster


    We all want to have good friends–and to be a good friend. Now, in the teen years, more than ever, you need girls and guys you can trust. You need friends who will stand by your side, no matter what–when you face peer pressure, family problems, a broken heart, or even questions about God. Whether you wish you had more friends or want to know how to be a better friend to the ones you’ve got, this 31-day devotional will give you fun, real-life advice about how to deal with relationship struggles and make your friendships count. You’ll find stories about teens you can identify with, suggestions for activities, ideas to think about, room to journal your thoughts and hopes, and Scriptures to encourage you in your relationship with the best Friend you’ll ever have!

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  • Friendship : Portraits In Gods Family Album (Student/Study Guide)


    1. Abraham, God’s Friend – Genesis 12:1-9: Hebrews 11;8-19; Genesis 13
    2. Are You A Friend Of God – John 15:5-17; Selected Passages From Genesis
    3. Introducing Ruth, Who Risked Commitment – Ruth 1
    4. Unfailing Kindness In God And His People – Ruth 2-4
    5. Jonathan And David: Faithful Friends – 1 Samuel 18-19
    6. Jonathan And David: Covenant Friends – 1 Samuel 20; 2 Samuel 9; Ecclesiastes 5:2-6
    7. Introducing Solomon, Son Of David – 2 Samuel 9; Selected Verses From Solomon’s Writings
    8. Solomon’s Folly: Failure To Apply Wisdom – Verses From Proverbs; 1 Kings 9: 1-9; 11:1-13
    9. Mary And Elizabeth: Sharing Faith In God – Luke 1:5 -80
    10. Jesus, Friend Of Sinners – Matthew 26: 36-56; Luke 5:27-32
    11. Barnabas, Son Of Encouragement – Acts 4: 32-36; Luke 5:27-32
    12. Barnabaas’s Later Ministry – Acts 11:19-30; 15:25-26; 36-39

    Additional Info
    To be rich in friends is true wealth! These 12 studies for group or private use focus on the treasure of good relationships. Here you will find vivid profiles of friends in the Bible like Jonathan and David Ruth and Naomi, Barnabas, Abraham and Jesus-the preeminent Friend and Brother. Steve and Dee Brestin are veteran Bible study authors with six popular titles in the Fisherman line.

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