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Cleere Cherry Reaves

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  • Miracle Of You


    A lyrical picture book from Cleere Cherry Reaves of the popular brand Cleerely Stated, The Miracle of You celebrates the unconditional love of a parent and the uniqueness of your child among all the beauty of God’s creation.

    From the creatures that swim deep in the sea to the galaxies that reach far and wide, the world is filled with the color and creativity of God. Yet nothing compares to experiencing His miraculous design like the gift of the child He has given you.

    When Cleere Cherry Reaves’s son was born three months prematurely, Cleere and her husband watched as their child–their miracle–fought for his life, developed, and began to thrive. In The Miracle of You, Cleere’s poetic words speak for every parent and grandparent in awe at the God-given miracle of their little ones.

    This read-aloud book for boys and girls ages 4 to 8:

    *pairs heartwarming rhymes with whimsical artwork;

    *teaches children that Jesus is the giver of miracles;

    *is a perfect gift for a baby shower, baptism, baby dedication, child’s birthday, or Mother’s Day;

    *serves as a stunning decorative piece in nurseries and children’s bedrooms; and

    *builds a healthy self-esteem in kids, focusing on who they are, not what they do.

    A love letter to the child of your heart, The Miracle of You reminds children that they are more marvelous than anything else God created and loved beyond anything they could ever imagine.

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  • Refreshed : Meeting With Jesus, Becoming Love In Action – Devotional Guide


    How would your life change if you woke up each morning with fresh hope for a new day? It’s so easy to let the everyday tasks of life weigh us down. Run on autopilot. Go through the motions, telling ourselves we are “getting through” each day. But we weren’t designed to just “get by,” we were meant to thrive.

    In Refreshed: Meeting with Jesus, Becoming Love in Action by Cleere Cherry Reaves, weary souls can meet with Jesus and discover God’s many promises to supply a renewed strength – a strength that soars higher than our troubles, a strength that will not grow weary, a strength that delivers a fresh perspective for a greater impact in the world around them. As readers accept this invitation to sit in the peace of His presence for 30 days, they’ll not only learn more of Jesus’ love but feel it, being revived by precious time with Him.

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  • Focus DayBrightener : How One Word A Week Will Transform Your Life – An Ins


    God transforms us to be more like Christ when we focus our hearts on the One who calls us deeper. In Cleere Cherry Reaves’ Focus perpetual calendar you will experience transformation as you focus and become more attuned to your love for God and others.

    Inspired from the book Focus by Cleere Cherry Reaves

    Padded cover

    Spiral binding

    Built in easel stand

    Measures: 5.5″ x 5.5″

    From DaySpring

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  • Radiate : 90 Devotions To Reflect The Heart Of Jesus


    On our best days, we feel God’s love in a huge way. We shine brighter, laugh harder, live without worry or fear of the future-and we passionately love others without judgment. Because when God’s love floods our lives, we have no choice but to let it radiate throughout the day. But how about on the hard days, when we aren’t feeling it? How are we supposed to reflect God’s heart when we feel stuck in the seemingly never-ending dullness of the day-to-day?

    In this life-changing book, Cleere Cherry Reaves reveals how to stay in God’s presence and radiate joy through every day and every circumstance. Offering fresh perspective on topics such as childlike faith, vulnerability, the refining process, laying down worries and fears, and the value of hospitality, Radiate shares the many ways that God’s Word unlocks the door to a life filled with peace, trust, love, and light. With its uplifting message, the downcast and the discouraged can live lighter in the present, fully trusting the One they belong to as His joy and love shine through them once more.

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  • Focus : How One Word A Week Will Transform Your Life


    What if your focus shifted from the things you weren’t getting right toward making one good change a week? In these 52 devotions, Cleere Cherry encourages you to be intentional about renewing your mind without attempting to be perfect or set unrealistic expectations. Just think: what if you let the word grace seep into your everyday life for seven straight days. You wrote it on post-it notes and put them on your fridge, in your car, at your desk, by your bed. The entire week you focused on responding to every situation with grace, no matter what. You think, “I can’t believe he just cut me off.” Then you think “remember…grace.” You think, “Why isn’t she listening to me?” Then you hear a whisper, “don’t forget…grace.” For one week you focus on grace, the next week you focus on gentleness, the next week you focus on forgiveness….one word per week for an entire year. Before you know it, you’re no longer worried about being perfect, but more excited about having a closer connection to God and living a life free from perfectionism, free from being pulled in different directions, and more attuned to your love for God and for others.

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