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Frederick Murphy

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  • Apocalypticism In The Bible And Its World


    Apocalypticism is not a specialized or peripheral topic in biblical studies. It represents the central, characteristic transformation of Hebrew thought in the period of the Second Temple. It therefore constituted the worldview of Jesus, Paul, and the earliest Christians, and it is the context in which the New Testament books were written. In this volume, Frederick Murphy defines apocalypticism while discussing its origins, where it comes into play in the Hebrew Bible, and how it relates to Jesus and the New Testament.

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  • Introduction To Jesus And The Gospels


    Introduction: Theological And Historical Backgrounds
    Chapter 1. What Is A Gospel?
    Chapter 2. History Of Critical Methods For Gospel Study
    Chapter 3. The Gospel Of Mark
    Chapter 4. Q
    Chapter 5. Matthew
    Chapter 6. Luke
    Chapter 7. John
    Chapter 8. Other Gospels (Gospel Of Thomas, Infancy Gospels, Other Apocryphal Gospels); Chapter 9. Christian Interpretations Of Jesus;
    Chapter 10. The Historical Jesus
    Chapter 11. Conclusion
    Further Reading
    Notes: Subject Index
    (Charts, Sidebars, Illustrations, And Maps.)

    Additional Info
    “Jesus and the Gospels” is one of the most popular religion courses at colleges, and it is required at many seminaries and divinity schools.This textbook, written by an award-winning educator, is designed for a semester-long course in both these settings. Moreover, it could be used as a supplementary text in courses on christology, the historical Jesus, New Testament literature, and the Bible. Murphy will provide an introduction to the gospels that does justice to the full range of modern critical methods and insights. He will discuss the implications of these methods for how we understand the nature of the gospels and how we can read them today. The chapters will sketch the portrait of Jesus that emerges from each gospel, and then examine the “canonical” view of Jesus by comparing and contrasting these pictures, as well as the ones that emerge from the non-canonical gospels and from the modern quest for the historical Jesus.

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  • Early Judaism : The Exile To The Time Of Christ


    This textbook provides an introduction to the Second Temple period (520 BCE-70 CE), the formative era of early Judaism and the milieu of Jesus and of the earliest Christians. By paying close attention to original sources–especially the Bible, the Pseudepigrapha, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Josephus–Frederick J. Murphy introduces students to the world of ancient Jews and Christians. Early Judaism: The Exile to the Time of Christ, designed to serve students and teachers in the classroom, will also be of great interest to anyone looking for an entrance into this pivotal period. It contains suggestions for primary readings, bibliographies, maps, illustrations, glossaries, and indexes.

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