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  • Following King Jesus Workbook


    Author and scholar Scot McKnight helps us learn what it means to follow King Jesus through 24 lessons of discipleship essentials that will help develop a proper framework for the Christian life. Designed for small groups of two or three, McKnight helps you discover what it means to embrace a biblical gospel, learn how to properly read the Bible, live a kingdom vision for life, and show the world God’s design for life together.

    Each lesson contains a discipleship reading, an in-depth Bible study, discussion questions, and going-deeper sections for journaling and reflecting. This workbook will help you explore what it means to be a disciple and what are the choices/practices that a disciple must employ in order to effectively follow King Jesus and to understand what it means to be a disciple in your relationship to God, yourself, and others (both inside and outside the Church).

    The 24 lessons include:

    Part 1: Gospel
    *What Is the Gospel?
    *The Apostolic Gospel of Paul
    *The Gospel of Jesus
    *The Gospel of Peter
    *What Is Gospeling Today?
    *How Do We Create a Gospel Culture?

    Part 2: Bible
    *What Is the Bible?
    *How Are We to Live the Bible?
    *How Should We Read the Bible?
    *How Do We Listen to the Bible?
    *How Do We Read the Bible as Story?
    *Now What?

    Part 3: Life
    *Kingdom Life
    *Love Life
    *Wisdom Life
    *Relational Life
    *Vocational Life
    *Eternal Life

    Part 4: Church

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  • 101 Awesome Bible Puzzles For Kids


    Parents, here’s a fun and safe way to let your kids try out their detective skills. This entertaining collection of Bible puzzles provides ample opportunities for your kids, ages 8 to 12, to challenge themselves or match wits with a friend as they search for hidden words, find their way through mazes, and solve riddles.101 Awesome Bible Puzzles for Kids promises hours of fun on trips, at home, on church activity nights, at family gatherings–any place that’s just waiting for a fun-filled adventure. Plus your kids will get to know their Bible better along the way.But watch out–once they get started, they’ll have so much fun they won’t want to stop!

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  • Bible Trivia For Kids


    1. Old Testament Trivia
    2. New Testament Trivia
    3. Grab Bag Trivia 166 Pages

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    Harvest House Print on Demand

    Attention kids! Are you ready to test your brain-power? Prepare to match wits with a friend or challenge yourself with great games and puzzles! Try your hand at Old and New Testament trivia with fun puzzles about Noah and the ark, Daniel in the lion’s den, Christmas in Bethlehem, Jesus and the disciples, and more. Then you can reach into the great grab bag of Bible trivia and sleuth out missing words, play name that tune, and crack up your friends with super Bible jokes and riddles.

    Filled with hundreds of questions and challenges, Bible Trivia for Kids is great to share with your parents, your Sunday school class, and your friends. It’s also set up in sections that help you understand God’s Word as you go along. What an awesome way to discover what the Bible is all about!

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  • Amazing Mazes For Kids


    Print On Demand Title

    From the publisher: Amazing Mazes for kids has nearly 75 mazes every single one a new and different adventure in some pretty incredible places. You’ll walk with the animals into Noah’s Ark, fish with Peter to find the fish with the coin, and fly with the ravens who feed Elijah. Along the way, you’ll discover many fascinating people and places in the Bible, including Jesus, Moses, Paul, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and much more! These amazing mazes are perfect for fun at home, Sunday school, church activity nights, and trips. But watch out-once you get started you won’t want to stop.

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  • Memory Verse Games For Kids



    To Our Friends…

    1. Our Awesome God
    2. Jesus Our Savior
    3. Our Helper, The Holy Spirit
    4. The Wonders Of Salvation
    5. Our Answer Book, The Bible
    6. Living The Christian Life
    7. Loving Our Family And Friends
    8. God’s Promises To You

    Answers P. 129

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    Harvest House Print On Demand Title

    Exciting adventures ahead!
    Test your detective skills! Crack secret codes, find hidden words, follow mazes, and unscramble mysterious clues to discover some truly awesome Bible messages. You and your friends will be amazed to find out what God has to say to you-not your parents, not your aunts or uncles, not your dogs-you!

    With 100 mind-benders, mazes, and secret messages, MEMORY VERSE GAMES FOR KIDS promises you hours of fun at home, on trips, at Sunday school, on church activity nights, at family gatherings-anywhere you want to have a good time?

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