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Claudia May

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  • Jesus Is Enough



    Hope In The Storm

    Chapter 1: Stress
    Seeking Solitude (Mark 6:30)
    The Value Of Rest (Mark 6:31b-32)
    A Balancing Act (Mark 6:32-34)
    A Parenting Lesson (Mark 1:35)
    Setting Priorities (Mark 1:36-37)
    Staying Focused (Mark 1:38-39)
    Sitting With Jesus (John 6:2-3)
    Who Are You? (John 6:15a)
    Building A Relationship (John 6:15b)
    There Is Hope (Luke 3:21)
    Experiencing Acceptance (Luke 3:22)
    Managing Stress

    Chapter 2: Illness
    Choose Hope (Mark 5:24b-26)
    “If…” (Mark 5:27-28)
    An Intimate Connection (Mark 5:29)
    “Here I Am” (Mark 5:30-31)
    The Whole Truth (Mark 5:32-33)
    Child Of God (Mark 5:34)
    Your Point Of Need (Mark 5:21-24)
    “Only Believe” (Mark 5:35-36)
    The Power Of Hope (Mark 5:37-40a)
    The Miracle Of Love (Mark 5:41-43)
    Comforting Words (Luke 5:17)
    Prayer In Motion (Luke 5:18)
    On The Receiving End (Luke 5:19)
    Take Heart (Matthew 9:1b-2)
    Dealing With Illness

    Chapter 3: Worry
    What Will They Think? (Matthew 1:19)
    “Do Not Be Afraid” (Matthew 1:20b)
    One Thing Will Not Change (Matthew 2:13)
    Come Home (Matthew 2:23)
    Why Worry? (Matthew 6:27)
    True Freedom (Matthew 6:28-33)
    Just As I Am (Luke 10:38-40a)
    Choose What Is Better (Luke 10:40b-42)
    Another Alternative (Mark 6:35-37)
    The Great Provider (Mark 6:38-42)
    The Cushion (Mark 4:37-38)
    Managing Worry

    Chapter 4: Jealousy
    Embarrassed To Silence (Mark 9:33-34)
    A Different Standard (Mark 9:35)
    The Arms Of Love (Mark 9:36-37)
    Love Conquers Jealousy (Mark 2:15-16)
    Through The Eyes Of Love (Mark 2:16b)
    Number One Priority (Matthew 11:2-3)
    Created For Partnership (Matthew 11:7-9)
    God’s Value System (Matthew 11:11a)
    Putting Jealousy Into Perspective (Matthew 11:11b)
    Glorify God (John 8:54)
    Managing Jealousy

    Chapter 5: Fear
    The Lord Is With You (Luke 1:26-30)
    Nothing Will Be Impossible With God (Luke 1:31-35a, 37)
    The Power Of Praise (Luke 1:46-47)
    Do Not Be Discouraged (Matthew 14:22-24)
    The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever (Matthew 14:25)
    “Do Not Be Afraid” (Matthew 14:26-27)
    A Step Of Faith (Matthew 14:28-29a)
    Hear My Cry (Matthew 14:29b-30)
    Refocus (Matthew 14:31-33)
    Never Alone (Matthew 26:36-39)
    The Friend Who Won’t Fail (Matthew 26:40-41)
    Learning To Overcome Fear

    Chapter 6: Anger
    Take Control (Matthew 21:12)
    Righteous Anger (Matthew 21:13)
    Love Always Triumphs Over Anger (Matthew 21:14)
    Pray For Wisdom (Luke 22:49-50)
    “No More Of This!” (Luke 22:51)
    Respond Rather Than React (John 8:3-6)
    The Power Of Refl Ection (John

    Additional Info
    When stormy trials hit us, our recollection of Jesus’ faithfulness can fade as worry, anger, jealousy, fear, sickness, stress, and unforgiveness threaten to rob us of the love and hope that can be found in Jesus. And yet we can experience comfort in the womb of these stormy seasons. Pondering on the stories surrounding Jesus’ life presents us with practical wisdom on how to respond to the turbulent episodes we encounter. Jesus’ teachings can rejuvenate and instill within us a sense of hope in his love. If we allow him, Jesus can be enough for us, in and out of the storms of life.

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