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Bill Waits

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  • America At The End Of Days


    1. The Call
    2. The Fall
    3 . The Judgment
    4. The Restoration

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    Satan has a plan for America! Preparations for it began 200 years ago in the secret societies of Europe. Crucial to these plans was to cause three world wars and to establish America as the headquarters of a socialist, satanic, one-world government. From the records of the secret societies, historians, Christians, and our own congressional records, author Bill Waits traces this evil scheme. God also has a plan for America: to take the gospel to the nations, to prepare the world for the second coming of His Son. The author documents many Bible scriptures that speak of a powerful nation appearing on the scene “at the end of days” which could only apply to America. If this nation is to fulfill God’s purpose, we must recognize this satanic attack and fight as good soldiers of Christ. The book is in four parts: The Call The Fall The Judgment The Restoration

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