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Bonnie Chavda

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  • Glory Of The Cross


    Walk in the victory that defined the lives of the apostles and the early church-it’s still possible today!

    Spiritually, the single most powerful moment in history is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Often, that which is the cornerstone and centerpiece of the Christian faith has been reduced to something many believers assume they grasp, understand, or have figured out. It’s as if we think the cross is elementary in our understanding of Christianity. Yet, it’s applying The Glory of the Cross that grants us access into the very depths of intimately knowing and experiencing God Almighty.

    The cross makes it possible for you to apply the victory of Jesus over every area of life that His death and resurrection impacted.

    Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda, pastors of All Nations Church and leaders of Chavda Ministries, provide dynamic teaching coupled with miraculous stories, of how applying the glory of cross grants you access to supernatural miracles, divine healing, encounters with the Holy Spirit, reconciliation to God, understanding of your spiritual identity, applying the power of Jesus’ blood, six keys to victory in spiritual warfare, and so much more.

    When Jesus died on the cross a supernatural explosion of glory was released, sending shock waves throughout the entire human experience. Jesus’ death and resurrection were cataclysmic events that impact more than your eternal destiny – they can change every moment of your life today!

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  • Getting To Know The Holy Spirit


    International Evangelists Introduce a Believer’s Best Friend: The Holy Spirit

    Christians have many ways to define their relationships with God; as Father, Savior, King, Comforter, or Healer, to name a few. Yet despite these numerous titles, believers often fail to see God in one of the most important roles in their lives: as Friend.
    Respected international evangelists Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda show believers everywhere how to develop a close, personal friendship with God through the Holy Spirit. Through inspiring testimonies and sound biblical teaching, readers will learn how to:
    * recognize and listen to the Spirit’s voice and promptings
    * receive words of knowledge from the Holy Spirit
    * communicate with the Spirit
    * move in the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit

    Believers will walk away refreshed and full in spirit as they begin this lifechanging friendship.

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  • Make Room For Your Miracle


    SKU (ISBN): 9780800794705Mahesh Chavda | Bonnie ChavdaBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2009Publisher: Chosen Print On Demand Product

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  • Storm Warrior : A Believers Strategy For Victory


    Jesus’s authority over evil was revealed through the many signs and wonders he performed and through his victory over death. Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda believe that Christians today can experience the same victory since Jesus commissioned his disciples to spread the gospel and advance the kingdom with power.

    In Storm Warrior, the Chavdas equip believers to do battle with the enemies of God. They lead readers through biblical teaching about binding and loosing and into the realm of victory over the kingdom of darkness through signs and wonders. They offer prophetic insight into the Scriptures and share personal stories, showing readers how they too can walk in the power of God through all the circumstances of their lives.

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  • Watch Of The Lord


    1. The Birth Of The Watch
    2. The Watch In Scripture
    3. The Watch Of The Lord
    4. The Wall Of Prayer
    5. Corporate Prayer And Intercession
    6. The Bride In The Watch
    7. The Bride In Combat Boots
    8. Prophetic Watchmen
    9. The Watch And Israel
    10. Line Upon Line, Precept Upon Precept
    11. The Individual Watch
    12. God Plus One Is A Majority
    13. It’s Almost Midnight
    14. A Blessing For The Watch

    209 Pages

    Additional Info
    If you long for revival in the church or seek personal renewal, God will meet you on your knees. The Holy Spirit of God invites you to enter a place of breathtaking holiness and awesome glory by experiencing the “Watch of the Lord.” There you’ll discover your place as God’s watchman for the End-Time church of Jesus Christ and be filled with His miraculous power in your daily life.

    Experiencing a manifestation of God’s glory comes as a result of sustained, committed and regular corporate prayer. As you read, you’ll learn how the Watch of the Lord can:
    * release in you a hunger for corporate revival.
    * pave the way for greater fruitfulness in evangelism in you life.
    * restore purity to the church.
    * push back the forces of evil in these wicked times.
    * respond biblically to a nation that is in peril.

    The Chavdas began holding prayer watches in 1995. Since then they have seen over 500 churches hold prayer watches every Friday evening, coming together for eight hours of concentrated praise, worship and intercession as the worldwide Bride of Christ.

    Whether you intend to start your own prayer watch, or learn how to become a watchman on the wall alone, you will come away with practical, Scripture-based tools that will help you to experience more of God daily–and more of His glory and power in your life!

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