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Cindi McMenamin

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  • 12 Ways To Experience More With Your Husband


    When You’re Still Together…
    But Feel Miles Apart

    Do you long for how it used to be? Your relationship isn’t a disaster, but it lacks the affection of its early days. Your husband is a good man, but something’s changed. The two of you don’t feel as close, and that initial spark has disappeared.

    Let noted author and speaker Cindi McMenamin show you the small changes you can make to touch your husband’s heart in a big way! Through gentle guidance, you’ll be encouraged to…
    *try 10 little habits that can make your home a refuge
    *respond to your spouse in ways that intrigue him
    *see the bigger picture when misunderstandings arise

    Renew and reglue your relationship as you discover how to strengthen your marriage and reignite the passion you and your husband once shared.

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  • When A Mom Inspires Her Daughter


    During the teen years, a mother-daughter relationship can be challenging. A daughter needs her mom’s support as a confidante and gentle guide–yet at the same time, she yearns for greater independence and wants to be her own person.

    How can a mother maintain the right balance on this high-wire tightrope walk? When a Mom Inspires Her Daughter is filled with biblical instruction and personal stories that reveal what works and doesn’t work when it comes to building the mother-daughter relationship. Every mom will find tremendous encouragement as she learns to…
    *know what her daughter needs
    *take an interest in her daughter’s world
    *choose her battles well
    *encourage her daughter to dream
    *affirm her daughter’s womanhood
    *become her daughter’s best friend

    A wonderful resource for moms who want to bring delight and blessing into this most important of relationships!

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  • When A Woman Inspires Her Husband


    Popular women’s speaker Cindi McMenamin (author of When Women Walk Alone, more than 100,000 copies sold) shares candid and surprising insights on what can help draw a husband closer to his wife.

    This book is about how a woman can be the encourager, motivator, inspiration, and admiration behind her man becoming all God designed him to be.

    When a Woman Inspires Her Husband looks at how a woman can celebrate and encourage her husband’s uniqueness. Cindi shares how a wife can embrace the man in her life by…
    *understanding his world
    *easing his burdens
    *appreciating his differences
    *admiring him for who he is
    *encouraging him to dream

    Every chapter includes contributions titled “From His Point of View,” in which men share from their hearts what they want their wives to know. An uplifting and practical resource designed to strengthen marriage relationships!

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  • Women On The Edge


    Popular author Cindi McMenamin offers wonderful new encouragement to women who stand at the crossroads of life longing for change, for direction, for ways to make a difference.

    Every woman, at one time or another, has felt as if she’s “on the edge.” She has felt unappreciated, unsupported, and weary. She has thought, Why am I putting up with this? Don’t I deserve better? How can I escape?

    Such frustration can drive her away from God or toward Him. Cindi shares how women can thrive even in the hard times and…
    shift their focus from self to God
    trust their heavenly Father more with the things they cannot control
    turn their temporary frustrations into lasting fulfillment

    This book will help women turn their negative longings into positive ones. They’ll learn how to live on the edge not in frustration, but joy, as they pursue God in exciting new ways.

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  • When Youre Running On Empty


    Harvest House Print On Demand Title

    Many Christian women give of themselves relentlessly. In the midst of their many responsibilities they get tired, yet there’s simply no time to stop and become refreshed. What can a woman do when she’s running on empty?

    Cindi McMenamin shares how women can renew their energy and passion and press on. She touches upon every area of a woman’s life, offering practical advice on
    *knowing when to say no
    *serving to please God and not people
    *maintaining good health habits that recharge one’s energy
    *simplifying one’s priorities
    *taking time to rest and play

    Every chapter concludes with a “Pick-Me-Up Prayer” designed to help women do all things in the Lord’s power and not their own.

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  • When God Pursues A Womans Heart


    25 Chapters

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    Harvest House Print On Demand Title

    Within the heart of every woman is the desire to be pursued, cherished, and loved. Yet the kind of love that truly fulfills these desires cannot come from husbands, children, parents, or friends, but only from God Himself. Cindi McMenamin, author of the popular book When Women Walk Alone, will take women on a personal journey of discovery that looks at the many ways God loves them, and how He shows that love. Women will gain greater confidence in themselves and their purpose in life as they see how much God longs to sweep them off their feet and love and care for them as only He can.

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