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Picture Books

Picture Books

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  • How The Angels Got Their Wings


    With these charming rhyming verses, Anthony DeStefano begins this enchanting children’s book on perhaps the most fascinating of all God’s creatures – the angels.

    How the Angels Got Their Wings is a winsome introduction to the story of the angels – pure spiritual beings of extraordinary power made by God to assist Him in carrying out His will. Beginning with the creation of the angels and the “war in Heaven” between the good angels and the bad, this book introduces children to the famous archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael – as well as to Satan, the ringleader of the fallen angels, who chose to rebel against God.

    This book also acquaints children with those special angels who are here with us right now, helping to protect and guide us – our guardian angels. It shows children how angels can assist them with all the problems they encounter in life, from communicating with others to choosing between right and wrong, and can protect them from physical harm.

    How the Angels Got Their Wings is a beautifully illustrated, highly entertaining, biblically correct, and theologically orthodox introduction to angels. Once children read it, they will be forever comforted in knowing that God’s love for them is so strong that He gave them not only His Son, but the angels above so they will never, ever be alone in life.

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  • His Grace Is Enough


    This illustrated, rhyming book will help parents explain to children the unique and wonderful Christian message of God’s grace–that Jesus offers forgiveness and allows us to move on from our mistakes.

    It can be used to share the heart of the Christian faith with children or to remind them that Jesus is the person to run to when they mess up.

    Children will learn that God’s grace is enough to cleanse and change us every day, as the book itself says…

    My child, here’s the truth:
    From God, you can’t hide
    He sees what you’ve done
    He knows what’s inside

    But please don’t despair
    There’s good news, I say!
    Whatever you do
    God’s grace makes a way

    Yes, his grace is enough
    It’s so big and so free
    His grace is enough
    Both for you and for me

    This beautiful hardback book makes a great gift for children and even beyond.

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  • Papa Loves You Tiny Blue


    Discover the beauty of the undersea world and the loving relationship between father and child in this lushly illustrated picture book.

    Tiny Blue is very small, but he has lots of big, big questions: How old is the ocean? Do starfish live in the sky? Is there sand on the moon? Tiny Blue thinks his papa is very wise and must know the answers to everything! But can Papa answer perhaps the biggest question of them all: What is love? Perfectly capturing the curious nature of young children, Papa Loves You, Tiny Blue is a beautiful exploration of nature and a heartwarming tale of the love between parent and child.

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  • Story Of Juneteenth


    Introduce little learners to the Juneteenth holiday with this 250-word board book about its origins and traditions.

    What are the origins of America’s newest national holiday? With simple, age-appropriate language and colorful illustrations, this little board book introduces children to the events of June 19, 1865, when Union General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas, to inform the people of Texas that all enslaved people were declared free and the Civil War had ended. The book also connects those events to today’s celebrations. Thoroughly researched and historically accurate, The Story of Juneteenth distills a pivotal moment in U.S. history and creates an opportunity for further conversation between parent or caregiver and child.

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  • Some Daddies


    Every daddy is different–and that makes them even more special!

    “Some daddies teach you about the world. Others attend tea parties. Some help turn blankets into forts. Others hold you steady while you pedal.”

    This rollicking showcase of daddies celebrates the incredible diversity of modern fathers. The inclusive cast of characters–including a two-dad family, a single dad, and a stay-at-home dad–highlights the bond between daddy and child as they play, learn, comfort, and laugh their way through everyday life. This open-hearted ode to fatherhood will give readers new appreciation for how their own fathers and father-figures shine in their own unique ways.

    Some Daddies is the perfect gift for a new dad, Father’s Day, or any occasion for parents and educators to read with their kids. Carol Gordon Ekster’s playful text is illustrated with the quirky, colorful artwork of Javiera Maclean Alvarez, making this picture book a wonderful read-aloud.

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  • I Am Able To Shine


    An affirmative, empowering story about embracing your identity and finding your voice, inspired in part by debut author Korey Watari’s experiences growing up Asian American, and illustrated by her husband, Mike Wu, Pixar artist and creator of the Ellie series.

    I am beautiful.

    I belong here.

    What I do matters.

    I am able to shine.

    Each night Keiko whispers to her crane, “I wish to change the world.” She is kind, and she has big dreams. But at times she feels invisible; she knows some people misjudge her. Keiko is also loved, so she perseveres and stands strong. Over time, her confidence grows, she shares more of herself, and she helps lift up others–and eventually lead them. She understands that no matter what, she can shine.

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  • Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus


    Nothing but the Blood of Jesus introduces little ones to the one of the most timeless, enduring anthems of the Christian faith in a fun and colorful way.

    Robert Lowry’s eloquent ode to our Savior’s lifesaving work on the cross contains powerful promises for small children to grasp as they grow in their knowledge and trust of Jesus.

    Now little ones can experience the comfort and reassurance of this Christian classic for the first time. The lyrics are paired with whimsical watercolor art that celebrates the joy and wonder of God’s world. In the back of the book, you’ll find the sheet music and lyrics.

    Hymns for Little Ones is a series of creative and colorful board books that introduce young children to the most inspiring and influential Christian anthems of all time. Little ones will learn powerful truths about God through these classic songs.

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  • Amazing Grace


    Amazing Grace introduces little ones to the one of the most timeless, enduring anthems of the Christian faith in a fun and colorful way.

    First published in 1779, the popular hymn Amazing Grace has inspired millions of believers throughout the generations and spawned thousands of versions from popular recording artists, including Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke, and gospel legend Mahalia Jackson.

    Now little ones can experience the comfort and reassurance of this Christian classic for the first time. The lyrics are paired with whimsical watercolor art that celebrates the joy and wonder of God’s world. In the back of the book, you’ll find the sheet music and lyrics.

    Hymns for Little Ones is a series of creative and colorful board books that introduce young children to the most inspiring and influential Christian anthems of all time. Little ones will learn powerful truths about God through these classic songs.

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  • Josey Johnsons Hair And The Holy Spirit


    When Josey wonders why people are so different, Dad helps her understand that our differences aren’t a mistake. In fact, we have many differences because God is creative! Children and the adults who read with them are invited to join Josey as she learns of God’s wonderfully diverse design. Also included is a note from the author to encourage further conversation about the content. Discover IVP Kids and share with children the things that matter to God!

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  • Little Prayers For Ordinary Days


    From the moment we awake in the morning until we go back to bed, every day is filled with ordinary moments that allow us to connect with God.

    Little Prayers for Ordinary Days is a collection of short prayers for children to pray in the midst of their day: on the way to school, after seeing a friend, when noticing a bird in the tree, or looking at the stars, or during any of their comings and goings.

    This collection of simple prayers, accompanied by winsome and playful art, will bring delight to readers of all ages. Intended as a faith formation tool for Christian families to use together, this book is perfect for parents who want to incorporate liturgy and prayer into their family discipleship and home life.

    Share these prayers with the children you love and help them to begin to recognize the nearness of God.

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  • Awesome Super Fantastic Forever Party


    What will heaven be like? Answering this question for kids can be challenging, especially as it’s hard to get past the myths.

    This beautifully illustrated, biblically faithful storybook by Joni Eareckson Tada excites children with this truth–that when Jesus comes back to this world, he will bring heaven with him! There will be a new creation where we’ll have new hearts and a new body, living in a new city. And best of all, we’ll be with Jesus, forever! It will be better than we can ever imagine.

    Kids are encouraged to respond to Jesus’ invitation personally by repenting and believing. They will also be inspired to invite others, and to ask Jesus to come soon.

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  • Southern Baby : Southern Sayings For Little Ones


    Sweeter than sweet tea and cuter than a June bug, this little board book will get y’all’s young ones acquainted with the uniquely charming language of the South.

    Whether you’re a native speaker or just a lover of good ole Southern sayings, if you’re looking to teach your little one some basic Southern-isms, Southern Baby is the book for you. This simple board book gives an overview of basic Southern words and phrases, including classics like Bless Your Heart and Y’all. With playful illustrations and a good dose of Southern sass, this book would make a delightful gift for expectant parents and little ones. Trust us–it’s fixin’ to be your family’s new favorite book.

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  • All Things Bright And Beautiful


    Rich and lively illustrations bring to life a classic song for today’s kids and families

    All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful–the Lord God made them all.

    In this stunning book, birds soar, bugs burrow, elephants dance, plants grow–the whole world sings in praise of their Creator God. With the lyrics to this well-known classic tune, kids and parents can sing along. Jean Claude’s charming illustrations are lush and lively, filling each page with interesting, creative characters and scenes. Every time kids open the book, they’ll spot something new! They may even spot someone who looks like them gardening or picnicking with penguins.

    All Things Bright and Beautiful offers a multi-sensory experience of sight and song, designed for young readers, but enjoyable to all ages. It’s the perfect baby shower or birthday gift–and it will make any Easter basket complete.

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  • Tofu Takes Time


    Homemade tofu is good, and good things take time.

    CLICK CLACK WHIRRRR . . . Lin and her grandma, NaiNai, are making tofu from scratch! When NaiNai goes through each step, from blending soybeans with water to molding curd into shape, Lin gradually becomes impatient. But she soon discovers that making tofu not only takes time, but also takes the whole universe! It takes the seed from soil and sunshine, the cloth from thread and fiber, weight and space, books of words and pictures. And most of all, it takes spending lovely time with her beloved grandmother.

    In this charming tale by Helen H. Wu,, readers will marvel at how patience brings a whole universe together in a simple dish made by a modern Chinese American family. Perfect for fans of Fry Bread, Drawn Together and Thank You, Omu.

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  • Holy Spirit


    From the Big Theology for Little Hearts Series, an Illustrated Kid’s Book about the Holy Spirit

    Help kids understand and love the third person of the Trinity with a fun, illustrated board book that clearly explains the nature of the Holy Spirit.

    With colorful, modern illustrations and words that are simple for little ones to understand, this book helps parents teach kids important truths about Pentecost, the gifts of the Spirit, sanctification, and more.

    *Fun Board Book: Perfect for ages 1-5

    *Simple and Vibrant Illustrations: Capture your child’s attention with colorful, symbolic images

    *Easy-to-Understand Definitions: Teaches important words and ideas from the Bible

    *Great Gift for Families: Helps parents talk about big topics with children at home and set a foundation for faith early in life

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  • Creation


    From the Big Theology for Little Hearts Series, an Illustrated Kid’s Book about Creation!

    Children often wonder how things are made and why, and that includes the world itself. In the illustrated board book Creation, they’ll learn how God designed the earth and his people with a special purpose. Kids will also hear about God’s promise of a new creation and his plan to redeem believers from their sin.

    With colorful, modern illustrations and words that are simple for little ones to understand, Creation helps parents teach kids important truths from Scripture.

    *Fun Board Book: Perfect for ages 1-5

    *Simple and Vibrant Illustrations: Capture your child’s attention with colorful, symbolic images

    *Easy-to-Understand Definitions: Teaches important words and ideas from the Bible including out of nothing, new creation, and image of God

    *Great Gift for Families: Helps parents talk about big topics with children at home and set a foundation for faith early in life

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  • Church


    From the Big Theology for Little Hearts Series, an Illustrated Children’s Book about the Church

    Teach kids about the beauty of meeting together and worshiping regularly as God’s family with a fun, illustrated board book that clearly explains the core elements and practices of the church.

    With colorful, modern pictures and words that are simple for little ones to understand, The Church helps parents teach kids important truths from Scripture.

    *Fun Board Book: Perfect for ages 1-5

    *Simple and Vibrant Illustrations: Capture your child’s attention with colorful, symbolic images

    *Easy-to-Understand Definitions: Teaches important words and ideas from the Bible

    *Great Gift for Families: Helps parents talk about big topics with children at home and set a foundation for faith early in life

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  • Thank You Mama


    TikTok and viral video star Grey (@greyandmama, 6M followers) says Thank you, Mama! to healthy foods in this picture book that teaches gratitude, manners, and the joy of sharing meals with those we love.

    We all want to raise happy eaters who enjoy eating new foods, mealtimes with family, and being thankful. That’s why so many parents love Linda Meeker’s charming videos of her son Grey saying Thank you, Mama! With colorful illustrations that capture a child’s daily snacks and mealtimes, Thank You, Mama will delight parents and kids alike.

    This playful picture book for 3 to 7-year-olds:

    *follows a little boy as he explores different foods–from vegetables to sushi–and tries to pick his favorite

    *encourages children to try new foods and become happy, healthy eaters

    *honors the bond between parent and child

    *models respect, manners, and thankfulness

    *builds vocabulary and prereading skills with colorful food illustrations paired with words for each item

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  • Creator In You


    With engaging rhyme and stunning illustrations, this picture book sparks readers’ imaginations with the big idea that God created human beings to make, model, and work like Him.

    The Creator in You is a book that children, graduates, and even many adults will treasure for a lifetime. This fresh perspective on the creation account from the Bible’s first book, Genesis, helps readers see that the sixth day wasn’t the end of creation–it was just the beginning.

    Before His day off, God had one more to-do. On His sixth day creating, God chose to make you. God made kids to create like he does–by filling the world with sand castles and s’mores today, and businesses and books tomorrow. Through inspiring illustrations and text, readers of all ages will feel connected to God’s story of creation in a deeply personal way, inspiring them to view their current and future work with purpose, enthusiasm, and joy.

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  • Baptized In The Water


    Reading about baptism can help children understand how, through baptism, we become members of God’s great family. Baptized in the Water, written by bestselling author Glenys Nellist, is a beautifully illustrated picture book that celebrates that very important event, no matter when or what form baptism takes in a person’s life.

    Baptized in the Water: Becoming a Member of God’s Family:

    *Features beautiful prose and poetry that celebrates and explains baptism
    *Illustrates various forms of baptism, from infant to adult
    *Showcases various Christian faith traditions through vibrant illustrations
    *Is perfect for baptism and newborn gifts

    Baptized in the Water engages children as it begins with the example set by Jesus and shows readers that even though there are varying ways to be baptized, the meaning is the same: in baptism, we all belong to God. And that is a beautiful thing.Baptized in the water,

    Like Jesus long ago.

    God’s Holy Spirit dances,

    As waters gently flow.

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  • Book That Kibo Wrote


    One night under the acacia trees, Kibo writes a story about home. His neighbor Naki reads his words, binds them into a book, and brings it to the city. There Camilo devours Kibo’s story, remembering his childhood in the savannah. The next day he shares the book and his memories with his friend Simon. Soon Simon starts writing new songs about distant lands. Where will Kibo’s book go next, and what will it spark for its next reader?

    Featuring a charming cast of animal characters, The Book that Kibo Wrote showcases the power of stories to connect readers across the globe.

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  • I Hate Borsch


    All Ukrainians are supposed to love borsch-but what if you hate the slimy stuff? A young girl despises Eastern Europe’s most beloved soup, and not even the grandmothers of Kiev can persuade her to change her mind. But when she immigrates to the United States, American food leaves her feeling empty. One day she discovers borsch recipes in an old suitcase. Maybe that disgusting beet soup deserves another chance…

    Imaginatively illustrated with splashes of borsch-bright red, this book captures the complicated experience of rejecting and embracing one’s culture. A recipe and author’s note provide further ways to interact with the story. Witty and poignant, I Hate Borsch will encourage readers to ponder how history, heritage, and food can shape our identities.

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  • Before The World Wakes


    A joyous celebration of the sights and sounds of daybreak and that special feeling a brother and sister have when they get to experience it together.

    When everything is still gentle and quiet-ish and the stars say good morning at the same time they say good night, a brother and sister venture outside. They marvel at the dance of the snails and the birdsong that surrounds them. And then they join in, reveling in the early morning–and their time together before the rest of the world wakes.

    With lyrical language and beautiful art, this book captures the magic of daybreak, the importance of small moments, and the special bond between siblings.

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  • This Farm Is A Family


    In this adorable illustrated picture book for kids written by Dan McKernan (Saved by the Barn), the rescue farm animals at Barn Sanctuary decide to help a cow who is dealing with fear and anxiety in her new home. Children will learn the importance of friendship and compassion, as well as why it’s important to support others during hard times.

    Inside this book, kids ages 4-8 will discover:

    *A positive message about friendship, kindness, and understanding others
    *How to show compassion to others
    *Ways of coping with difficult situations, including how to deal with fear and anxiety
    *A page with information on Barn Sanctuary and their rescue efforts, with information on ways you can support the real-life animals featured in the book

    This Farm Is a Family follows a group of rescued farm animals who are living their best lives at Barn Sanctuary. Each one is eager to meet the newest arrival, Buttercup the cow, and show her all the fun things they can do together. But Buttercup doesn’t want to play–in fact, she doesn’t want anything to do with the other animals. So with a lot of love and understanding, the animals work together to help Buttercup discover she’s part of a new family and can leave her old fears behind.

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  • Hattie Hates Hugs


    Hattie loves her family, but she hates hugs!

    While at a family reunion, Hattie wants to play horseshoes with Uncle Jake and Aunt Celia, but her boisterous relatives keep hugging her. Hattie’s stomach squirms uncomfortably when she’s hugged, but dodging and hiding from the open arms isn’t working. Great-Grandma is the only relative who understands how Hattie feels. With Great-Grandma’s help, Hattie learns to use simple but clear body language with verbal reinforcement to set boundaries around her personal space and to assert her right to consent to physical touch. And she even wins a game of horseshoes!

    This picture book will teach huggers and non-huggers alike the importance of respecting people’s personal boundaries and provides an example of how to advocate for yourself with confidence.

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  • Perfect Spot


    A ladybug needs a safe place to lay her eggs, but where can she find an open spot? Katydids flutter in the leaves, stick insects hide in the branches, and thorn bugs pop out from every available stem. Even those bright pink flowers are orchid mantises ready to strike! Will any of these creatures be the right neighbors for the ladybug’s eggs?

    Illustrated with lush, vibrant details, A Perfect Spot is a fascinating introduction to the diverse world of arthropods. Acclaimed creator Isabelle Simler presents a bug’s eye view of camouflage, metamorphosis, and other natural wonders.

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  • Otter B Hopeful


    Otter B Hopeful is the eighth in a series of children’s books that teach young children basic biblical values. In Hopeful, Otter B and his friends plant a garden and discover a bird’s nest with three eggs in it. When the garden doesn’t grow and the eggs don’t hatch right away, Otter B grows discouraged. Mama reminds Otter B about the story of Easter: Jesus’ friends were sad about His death, but God was doing something amazing. Thanks to the Easter story, Otter B learns what it means to be hopeful.

    Each book in the series includes a relevant Bible verse and ends with a fun rhyme that reinforces the lesson:

    “When things aren’t working out for you
    And joy is hard to see,
    Have hope, then pray and trust in God.
    It’s how you Otter Be!”

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  • Sleepyhead Prayer : A Heart-to-Heart Talk With Jesus


    This board book includes a sweet, rhyming prayer for sleepy children to pray before bed. It is a perfect way for families with young children to end the day. Jesus reminds the child that he is always with them-both when they go to bed and when they wake up. The simple language is accessible for young children and will help them relax and prepare for a good night’s rest. Jesus responds to the child’s prayer with Scripture-based encouragement.

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  • Thanks For Little Things


    Being thankful changes our hearts, and there are so many things to be thankful for! This rhyming board book leads little hearts into a prayer of thankfulness for wonderfully ordinary things. The simple language is accessible for young children and will spark their imagination as they think of all the little things they can thank God for! Jesus responds to the child’s prayer with Scripture-based encouragement.

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  • Bronco And Friends Mission Possible


    From the New York Times bestselling author of Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember comes a hilarious and heartwarming adventure featuring Bronco and his friends as they undertake a daring rescue.

    Bronco the dog and his animal friends are enjoying a sunny day when their picnic is suddenly interrupted by a frantic bee. Bronco must overcome his own fear of the buzzing insects in order to hear the bee’s cry for help–her family has been kidnapped from their farm! Bronco, remembering his mother’s lessons about the importance of helping others, unites his friends in a daring rescue mission to save the bees.

    This book, featuring the same lovable characters as Tim Tebow’s Bronco and Friends: A Party to Remember and illustrations from painter Jane Chapman of the popular “Bear” series, encourages young readers that it is possible to overcome their fears and use their unique gifts to help others.

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  • Welcome To Bibleworld


    You’ve heard of Disney World; now welcome to Bible World!

    This seek-and-find book visualizes various Bible genres as a series of “lands” in a theme park with detailed, fun and colorful Where’s -style illustrations.

    As children explore these Bible lands, they’ll discover for themselves the way Scripture has been collected and organized–from Genesis to Revelation. They will also see the main theme that runs throughout the Bible–God’s promise of a rescuing King and its fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

    Explanations of the different Bible genres are included, as well as specific Bible heroes and events for children to spot. It’s a fun and engaging way for kids to learn more about the Bible.

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  • Saints Like Me


    An adorable board book for 1-3 year-olds from bestselling author and founder of CatholicMom.com, Lisa M. Hendey!

    What is a saint? Saints are people just like me and you!

    They live and learn and laugh and love just as God created them to do.

    And guess what? You can be one, too!

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  • My Baptism Book


    This sturdy little board book is a simple collection of prayers, poems, and Bible verses — the perfect gift for a little child being baptized. Each page features beautiful color illustrations. With its reassuring message of God’s eternal love and care, My Baptism Book is a treasure.

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  • I Love You Blue


    Aren’t the blue waters beautiful? But when a storm hits, the waves roar and rage. Mayday! Mayday! Can anyone help?

    One rescue leads to another in this charming story of friendship, revealing that care for the ocean and its inhabitants can lead to the well-being of all. With joyful simplicity, I Love You, Blue introduces the impact of plastic waste in the oceans and includes an author’s note with facts about how whales and their habitat can be protected.

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  • Good For Nothing Tree


    A tiny fig tree needs time to grow. But how much time? All four seasons go by . . . and there are no figs. The seasons pass again. Still no figs! Is the fig tree good for nothing?

    Inspired by the parable of the Barren Fig Tree, The Good for Nothing Tree reminds us that the sweetest figs, like many other things, are worth waiting for. Not every tree–and not every child–grows at the same pace. Yet patience, care, and love can change everything, making what may appear good for nothing very good.

    A note about the parable’s New Testament origins and a recipe are included.

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  • This Is Not Enough


    Finding a gift for your best pal isn’t always easy in this fun tale from an award-winning author and illustrator.

    Two friends are excited about getting presents for each other. But when they try to find just the right gift, nothing seems good enough. From skywriting to painting to gardens, each thing they try ends up feeling just a little off. How will they ever find that special gift?

    With humor and heart, the purple and orange characters from Theodor Seuss Geisel Award winner You Are (Not) Small discover that what makes a gift special isn’t necessarily what’s inside the box.

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  • Kids Guide To Saving The Planet


    The Earth is warming. The climate is changing. Sea levels are on the rise, and plastic is showing up… everywhere.

    We have every reason to be concerned about our planet, our only home. New inventions and technologies will help, but cleaning up the planet–saving the world–will require all of us to pay attention and take action. What can you do to help? Plenty!

    Despite what you may hear on the news, the situation isn’t hopeless, and we aren’t helpless. In this inspiring, informative book, nationally recognized meteorologist Paul Douglas clearly and thoughtfully presents the daunting problems of climate change. And he offers realistic solutions (including some that are already working!) and actions that kids can participate in now. It’s imperative that we all step up and become part of the solution, by engaging in new, smarter ways of living.

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  • Pack


    If you try to fit in with the pack, you’ll look the same as everyone else. You’ll be a part of the group, but you’ll lose parts of yourself. Eventually you won’t even recognize yourself anymore. Breaking free from the pack isn’t easy, but it is possible. If you find the courage to leave conformity behind, you can finally discover who you are.

    Resonant and haunting, The Pack imagines what happens when a human being wears wolf’s clothing. This poetic, powerful book will start unforgettable conversations about identity, peer pressure, and finding one’s own path.

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  • Writer


    A dog has an important job to do, especially if his human is a writer. Without a dog by his side, the writer would forget to eat. He’d never get out of his pajamas, and he’d probably stare at the computer all day long. But even the best French bulldog can’t do everything. Maybe this perfect pair needs someone new in their lives…

    Illustrated in warm, earthy tones, this witty story reflects the ways dogs change our lives for the better. Our canine friends can make-and find-the best companions.

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  • Nana The Great Comes To Visit


    This tender, spunky picture book from the bestselling author of the God Gave Us series celebrates the ways loving grandparents help children grow in confidence.

    It’s always a good time when Nana comes for a visit! Nana is great at building forts and playing checkers. Nana applauds dressing with flair, climbing high, and even dancing while praying. Most of all, Nana is great at finding more fun in the everyday moments of life.

    Nana the Great Comes to Visit celebrates the countless ways grownups help children learn to believe in themselves–and assures children of a grandparent’s love.

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  • 10 Little Fireflies


    From the creators of the wildly popular book Ten Little Night Stars, comes Ten Little Fireflies, a board book that introduces little ones to numbers as they count down to bedtime.

    Ten Little Fireflies:

    *Is perfect for little ones ages 0-4
    *Is an early learning concept book of numbers one to ten
    *Has soothing rhymes making this the perfect bedtime read
    *Easily wipes clean of little fingerprints and smudges

    This sweet counting book written by Deb Gruelle, the great grandniece of the creator of Raggedy Ann, features:

    *Popular woodland animals like hedgehogs and owls
    *Is perfect for baby gifts, birthday gifts, and holiday gift giving
    *Fits into little hands

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  • Super You


    Celebrate the little hero in every child with this encouraging board book.

    Kids love to pretend they have super powers, “flying” around in capes. But parents and grandparents see all the ways their little one is heroic–learning and growing and trying so much every day. Vivid, comic-book-style artwork depicts various costumed super-kids while the lively text draws comparisons between the qualities of a superhero and the child’s special qualities. Little heroes–and their adult “sidekicks”–will love Super You!

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  • Black Girls Unbossed


    Black girls are shaping the future.

    Young Black leaders have always been at the forefront of the fight for justice, freedom, and equity. And Black girls today are stepping up and leading in bold, creative ways. In a world overrun by power and greed, now is the time to look to Black girls for lessons in resilience, leadership, tenacity, spirit, and empathy.

    From Khristi Lauren Adams, author of the celebrated Parable of the Brown Girl, comes Black Girls Unbossed, which introduces readers to young Black girls leading the way and changing the world.

    Eight young Black women are profiled, including the founder of a child literacy nonprofit, political activists, and a school shooting survivor who launched a political action committee to prevent gun violence.

    These are the young Black women we will be reading about and studying decades from now. Like the young women who came before them, Black girls today are saying “enough is enough” and building a better world.

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  • All Gods Critters Sing Allelu


    Bow-wow, meow, cocka-doodle-doo. All God’s critters sing allelu!

    Dogs and cats, cows and sheep, frogs and crickets: all creation comes together in this rhyming picture book. All God’s Critters Sing Allelu uses all the English phonemes, the smallest unit of sound that distinguishes one word from another word, to assist ages 0-4 in language acquisition and reading readiness. Follow along as lively illustrations depict each part in a harmony of sounds, encouraging kids to join in praising God.

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  • In The Beginning


    God saw everything that had been made, and it was very good.

    The story of the creation of the earth is a timeless one, familiar to Christians around the world. In this captivating book, kid-friendly text, adapted from Genesis, is met with a colorful pop-up treatment by world-renowned paper artist Agostino Traini, whose work celebrates the earth and reminds kids of God’s presence in it. Invite kids to experience the wonder of the creation story in a whole new way.

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  • Birds


    Bursting with vivid photos, each spread in this sturdy book features a fascinating bird,
    along with super-simple facts and lively, age-appropriate language to keep babies and
    toddlers–and their grown-ups–engaged.

    Designed to be the stepping stone to the best-selling National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book series, the Little Kids First Board Book series takes similar big subjects and distills them down to the simplest nonfiction concepts for the youngest audience. Not only will readers learn about a variety of birds, they can also find recurring shapes and patterns in the art, while adults can keep their eyes open for occasional funny commentary from the animals. Sidebar text offers additional learning for older siblings or those ready for more complex information.

    With their square shape, bright and playful design, awesome photography, clear text, and
    cues to encourage interactive learning, the Little Kids First Board Books take a fresh new
    approach to excite a baby’s sense of wonder and make learning about nature and science

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  • What Will I Do With My Love Today


    A wonderful addition to children’s books by celebrities and picture books about love and friendship, Kristin Chenoweth’s whimsical adventure about adopting a dog reminds young readers they have an abundance of love and kindness to share with all of God’s creatures.

    What Will I Do with My Love Today? is a sweet adventure picture book by celebrity Kristin Chenoweth, known for debuting the role of Glinda in Broadway’s Wicked and her Emmy Award-winning performance in Pushing Daisies. This heartfelt story follows young Kristi Dawn around New York City as she shares her love through acts of generosity–from singing in the church choir to helping a neighbor weed her garden. When she meets a lonely dog looking for a home, Kristi Dawn shows that adoption is one of the most loving and life-changing gifts of all.

    Through delightful rhyme and examples of child-friendly (and pup-friendly!) acts of generosity and kindness, Chenoweth shares the powerful message that the more love you give, the more love you get back!

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  • Edward And Annie


    Join famous penguins, Edward and Annie, the viral sensations, as they waddle through Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium in this funny and surprising adventure story.

    When no one comes to visit the aquarium, penguin pair Edward and Annie wonder, Where did everyone go? This colorful romp through Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium from author Caryn Rivadeneira takes children and their families on an adventure of wonder through the marine world. As Edward and Annie explore the unknown parts of their aquarium home and meet the other wonderfully strange creatures living there, these penguin friends discover that the world is much bigger and more interesting than they ever knew. After much excitement and many surprises, they return to the penguin habitat for the best end to any day: a cozy rest at home.

    Edward and Annie teaches 4 to 8-year-olds that:
    *great discoveries and new friends can come from life’s biggest changes
    *the best adventures start with trying something new
    *a community is made of individuals who are each different, beautiful, and amazing

    In this funny read-aloud picture book, children will:

    *meet the real-life rockhopper penguins, Edward and Annie, who made a splash on social media

    *learn about the other sea animals that live at Shedd Aquarium, including Wellington the penguin and Annik the baby beluga

    *have fun learning fascinating science facts during family reading time or as part of preschool and elementary STEM lessons in marine biology

    *laugh at the penguins’ curious questions and silly antics

    Your family will fall in love with these sweet, energetic penguins as together you discover that the world is a wonderful and surprising place–a place that is even better when explored with a friend by your side!

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  • Did God Learn His ABCs


    Did God ever go to school? Does God need someone to teach him? Is there anything God doesn’t know? Children ask all kinds of questions like this, and Amy Gannett, founder and creator of the popular Tiny Theologians(R) brand, aims to answer them in Did God Learn His ABCs? The engaging, rhyming text and bold, delightful illustrations make God’s omniscience (His all-knowing nature) understandable, relatable, and applicable for kids. Young readers will close the book knowing there’s no need to hide their sins, questions, or dreams from God–for He already knows everything about them.

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  • If I Were A Park Ranger


    If you were a national park ranger, you’d spend every day in one of the most treasured places in America. You’d wear a special uniform, a hat, and a badge–but sometimes you might also need snowshoes or a life jacket. Maybe you’d track the movements of wild animals. You could help scientists make discoveries. You might even be part of a search and rescue team! You’d have an amazing job protecting animals, the environment, and our country’s natural and historical heritage, from the wilds of Denali to the Statue of Liberty.

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  • Its So Difficult


    A school day can be so overwhelming: so many people, so many noises, so many things to remember. Grown-ups say it’ll get easier with time, but even saying hello is incredibly hard. Thank goodness for comforts like math, for anything that can relax a restless mind. Maybe this time a few words will come out at last…

    An empathetic look at anxiety and overstimulation, It’s So Difficult follows a child throughout the challenging routines of a single day. Even the smallest step forward can be an enormous triumph.

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  • Change The World


    Little ones will learn about ten daring women of God who risked their reputations and lives to stand up against oppression and to help those in need.

    This colorful board book introduces children to real-life superheroes who used their God-given talents, along with unrivaled courage and conviction, to stand up against racial injustice, rescue the oppressed, and live out their faith in incredible ways.

    Mini-bios on brave woman, such as Corrie ten Boom, Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks, will inspire little ones to develop a heart of empathy and love for others at an early age.

    How will your child change the world someday?

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  • Be Brave And Bold


    Little ones will learn about ten daring men who used their God-given talents and interests to improve our world, inspire others, and share their faith.

    This colorful board book introduces children to real-life superheroes who stood up against racial inequality, served their communities, and saved people’s lives.

    Mini-bios on bold men of the faith, including Chiune Sugihara, Tony Dungy, and George Washington Carver, will inspire little ones to develop a heart of empathy and love for others at an early age.

    How will your child change the world someday?

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  • Little One We Knew Youd Come


    From New York Times bestselling children’s book author Sally Lloyd-Jones, Little One, We Knew You’d Come is a heartwarming and endearing story about the hope and anticipation of a new baby. Overflowing with joy, this book makes the perfect gift for a new baby, baptism, adoption, new beginning, or special occasion.

    Little one, we knew you’d come.
    We hoped. We dreamed. We watched for you.
    We counted the days till you were due.
    We waited. How we longed for you,
    And the day that you were born.

    Little One, We Knew You’d Come includes:
    *Engaging illustrations and delightful, lyrical text

    *A beautiful message for parents and grandparents to read aloud to their children again and again

    *A joyful story that celebrates new life and the love we have for our little ones even before their arrival

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  • Prisoners The Earthquake And The Midnight Song


    Using simple sentences and stunning illustrations, this 16-page board book retells the story of Paul and the Philippian jailer.

    From the sounds of Paul and Silas singing at midnight to the scary rumbling of an earthquake, young children are encouraged to imagine each sound as they follow the story. Finally, with the sound of singing, they rejoice with the jailer and his family as they all become followers of Jesus Christ.

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  • Crowned With Glory


    An ode to Black hair and Black girl joy, this joy-filled rhyming picture book invites young readers into the world of a young Black girl as she rocks her God-given beauty.

    Hello, world! I’m a gift from above.
    I already know that I am loved.
    Gazing around with a great big grin–
    there’s a whole wide world for me to take in.

    From the hair on her head to the tips of her toes, Azira knows that she is awesome! And whether it’s styled in twists, curls, braids, Bantu knots, a textured bun, or left totally natural, her hair is just one of the countless things that helps Azira celebrate who God made her to be. She’s able to live out a beautiful story because God has crowned her with glory–and Azira wants you to do the same!

    Young readers will be inspired by this empowering, uplifting reminder to always be and love who God created them to be.

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  • American Dream Of Braven Young


    Why did he have to work late again? I know, I know. He has to work. He has to help “Save America”…

    During this exciting and spirited tour of our nation’s capital, readers are introduced to Braven Young, a ten year old boy who just wants to build paper airplanes with his dad. But his dad is always busy working to “save America” whatever that means. While waiting up to see his dad, Braven falls asleep and dreams about having the time of his life in Washington D.C.. Finally, he is free to do whatever he wants with the National Mall as his playground! But, soon, things start spiraling out of control.

    As The American Dream of Braven Young races to its imaginative and inspiring conclusion, Braven begins looking for the one person that can help him…his dad. Along the way, Braven visits iconic landmarks, meets famous historic figures as Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and learns that with true freedom comes responsibility.

    Join Braven on his own journey to save America! And discover how we all have our parts to play in The American Dream of Braven Young.

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  • Chloe And The Closet Of Secrets


    Chloe has a sneaky habit of making up stories. She thinks it’s no big deal, but one day crazy little fluffs appear every time she tells a lie. Chloe starts stuffing the fluffs in her closet, but soon it’s almost ready to burst. Not only that, she realizes that her lies are sinful and are hurting her relationships. But after her father confesses his own lie and asks God for forgiveness, Chloe gains the courage to let out all of her secrets.

    Most children (and adults too) struggle with being completely truthful. Even though we know it’s wrong to not tell the whole truth, it’s still hard to help a child understand why. Best-selling author Ginger Hubbard and Al Roland give parents a biblical framework and practical suggestions for helping their children (and themselves) learn to speak the truth. The parent resource page at the end of Chloe and the Closet of Secrets: A Book about Lying gives a biblical framework and practical suggestions to help children understand what a lie is, some reasons that they lie, and the power of confession and forgiveness.

    Children will love the silly story with its bright, fun illustrations, and in the process be encouraged to always tell the truth.

    Chloe and the Closet of Secrets is part of the new Teaching Children to Use Their Words Wisely series.

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  • My Guardian Angel


    A sweet collection of prayers, poetry, and pictures to teach your little one all about their guardian angel!

    Includes a presentation page — perfect for a Dedication, Baptism, or First Communion gift!

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  • Really Woolly My First Easter


    Celebrate the hope of Jesus and the true meaning of Easter with this basket-shaped board book of poems and prayers from DaySpring’s Really Woolly series. Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers will giggle along with this lovable sheep as they discover that the Easter story is full of joy, from baby ducklings and blooming flowers to knowing that Jesus is alive forever and ever!

    This Christian Easter board book for ages 0 to 4 features:
    *A die-cut Easter basket shape with a handle and glittered cover

    *An Easter egg hunt in each illustration that will keep children coming back to make new discoveries

    *The favorite Really Woolly characters

    *Bible verses, sweet rhymes, and simple prayers that reflect the delight of God’s promises

    *An age-appropriate way to teach very young children how spring blessings of new life reflect the meaning of Jesus’ resurrection

    This inspirational Easter book for kids is the perfect Easter basket gift, spring family read-aloud, or Easter morning Sunday School story time. Curl up with your own little lamb and Really Woolly My First Easter to celebrate the hope and joy of the Easter season.

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  • My Body : Full Of Novelty Fun


    My Body is an engaging first novelty book about the human body, publishing into the My Little World series by Priddy Books.

    Turn the wheels, slide the tabs, and open the flaps to learn all about the body, the amazing things it can do, and why being different makes us so special. Specially designed to engage preschoolers, the brightly illustrated pages and fun facts make learning about our bodies a fully interactive experience.

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  • Nothing : Nothing Can Separate You From Gods Love


    Discover the biblical promise of God’s unending love in this whimsically illustrated board book that assures little ones nothing can separate them from God.

    Can anything stop God’s love and God’s grace? This uplifting board book, based on Romans 8:38-39, looks at this question in the most fantastical ways. Curious children wonder if God’s love can be stopped by rumbling volcanoes, deep ocean waters, rain storms, hail storms, or even the mistakes we make. The answer is always a resounding, “No! There is nothing so powerful, nothing so strong–God’s love is too high and too deep and too long!” The engaging verse is paired with wildly imaginative illustrations, and the affirming message of God’s unstoppable love is one that parents will want to share with their little ones over and over.

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  • How To Train Your Pet Brain


    Your brain is like a pet in need of training. By you.

    How does it feel to smile, or to stick out your bottom lip? With heart and humor, How to Train Your Pet Brain invites kids to explore how their bodies and minds work together to process emotions. Told from the perspective of a child, this unexpectedly funny take on the tricky topic of mental health follows two characters learning to train their pet brains. Lighthearted illustrations paired with grounded language help kids understand why their brain does what it does, teaches that big feelings are okay, and guides kids through a simple practice to help them feel calm.

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  • God Made All Your Feelings


    God made me and God made you. God made our minds and our feelings, too!

    We all have lots and lots of feelings. For young children, feelings can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. This sweet picture book explores the wide variety of emotions kids experience–happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and others–and gently reassures them that it is it okay to feel these feelings and that God is with us through all the ups and downs. The book affirms young children with the message that all our emotions help us grow and that no matter how we are feeling, God loves us.

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  • How Much Is A Little Boy Worth


    This book teaches young boys that they have immeasurable worth, not because of anything they do, but because they are made in the image of God.

    Parents will love speaking God’s truth over their sons through this winsome, tenderhearted picture book. This book is perfect for baby showers and young boys’ birthdays. The powerful message paired with bright, glowing illustrations will make moms and dads want to snuggle with their little boy and remind him of how treasured he is, able and worthy because God loves him and declares him so. Rachael Denhollander is also the author of How Much Is a Little Girl Worth?

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  • Does God Sleep


    Does God ever get tired? Does He sometimes get sick? Does He ever stop working? Children ask all kinds of questions like this, and Amy Gannett, founder and creator of the popular Tiny Theologians(R) brand, aims to answer them in Does God Sleep? The engaging, rhyming text and bold, delightful illustrations make God’s omnipotence (His all-powerful nature) understandable, relatable, and applicable for kids. Young readers will close the book knowing there’s no need to fear when falling asleep–for God is always awake, watching over us and working in the world.

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  • Clever Cub Learns About Love


    Clever Cub is a curious little bear who LOVES to cuddle up with the Bible and learn about God.

    Mama Bear teaches Clever Cub there are many ways to say “I love you!” as she tells him the story of Moses’s mommy, who loved Moses so much that she put him in a basket on the river to keep him safe.

    This engaging picture book:
    *Tells the story of baby Moses from Exodus 1 and 2.
    *Helps children ages 3-6 think about ways they can show love to others.
    *Includes questions about the story’s theme and ideas for learning more in the Bible.

    Clever Cub Learns about Love is part of the delightful Clever Cub children’s book series. Also check out Clever Cub Explores God’s Creation, Clever Cub Sings to God, Clever Cub Gives Thanks to God, Clever Cub Welcomes Baby Jesus, and Clever Cub and the Easter Surprise.

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  • Wonder Awaits


    Have you ever noticed that children are always listening, seeing, touching, smelling, tasting… and thinking? Wonder Awaits! encourages children of all ages to use those senses and everyday activities to see the miracles of creation. Kids are encouraged to get close, get dirty, look carefully, look up, make art, make friends, be brave, be curious, be present, and be amazed — all activities we adults should do too, right?

    Accompanying the words are dozens of photos portraying children from 2 to 6 years of age representing the practices encouraged by the text. Diversity is a key aspect of photo selection, reflecting a variety of races and abilities.

    The book also includes pages for families to list the wonderful things they have noticed, the places they find filled with wonder, and what wonder-filled faces look like. Finally, the book suggests religious practices and passages to enhance their wonder-detection skills

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  • I Vivaldi


    In this picture book inspired by the life of Antonio Vivaldi, the composer himself narrates how a creative, determined boy grew up to create masterpieces like “The Four Seasons.”

    Despite his mother’s vow for him to become a priest, young Vivaldi is only interested in music. He soon grows from a feisty, violin-obsessed boy into a stubborn young man who puts his musical training ahead of his studies for priesthood. Beautiful, ornate artwork portrays the spirit and splendor of Vivaldi’s hometown of Venice. A historical note, musical score, and glossary will help readers more fully appreciate the composer’s Baroque context and his enduring genius.

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  • Gift


    When Leo opens his birthday presents, he receives an amazing gift: a pen! Inside it, Papa says, are many beautiful things. But how do you get them out? None of his friends can guess. Super-Zombo doesn’t get anywhere by blowing on it, and Coco-Tembo thinks it’s too tiny to hold anything important. Maybe Leo’s mama will know how to reveal all the wonders inside…

    This warm, charming story is a perfect introduction to the joy of writing. Like Leo, young readers will discover how a simple utensil can express all the words in the world-even one’s own name.

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  • Ill Always Come Back To You


    I might have to visit a very sick friend,
    or rescue a sinking canoe,
    but I will always, always, always come back to you!

    What happens when someone you love heads out the door? A mother goes out to deliver letters around the world, and her daughter stays behind. Mom might have to cross mountains, fight bears, or scare away pirates before she comes back. Her daughter might have to wait with Gramma or a friend at home. But whether their time apart has been long or short, boring or exciting, the family will soon be together again.

    Perfect for children struggling with separation anxiety, this book reminds young readers that distance cannot diminish love. Reassuring rhyme and amusing illustrations create a story to cherish when loved ones have gone away-and when they’ve come back at last.

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  • How Does An Egg Hatch


    Learn how an egg becomes a baby chick with Eric Carle’s classic artwork!

    In this nonfiction story, young readers explore the transformation of an egg into a chick. The miracles of nature come to life in this early-learning series centered around life cycles, featuring simple text and Eric Carle’s classic illustrations!

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  • How Does A Caterpillar Change


    Learn how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly with the help of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

    In this nonfiction story, young readers can explore the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. The miracles of nature come to life in this early-learning series centered around life cycles, featuring simple text and Eric Carle’s classic illustrations!

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  • Meet The Hamantaschen


    You’ve met the latkes, you’ve met the matzah…now it’s time to meet the hamantaschen in this zany Purim story!

    There’s a problem with Purim!

    The Purim play is about to start, but the megillah is missing! Without the scroll that recounts the Purim story, how can the show go on? Never fear: three determined hamantaschen–


    Right. Three determined DETECTIVES are on the case. With the help of a mysterious stranger and a few disguises, the detectives uncover the facts so the true story of Purim can be told.

    In this companion to Meet the Latkes and Meet the Matzah, holiday mistellings have never been so fun.

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  • How High Is Heaven


    Children ask A LOT of questions when it comes to heaven, particularly when they’ve experienced the loss of a loved one. In this uplifting, imaginative picture book by bestselling author and ABC News correspondent Linsey Davis, How High Is Heaven inspires hope and comfort in readers young and old, that heaven is right here and open for us all.

    Children will be delighted with the engaging art, read-aloud rhymes, and age-appropriate message that, thanks to God’s grace, heaven is a place we can look forward to while living our best life and finding moments of heaven here on earth.

    How High Is Heaven:

    *Has the lyrical tone and message we have come to love from bestselling author Linsey Davis
    *Whimsical illustrations by Lucy Fleming
    *The perfect book for parents and grandparents to read aloud to their children
    *Written for kids ages 4-8
    *A gift that helps answer children’s questions about heaven and comforts those who have lost a loved one

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  • God Made You Too


    God made you. But why? After all, he made great galaxies and vast oceans and fascinating flamingoes. Isn’t that enough?

    Through brilliant rhymes and vivid word pictures, author Chelsea Tornetto reminds little readers that to God, the mountains and the whales and the snowflakes were never enough. To our loving Creator, the beautiful world that He made was always incomplete without one very special piece–you.

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  • Good Morning Little One


    Reassure kids that God is with them through the day with this good morning poem from Amy Kavelaris. Gorgeous animal flower-crown art and words of hope and blessing remind little ones of God’s love, security, and peace for the day ahead.

    Through a child’s eyes, the world can be beautiful, wonder-filled, and a little frightening–all at the same time. Remind your little one that God is always near with this unique book of blessings and prayers.

    A beautiful companion to Amy Kavelaris’s popular Good Night, My Darling Dear, this inspirational picture book:

    *reassures children ages 4 to 8 that God carries them through good days, hard days, and anxious days

    *shares biblical promises of God’s love, purpose, and protection

    *features the whimsical imagery of nature and animals that has made Kavelaris’s art beloved

    *encourages kids to discover God each day and joyfully live out who He created them to be

    *gives children confidence to be brave in scary and unexpected situations

    Good Morning, My Little One by artist Amy Kavelaris

    *includes a stunning cover with a jacket over hardcover

    *makes a touching keepsake gift book for a child’s Easter basket, baby showers, and other new beginnings such as adoption, a new sibling, or the first day of school

    *is an enchanting piece of art for a botanical nursery or child’s bedroom

    *is ideal for any parent, grandparent, or family who wants to establish a tradition of blessing their child in the morning

    There’s no better way to start the day than praying over your children with this sweet, Scripture-based book about trusting God to carry each of you in His gentle arms.

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  • Does God Go On Vacation


    Does God ever leave Heaven? Does He take vacations? Will He ever go somewhere where He can’t hear our prayers? Children ask all kinds of questions like this, and Amy Gannett, founder and creator of the popular Tiny Theologians(R) brand, aims to answer them in Does God Go on Vacation? The engaging, rhyming text and bold, delightful illustrations make God’s omnipresence (His all-present nature) understandable, relatable, and applicable for kids. Young readers will close the book knowing there’s no need to worry about today or tomorrow–for God never takes a vacation! He is always with us.

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  • Hear O Little One


    This lyrical adaptation of Deuteronomy 6:4-9 introduces young children to the “Shema,” a sacred statement of belief that has been recited in the morning and evening through the ages by Jewish believers, including Jesus Himself.

    “These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.”
    Deuteronomy 6:4-9

    For centuries, Jewish believers have started and ended their day by saying the Shema, a five-verse passage in the book of Deuteronomy, as a twice-daily reminder to read and meditate on God’s Word.

    Written in rhyme for infants through four-year-olds, Hear, O Little One is a colorful and creative adaptation of the Shema. This innovative board book is intended to be read in the morning and then flipped over and read in the other direction for a different version at nighttime.

    Help your child develop a lifelong love of God and a deep reverence for His Word with this one-of-a-kind children’s book.

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  • Snuggle Time Easter Stories


    Snuggle up with your child and share the warmth of God’s love as you read this delightful collection of stories by bestselling author Glenys Nellist celebrating Easter and the coming of spring.

    Spring is almost here! And all the wonderful things we love about the season are coming with it. Filled with soothing rhymes from Glenys Nellist and adorable animals illustrated by Cee Biscoe, Snuggle Time Easter Stories uses simple language to introduce even the youngest readers to the true meaning and hope of the first Easter, sharing Jesus is alive!

    This charming padded board book is the perfect gift to tuck in your little one’s Easter basket and is a wonderful nighttime or naptime read.

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  • Bunny Finds Easter


    Inside Bunny Finds Easter, little ones will learn the true answer to “What is Easter?” alongside Bunny. The rhyming text by bestselling author Laura Sassi and adorable illustrations help children see Easter may have many fun traditions, but it is really all about celebrating Jesus and his resurrection.

    Coloring eggs, wearing a lovely bonnet, joining in the fun of an egg hunt, and attending church with family are special things that are a part of Easter! But the most important thing about this holiest of seasons is remembering the reason we gather to celebrate and focusing on Jesus most of all.

    Bunny Finds Easter is:

    For ages 0-4
    *A board book perfect for little hands, and in a size that works great for lap reading
    *Ideal for Easter gift-giving and fits perfectly in an Easter basket
    *A conversation starter for a discussion of the true meaning of Easter

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  • I Am Gods Dream


    A beautiful celebration of the unique, strong traits that every child has–and how God adores and delights in all of our strengths and quirks–from the bestselling author of When God Made You.

    I Am God’s Dream is a deeply encouraging exploration of the unique strengths, curiosities, and desires in every kid. In this deeply affirming picture book, children will see how God celebrates and adores each of us–and why we should be proud to be who we are. Kids of all faith traditions will receive in these pages the gift of empowerment, purpose, and ownership over their own faith perspective early on through Matthew Paul Turner’s lyrical phrasing:

    *I’m strong and I’m brave
    *I’m a one-kid parade
    *I’m gonna be be who I am ’cause I’m wonderfully made

    In I Am God’s Dream, kids will discover:

    – The truth that God loves us deeply, and delights in who we are
    – The unique strengths and traits that make up our lives
    – The beautiful richness in diversity

    Parents and children alike will be encouraged in these vivid and empowering pages.

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  • Amor Es Love Is Bilingue Bilingual


    Primera de Corintios 13 se ha convertido en uno de los pasajes de las Escrituras mas queridos, y les dice a los lectores, jovenes y mayores, lo poderoso y necesario que es el regalo del amor en nuestras vidas.

    El amor es, da vida al texto de 1 Corintios 13 en una perspectiva unica y fresca.

    Los lectores ven, a traves de las hermosas ilustraciones llenas de naturaleza de la artista aclamada por la critica Paola Escobar, que de principio a fin y a traves de los buenos tiempos y los desafiantes, el amor es una fuerza positiva constante en las vidas de aquellos a quienes toca.

    Este libro de imagenes para regalar es perfecto para leer en voz alta a alguien que amas.

    Es una tapa dura encamisada y presenta hermosos detalles en papel de aluminio en la portada

    Love Is

    First Corinthians 13 has become one of the most beloved passages from scripture, telling readers young and old how powerful and necessary the gift of love is in our lives.

    Love Is brings the text of 1 Corinthians 13 to life in a unique and fresh perspective.

    Readers see, through the beautiful, nature-filled illustrations from critically acclaimed artist Paola Escobar, that from beginning to end and through good times and challenging ones, love is a constant positive force in the lives of those touched by it.

    This giftable picture book is perfect for reading aloud to someone you love.

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  • Story Of Abraham Lincoln


    Introduce little learners to Abraham Lincoln’s childhood and presidency with this 200-word board book.

    This little book introduces Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States. Simple, toddler-friendly text tells the story of his childhood, his rise to the presidency, and the part he played in the U.S. Civil War. Accompanied by vivid and engaging illustrations, The Story of Abraham Lincoln will help even the smallest children understand who Abraham Lincoln is, and why he is so important.

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  • Story Of George Washington


    Explore George Washington’s childhood and presidency with this 200-word board book perfect for little learners!

    This little book introduces George Washington, one of the forefathers of the United States, and its first president. Simple, toddler-friendly text tells the infamous story of the cherry tree from his childhood, his part in the Revolutionary War, and his presidency. Accompanied by vivid and engaging illustrations, The Story of George Washington will help even the smallest children understand who George Washington is, and why he is so important.

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  • Wheres My Easter Basket


    Join the silliest Easter quest with this board book about a bluebird who learns to think inside the basket.

    In Where’s My Easter Basket? a little bluebird is looking for an Easter basket, but no one has seen one. As he searches, he encounters a fluffy yellow chick, some sweet little jellybeans, colorful painted eggs, and an empty basket. The sweet little quest concludes when the bluebird’s new friends cooperate to satisfy the search. Combining exuberant art, sweet characters, and a fresh crop of silliness, Bob Holt’s Where’s My Easter Basket? is just the board book you’ve been hunting for.

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  • Seeking Best Friend



    When a child sends out an open call for a best friend, the most unlikely candidates apply for the job. But when each candidate disappoints, the child’s list of requirements grows longer and longer–and more and more ridiculous! Only when she discovers that the way to find a friend is through being a good friend does she finally find the right person for the position.

    This humorous picture book is sure to make you laugh and will spur great conversations with children about what it means to be a good friend.

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  • Opal Lee And What It Means To Be Free


    The true story of Black activist Opal Lee and her vision of Juneteenth as a holiday for everyone celebrates Black joy and inspires children to see their dreams blossom. Growing up in Texas, Opal knew the history of Juneteenth, but she soon discovered that many Americans had never heard of the holiday that represents the nation’s creed of “freedom for all.”

    Every year, Opal looked forward to the Juneteenth picnic–a drumming, dancing, delicious party. She knew from Granddaddy Zak’s stories that Juneteenth celebrated the day the freedom news of President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation finally sailed into Texas in 1865–over two years after the president had declared it! But Opal didn’t always see freedom in her Texas town. Then one Juneteenth day when Opal was twelve years old, an angry crowd burned down her brand-new home. This wasn’t freedom at all. She had to do something! Opal Lee spent the rest of her life speaking up for equality and unity. She became a teacher, a charity worker, and a community leader. At the age of 89, she walked from Fort Worth, Texas to Washington, D.C., in an effort to gain national recognition for Juneteenth.

    Through the story of Opal Lee’s determination and persistence, children ages 4 to 8 will learn:
    *all people are created equal
    *the power of bravery and using your voice for change
    *the history of Juneteenth, or Freedom Day, and what it means today
    *no one is free unless everyone is free
    *fighting for a dream is worth every difficulty

    Featuring the illustrations of New York Times bestselling illustrator Keturah A. Bobo (I am Enough), Opal Lee and What It Means to Be Free celebrates the life and legacy of a modern-day Black leader while sharing a message of hope, unity, joy, and strength.

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  • Bare Tree And Little Wind


    A lyrical, captivating retelling of the Palm Sunday and Easter story from the award-winning author of Rickshaw Girl that is sure to become a beloved tradition for families of faith.

    “Real King is coming today!

    Little Wind whooshed through the grove. The trees danced and sang.

    Little Wind and the trees of Jerusalem can’t wait for Real King to visit. But Little Wind is puzzled when the king doesn’t look how he expected. His wise friend Bare Tree helps him learn that sometimes strength is found in sacrifice, and new life can spring up even when all hope seems lost.

    This story stands apart for its imagination, endearing characters, and how it weaves Old Testament imagery into Holy Week and the promise of Jesus’s triumphant return. While the youngest readers will connect to the curious Little Wind, older children and parents will appreciate the layers of meaning and Scriptural references in the story, making it a book families can enjoy together year after year.

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  • Happy Birthday Fiona


    Join Fiona, everyone’s favorite hippo, and her lovable animal friends as they celebrate her birthday–Fiona style! This fun and whimsical addition to the New York Times bestselling Fiona the Hippo brand is the perfect read-aloud for fans of Fiona (and hippos) everywhere!

    It is Fiona’s birthday! Fans from all over the world are sending her cards and gifts and she loves all the excitement and attention. But soon Fiona realizes she hasn’t seen her animal friends lately, and she misses them as much as they miss her! So, in pure Fiona fashion, she decides to throw herself a birthday party and give her gifts out as presents to all her animals friends so they can share in the birthday fun together.

    Happy Birthday, Fiona:
    *Teaches about the importance of friendship
    *Reminds children that giving and sharing is just as special as receiving
    *Features engaging art from New York Times bestselling artist Richard Cowdrey (Fiona the Hippo, Bad Dog, Marley)

    This adorable picture book:
    *is perfect for readers ages 4-8
    *a great birthday gift for children or birthday party favor
    *the perfect read for children leading up to their birthday

    Check out other titles in the Fiona the Hippo series: Fiona the Hippo, Fiona, It’s Bedtime, and A Very Fiona Christmas.

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  • Youre The Hugs To My Kisses


    For fans of I Wish You More, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld, and You Are My Happy by Hoda Kotb, comes You’re the Hugs to My Kisses, a heartfelt book that celebrates relationships and the special bond between loved ones young and old.

    You’re the jelly to my donut.
    You’re the blue to my sky.
    You’re the laces to my sneakers.
    You’re the twinkle to my eye.

    With whimsical, read-aloud rhymes, this delightful picture book will appeal to readers of all ages and remind them that life is sweeter when you have someone to share it with.

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  • Story Of Easter


    Discover the story of the first Easter day in this newly illustrated classic, perfect for little ones curious about the story behind their Easter celebrations.

    Expertly crafted for the attention span of toddlers, this simple book tells the biblical story of Easter–from Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to his triumphant Resurrection. The story also helps little listeners understand the connection between the first Easter and today’s celebrations. With bright illustrations and a toddler-friendly length of just 200 words, this book is a gentle, age-appropriate way to introduce Jesus and the meaning behind the Easter holiday. And it makes a great addition to any Easter basket!

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  • Gods Love Is Like Sunshine


    Explore the infectiously cheerful nature of God’s love with this heartwarming board book!

    A joyful celebration of God’s deep love for little ones, God’s Love Is Like Sunshine takes a subject that could be confusing–God’s love–and makes it accessible to kiddos. How? By comparing that love to objects and ideas children know and love, such as warm sunshine, overflowing orange juice, and soft clouds. These comparisons paint a beautiful picture of a love that is kind, gentle, and generous. But most importantly, God’s Love Is Like Sunshine celebrates how God’s love fills up our hearts so they overflow with kindness, gentleness, and generosity for other people. With illustrations that radiate childlike joy and a message that encourages little ones to love God and the people around them, this sweet board book is sure to make you smile.

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  • Alphabet Love


    Tell little ones just how much you love them with Alphabet Love-a heart-shaped board book that introduces children to the alphabet and celebrates everyday moments of love.

    “C is for cuddle, wrapped up so tight. D is for dancing, twirling all night.” If you are looking for an alphabet book to give you the warm fuzzies, look no further. This sturdy board book highlights all the little moments that toddlers share with their loved ones throughout the day, from blowing bubbles, to exploring outside, to reading a book before bed. With cheerful, rhyming text and bright, playful illustrations, Alphabet Love makes it easy and fun to learn the ABCs.

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  • Snuggle Is Real


    Struggles, meet snuggles. This little animal-filled board book celebrates the power of snuggles and empathy to smooth out a rough day.

    Some days, things just don’t go your way–you spill your milk, you break your favorite toy, your little brother looks at you cross-eyed. One of the best ways to cope is to remember that you’re loved, no matter what. The relatable struggles of the adorably pitiful animals in The Snuggle Is Real are no match for a hug or snuggle from someone they trust. Share this irresistibly sweet board book with a special kid in your life, and show them that while the struggles in our days are very real, so is the power of love and affection to make those troubles fade.

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  • Dancing With Daddy


    Elsie can’t wait to go to her first father-daughter dance. She picked out the perfect dress and has been practicing swirling and swaying in her wheelchair. Elsie’s heart pirouettes as she prepares for her special night. With gestures, smiles, and words from a book filled with pictures, she shares her excitement with her family. But when a winter storm comes, she wonders if she’ll get the chance to spin and dance her way to a dream come true

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  • Trucks


    Calling all truck fans! From dump trucks to cement trucks to monster trucks, these colorful pages introduce big trucks and their special jobs to the littlest fans.

    Bursting with vivid photos, each spread in this sturdy book features a terrific truck, along with super-simple facts and lively, age-appropriate language to keep babies and toddlers–and their grown-ups–engaged.

    Designed to be the stepping-stone to the best-selling National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book series, the Little Kids First Board Book series takes similar subjects and distills them down to the simplest nonfiction concepts for the youngest audience. Not only will little ones learn about different kinds of trucks, but they can also find recurring shapes and patterns in the art, while adults can keep their eyes open for occasional funny commentary. Sidebar text offers additional learning for older siblings or those ready for more complex information.

    With their square shape, bright and playful design, awesome photography, clear text, and cues to encourage interactive learning, the Little Kids First Board Books mirror the beloved First Big Books while taking a fresh approach to excite a baby’s sense of wonder and make learning about nature and science fun.

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  • I Can Brush My Teeth


    Support children’s growing independence by practicing the process of brushing teeth. Children will learn when and how to brush teeth in this book about dental health. In I Can Brush My Teeth, Yong learns that part of being healthy is brushing his teeth. Yong learns when he should brush his teeth and three simple steps to getting teeth clean. The steps he learns are: 1. Put toothpaste on my toothbrush, 2. Brush my teeth: front, back, top, and bottom, 3. Rinse my mouth and toothbrush. This book features helpful teaching tips for keeping teeth and gums healthy and activities to reinforce dental health.

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  • Who Made God


    Roar the lion, like most kids, is curious about God. On his 10th birthday he wonders a “How old is God? Was God born? If God made me, then who made God?” Join Roar as he explores the most popular kid’s question of all time and looks at what the Bible says. Read how Roar’s Eden Valley friends help him to understand that God is forever – the timeless, uncreated Creator! Who Made God is Ideal for 3-7 year olds and part of of the Animals of Eden Valley Series

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  • Jack And The Fantastical Circus


    Virtue? What’s that? And where can I find it?

    On a trip to see his granddad, ten-year-old Jack falls asleep while his dad explains virtue. Suddenly he wakes up on a Circus Train! Led through each fantastical train car by the Ringleader, Reno, Jack comes face to face with a huge lion, flying flame torches, a silly juggler, daring tightrope walker, and other memorable circus performers who have spent years cultivating a particular virtue for their acts! Jack and the Fantastical Circus shows children that virtue is ultimately found inside of each and every one of us, but it takes practice and dedication to grow them for our different walks of life.

    Authors Ariel and Michael Tyson explain, “Virtue is something within you, but it’s like a muscle. You have to keep practicing it to help it grow strong. We want to teach kids this by showing them the distinct characters of the book and how they relate to areas where they may need to grow in their own lives.”

    Jack and the Fantastical Circus will encourage children to explore their imaginations, learn critical lessons, and strive for virtue in themselves. It should also inspire meaningful conversations between parents and children about the importance of virtue.

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