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Dan Boone

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  • Prevenient Grace : A 4-Week Study


    God’s immense love goes before us, beckoning us, preparing us, and patiently waiting for us to respond before we ever have any idea of our need for God. God has chosen us to partner in his mission of saving and restoring the world, and he has prepared our way before us. All we have to do is respond! Each chapter has a short reflection on the nature of Prevenient Grace, followed by journaling and prayer prompts and closing with discussion questions for small groups.

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  • Saving Grace : A 4-Week Study


    As we yield to prevenient grace, a relationship with God becomes possible. The grand news of the gospel is that saving grace is present at the very point of human confession. God’s saving grace compels us to live with a posture toward others that reflects what God has done for us. Each chapter has a short reflection on the nature of Saving Grace, followed by journaling and prayer prompts and closing with discussion questions for small groups.

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  • Revelation


    Lampstands, horsemen, beasts, locusts, and angels-the book of Revelation is filled with these images and more. How does anyone make sense of all this? Dan Boone, in this latest volume of the Reading and Interpreting the Bible Series, cuts a clear path to the plotline of this intriguing biblical book. Boone explores the book of Revelation and its imagery using the narrative elements of entrance, bad news, good news, response, and blessing. With attention given to Revelation’s apocalyptic, prophetic, and epistolary features, the author provides the reader with the sound interpretive clarity needed to understand the message and imagery of this fascinating book. Helpful diagrams are included, along with a bibliography.

    Reading the Bible with understanding is challenging. Without sound guidance, making sense of the different literary types, settings, and cultures found in the Scriptures can be overwhelming. The Reading and Interpreting the Bible Series opens the door to a proper and accessible method of biblical interpretation. Each volume concentrates on a specific literary type found in the Bible, highlighting its features and function. Social, political, and religious settings are examined, and a critical analysis of the biblical text brings to light its message and relevance for today. Readers will find in these volumes numerous illustrations of how to interpret specific texts, which can be used as a pattern for individual or group Bible studies.

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  • Acts : And You Will Be My Witnesses


    Acts is a goldmine of adventure, filled with spellbinding stories interlaced with sermons and speeches. The theology of Acts arises from the drama that unfolds a drama that invites us to step in and join a narrative that is still unfolding. Study the story of God as told by Luke about the spark of the Christian church as it expanded and spread like wildfire throughout the ancient world. Over the course of seven weeks, gain deeper insight into stories about the mission of God, the Day of Pentecost, the sermon of Simon Peter, the healing of a lame man, the conversion of Saul, Peter’s rooftop experience, and the debate at the Council of Jerusalem. And remember, the ACTion does not end when the book of Acts ends. We are still called to be God’s witnesses in the world today.

    A faithful reading of God’s Word leads to a faithful response from God’s people. The Shaped by Scripture series teaches a simple, engaging method of studying the Bible that will lead to honest interpretation and a changed relationship with God.

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  • Charitable Discourse V2


    If the work of ministry is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable, then this book is certainly aimed at the latter.

    In A Charitable Discourse, Dan Boone turned heads and got the church talking about the issues that divide us. Now he’s back with A Charitable Discourse, Volume Two: Uncomfortable Conversations. Together with some of today’s most thoughtful leaders, Boone confidently broaches some of the topics that make us squirm in our pews. The church’s only hope for healing, remaining healthy, and moving forward is through discourse that is charitable, even in disagreement–so let’s join the conversation.

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  • Way We Work


    When you’re dragging yourself to work, do you ever get mad at Adam and Eve for making us have to toil for a living? If you’re on the clock, is it ok to mentally clock out – even for a little while?Are these things that really matter when it comes to working ‘as unto the Lord’? While many questions face us as we work each day, perhaps the most important is, ‘What difference does it make in my job if I’m a Christian?’ In The Way We Work, Boone offers much more help than simply saying ‘You need to do yourwork well because you are a Christian.’ The WayWe Work provides a thorough biblical examinationof all our labors exploring:. When work is a pain. Laziness on the job. The blessing of work. Work that will last. And much more.

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  • Charitable Discourse : Talking About The Things That Divide Us


    Homosexuality, social drinking, and politics . . .Why is it so hard to talk about these topics and others like them in the church? What keeps us from having open and honest conversations about complex and controversial issues? The silence in the pews about these matters can be deafening. Often members say little, fearing disagreement and rebuttal, others strongly assert half-truths and biases. Nothing gets truly discussed, and many, especially the youth, become discouraged and leave.

    A Charitable Discourse insightfully explores why this happens, looking closely at the ways people avoid and prevent authentic dialog, from labeling and grandstanding to religious abuse. Seven controversial issues are discussed with understanding, sincerity, and compassion.

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  • Preaching The Story That Shapes Us


    Part 1: The Theology And Narrative Of Biography:
    The Calling And The Called
    1. Before I Had A Thumb To Suck
    2. The Love Of The Game
    3. The Call
    4. Spoking It
    5. A Vulnerable God
    6. Fleas In The Parsonage
    7. IWish She’d Learn To Cuss
    Part 2: The Bible: Where The Words Come From . . .
    and What They Do
    8. God Speaks
    9. The Written Word
    10. Reading . . . Or Being Read?
    11. Hearing
    12. Tribute To A Friend And Mentor
    13. Theological Assumptions
    Part 3: Getting Ready To Preach
    14. Sensing And Attending
    15. Inquisitiveness
    16. Looking For Trouble
    17. AWorld Of Images And Experiences
    18. Pausing To Let The Text Do Me Good
    19. Don Wardlaw Again
    20. Consulting With The Scholars
    21. Exegeting The Congregation
    Excursus 1: On A Corporate Vs. Individual Theology Of Worship-
    Invitation To The Dance
    Excursus 2: On The Use Of Power-Siding With Power
    22. The Shape Of The Sermon
    23. Public Speaking For Pastors
    24. Top 10 Don’ts
    25. The Worship Plot
    Part 4: Anthology Of Sermons
    New Eyes-Luke 24:13-35
    Touched-Luke 4:14-30
    Seeing Past The Labels-Luke 7:36-50
    Hollow Laughter, Holy Tears-Luke 6:17-26
    Divine Backing-Luke 9:28-43
    God’s Blog-Jeremiah 31:31-34
    Neb’s Nightmare-Daniel 4
    Deep In Our Bones-Exodus 2:1-25
    Eternal Optimism-Romans 8:18-30
    You Can’t Hide Family Resemblance-1 John 3:4-10
    Enemies-Psalm 109
    Dirty Hands, Pure Hearts-Matthew 5:8

    Additional Info
    In our world, stories matter. Methods and systems are beneficial because they provide structure and help keep us on the right road; but the motivation and courage to keep walking the road, come from the stories we hear and see and experience-stories that inspire hope and bring us face-to-face with God.

    For ministers, the call to preach is a call into a story that forms and shapes us. It’s about stumbling into revelation as life unwinds and scripture unfolds. It’s about listening to God’s voice and then sharing it with others. It’s about recognizing that when people gather to hear a sermon, God speaks. And it’s about understanding that when He speaks, He speaks through you.

    Preaching the Story That Shapes Us is more than a textbook on preaching. It’s an empowering call for preachers to present a picture of the kingdom of God already at work among us, recognizing that the work of preaching is not just about arranging words-it’s about people. With elegant prose and crafted reason, Dan Boone weaves together scripture, personal narrative, structure, and theological reflection to provide a satisfying, efficient guide to narrative preaching. From exploring the importance of biography to walking readers through creative processes that shape the sermon, Boone shows preachers how to awaken lives and share the stories of God that reveal who we are and lead us to who we will be.

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  • Answers For Chicken Little


    Can you read the Book of Revelation without fearing the sky is falling? Do end-time predictions make you shudder in your shoes? Too many Christians shrink from the last book of the Bible because of all the gloom and doom surrounding it. Beasts, blood, and pestilence color its pages, but what does it all mean? Is this the end of the world, or is it a new beginning? In Answers For Chicken Little, Dan Boone clears away all the speculative clutter and clarifies the message of Revelation in a plain and friendly way that anyone can understand.

    Here is a responsible interpretation of Revelation that replaces cataclysmic predictions with a compelling vision-a vision of Jesus and the abundant hope-filled life He wants for all His people.

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