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  • 365 Days Of Friendship


    One of the most precious things about life is the gift of friendship. Receiving a kind word from a friend can make all the difference in your day. Good friends believe the best about you and often have an inspired, beautifully timed way of expressing it. The sincere words of an encouraging friend bring life.

    As you read these devotions and Scriptures, be inspired to live with gratitude in your heart and praise on your lips. Meditate on friendships that produce life and peace. Evaluate each day in the light of God’s truth and thank him for your good friends. As you quiet yourself before him, be filled with his life-giving joy so you can pour it out on others.

    Speak life into a friend each day of the year and brighten the world with love.

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  • Life Changing Cross Cultural Friendships


    We can heal our communities–one friendship at a time.

    Many of us want to do something to improve race relations, but we don’t know where to start or even if we can make a difference. In Life-Changing Cross-Cultural Friendships, beloved authors and good friends Gary Chapman and Clarence Shuler answer those questions and more by recounting their own story together.

    Long before Gary was the bestselling author of The 5 Love Languages and Clarence was the president and CEO of Building Lasting Relationships, they were just an associate pastor and a young high school student, bonded by a love of Christ and learning how to navigate their newly desegregated community. Decades of friendship later, they are sharing the important lessons they learned that will enable you to experience enriching friendships across racial and ethnic barriers.

    Each chapter of this inspiring and practical book will guide you into a deeper level of understanding about what friendship is and about the benefits of cross-cultural friendships on an individual and national level. These powerful lessons will include:

    *The importance of choosing the right words
    *How to differentiate true friends from mere acquaintances
    *How Jesus initiated a cross-cultural relationship
    *The first two steps to your own cross-cultural friendship
    *Three ways to resolve conflict in a cross-cultural friendship
    *How to make friendships last through life’s many seasons

    Breaking down the walls of division might not be easy, but the simple act of building friendships tears down walls of racism and fear. Will you accept the cross-cultural friendship challenge?

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  • Together Is A Beautiful Place


    Are you lonely? Do you struggle to find the real friends you long for? Here is your invitation to build lasting friendship through meaningful and intentional practices that anyone can do.
    The older we get, the less we find ourselves spending time in the company of good friends. Organic friendship becomes nearly impossible–after all, there are all sorts of obligations tugging at our attention. Or we find ourselves getting frustrated with shallow, draining conversations. Or, most painful of all, we feel like no one wants us–and who wants to be rejected?

    If you have found yourself desperately wanting connection but confused about why you are not experiencing it, you are not alone. And you don’t have to stay there.

    As Christian women, our faith calls us to support one another on the path of growing as a follower of Jesus–a call that will connect us, create a solid foundation for trust, and bind us together in Jesus’ love, no matter what struggles we face on the road of friendship. Together Is a Beautiful Place offers practical habits that are sustainable, deep, and valuable.

    You will:
    *identify what makes a godly, lasting friendship;
    *tackle lies and false expectations about what it takes to build lasting friendship; and
    *learn to tackle the barriers to friendship and invite healthy friendship rhythms.

    You will find that it is possible to grow healthy friendships, starting now.

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  • Sisterhood : Giving And Receiving The Gift Of Friendship


    Let’s face it: Real-life friendship is hard! We find ourselves challenged by superficial #girltribe social media posts, so how can we really achieve authentic friendship? And is friendship even worth it?

    Sisterhood isn’t just a trend or unreachable goal; in fact, friendship with other women is a necessity. Why? Because we’re made for it. We’re created in the image and likeness of the triune God. “Relationship” is stamped into our spiritual DNA — just as God desires to be in relationship with us, he also longs for us to be in authentic relationship with others.

    Whether you’re in a steady place with the women in your life or you’re not confident at all when it comes to friendship with other women, each and every one of us always has room to grow in the art of friendship. In Sisterhood: Giving and Receiving the Gift of Friendship, Catholic wife, mom, author, and friend Chloe Langr offers a practical guide to discerning, developing, and keeping authentic friendships.

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  • Ill Be There But Ill Be Wearing Sweatpants Workbook


    The perfect sister to the long-awaited book, I’ll Be There (But I’ll Be Wearing Sweatpants) from Sister, I Am With You founders, Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston, this workbook is your personal account of getting to the place you most want to be–standing beside women who encourage you, lift you, see you, and remind you that you aren’t alone in this crazy, messy, rollercoaster life. Addressing the incredible value of friendship, this workbook provides space and structure and focus for the practical steps on how to get there. Inside these pages, you will apply the thirteen most common obstacles to connection as well as actionable steps to solve each one.

    Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston offer an-easy-to-follow road map to the place of relationship we all desperately want to be. With hilariously relatable vulnerability we can all take today to build deep and satisfying friendships, Amy and Jess show us how to:

    *break free from unhealthy habits that block us from connection
    *find the confidence to live freely and without fear of rejection
    *intentionally pursue friends in everyday life

    Designed specifically to be used while reading the book.

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  • Ill Be There But Ill Be Wearing Sweatpants


    Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston, founders of the wildly popular “Sister, I Am with You” online community, address common obstacles to true connection and offer a confessional, hilarious, and practical guide for building deep friendships in the middle of this crazy, rollercoaster life.

    If you’ve ever wondered why it seems like such a struggle to make and maintain friendships as an adult–it’s not just you. The number of Americans who claim to have no close friends has drastically increased over the last few decades. Loneliness doesn’t care what age you are, how many Instagram followers you have, or where you call home. It doesn’t care how “put together” you appear to the outside world. Women have a collective wound that only authentic sisterhood can heal.

    In I’ll Be There (But I’ll Be Wearing Sweatpants), Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston, creators of the popular online community “Sister, I Am With You,” offer an-easy-to-follow road map to the place we all desperately want to be–standing beside other women who see us, know us, and love us for who we truly are. With hilariously relatable vulnerability and actionable steps we can all take today to build deep and satisfying friendships, Amy and Jess show us how to:

    *break free from unhealthy habits that block us from connection;
    *find the confidence to live freely and without fear of rejection; and
    *intentionally pursue friends in everyday life.

    I’ll Be There (But I’ll Be Wearing Sweatpants) won’t talk down to us, or boss us around. It won’t tell us to simply “find your people” and then leave us feeling even more discouraged than before. This book will snuggle up beside us, grab a fuzzy blanket, and say “Let me show you how to do it. I’ve been there too. It’s hard, but it’s not impossible, and it’s so much better together.”

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  • Friendship Its Complicated


    Too often our friendships with other women can be marked by drama, competition, betrayal, and unforgiveness. As women, we can cause one another deep pain, creating wounds in need of healing. But we were made for connection and healthy friendships with other women to cheer each other on and fulfill our God-breathed purpose–together.

    Through vulnerable personal stories laden with joy, heartache, mistakes, and lessons learned, Andi invites you on a journey of navigating the complications that can come in friendships with other women. With practical and biblical applications throughout, this book will empower you to do the work by first facing yourself and untangling the mess, then seeking reconciliation for genuine connection, and building authentic friendships, even when it’s been painful or complicated in the past.

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  • Smells Like Bacon


    The guys who together form the popular comedy duo The Skit Guys, take their distinct brand of humor and apply it to a guide on how to make and keep friends and why it matters for a life of faith and laughs.

    Tommy Woodard and Eddie James, the men who form the widely popular comedy duo The Skit Guys, have been best friends since high school. With encouragement and guidance from their youth pastor, the guys started to write and perform skits for their youth group. Since their high-school days, they’ve been writing and performing hilarious and poignant skits live around the world and on camera, as well as on their site, SkitGuys.com. Everywhere they go, the question people always ask them is, “How did you guys get to be and figure out how to stay friends?”

    Now, this offbeat duo is coming together to present Smells Like Bacon: The Skit Guys Guide to Lifelong Friendships, a book about the power of friendships and how to build the kind of friendships that last. Written in the signature hilarity of a Skit Guys dialogue–with well-placed banter or two sprinkled in for good measure–Smells Like Bacon explores:

    *Who needs friends?
    *Let’s-Dig-in-the-Dirt Friends
    *Awkward things not to say to potential friends
    *Crying at the movie Beaches
    *How to be a good friend;
    *What to look for in friends–and what to avoid;
    *How to handle difficult situations in friendship; and
    *Why God makes a great friend
    *And fun and random stories, and of course, bacon references

    Tommy and Eddie have traveled the world performing for families at events, churches, and conferences. Their SkitGuys.com website has grown into a treasured media resource for families, pastors and churches. Their numerous short films, skits, and scripts are used to reach families all over the world. When The Skit Guys aren’t performing or shooting new short films, both Tommy and Eddie serve in their local churches, enjoy good food (especially pizza and fries!), and love life with their families.

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  • Friendship Initiative : 31 Days Of Loving And Connecting Like Jesus


    Spend 31 days learning how to build better relationships and connect with others following Jesus’s example in The Friendship Initiative, a devotional by Amberly Neese.

    We long for connection. Despite faster internet connections, better WiFi hotspots, and more ways to stay connected than ever before, our lives still feel less and less connected. We desire healthy friendships but feel less equipped to make and foster them.

    In The Friendship Initiative by Amberly Neese, we dive into the friendships and connections Jesus made in the Bible and discover 31 keys for building relationships. Each devotion includes Scripture, a devotional reflection, practical application ideas, and suggestions for reflection and prayer.

    Keys for relationship building include:
    *exercising grace
    *asking/answering questions
    *having compassion
    *exercising humility
    *being present
    *reaching out to those who are different
    *and more

    Readers will…
    *Find encouragement and practical help for connecting with others in their everyday lives *Focus on loving others as Jesus did
    *Discover 31 Keys for building relationships

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  • Share Your Stuff Ill Go First


    Part memoir and part guidebook, Share Your Stuff. I’ll Go First. is the invitation you’ve been waiting for to show up with your whole self and discover the intimate, meaningful relationships you long for. In spite of the hyper-connected culture we live in today, women still feel shamed for oversharing and being publicly vulnerable. And no matter how many friends we seem to have, many of us are still desperately lonely.Laura Tremaine says it’s time for something better. Openness and vulnerability are the foundation for human growth and healthy relationships, and it all starts when we share our stuff, the nitty-gritty daily details about ourselves with others. Laura has led the way in her personal life with her popular blog and podcast, and now with lighthearted self-awareness, a sensitivity to the important things in life, and compelling storytelling, Laura gives you the tools to build and deepen the conversations happening in your life.Laura’s stories about her childhood in Oklahoma, her complicated shifts in faith and friendships, and her marriage to a Hollywood movie director will prompt you to identify the beautiful narrative and pivotal milestones of your own life. Each chapter offers intriguing and reflective questions that will reveal unique details and stories you’ve never thought to tell and will guide you into cultivating the authentic connection with others that only comes from sharing yourself.

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  • Isaac And Izzys Tree House


    A Whitespark Title

    With summer warming the world, Isaac decides it’s time for a new adventure with his favorite Sugar Maple. But his plans for a tree house turn out to be a spectacular…failure. And the animals who call the tree home are in a tizzy over it too.

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  • Art Of Friendship


    In this age of limitless digital connections, we are somehow lonelier than ever. This isn’t just bad news–it’s dangerous news. Loneliness puts us at greater health risk than smoking or obesity, but we would sooner label ourselves overweight than admit we are lonely. It is a secret that is killing us.

    Contrary to all our efforts, the answer is not found in more connections, but deeper ones that mirror God himself as the originator of friendship and the original Friend. The Art of Friendship walks with you into a greater understanding of how God has equipped you to be a friend and to have meaningful friendships. With step-by-step guidance, you will begin to strategize how to fulfill your divine calling as a friend. And through God’s Word, as you come to understand the depth and width and breadth of God as Friend, you will discover that the spiritual discipline of friendship is both life-changing and life-giving.

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  • Friendish : Reclaiming Real Friendship In A Culture Of Confusion


    Bible teacher Kelly Needham debunks our world’s constricted, small view of friendship and casts a richer, more life-giving, biblical vision for friendship as God meant it to be.

    As the family unit grows more unstable and the average age of marriage increases, a shift is taking place in our culture: for many people, friends now play the role of family. And just as with family relationships, our friendships often don’t turn out quite as we envisioned or hoped, and we wonder, Is there a better way to do this?

    In Friend-ish, Kelly Needham takes a close look at what Scripture says about friendship. She reveals the distorted view most of us have of it and recasts a glorious vision for a Christian understanding. By teaching us how to recognize symptoms of idolatry and dependency, she equips us to understand and address the problems that arise in friendship–from neediness to discord and even sexual temptation. With hard-fought wisdom, a clear view of Scripture, and been-there perspective, Needham reorients us toward the purposeful, loving relationships we all crave that ultimately bring us closer to God.

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  • Real Relationships Workbook


    Digging below the surface to take you to a whole new level.

    Offering expert advice and practical tools for improving the most important aspect of human life, this workbook is integral to getting the most out of Real Relationships–Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott’s updated and expanded edition of their classic and bestselling book, Relationships.

    Containing dozens of self-tests and assessments, this workbook will help you determine: your relational readiness, the health of the home you grew up in, your understanding of gender differences, and much more.

    Used in conjunction with the Real Relationships book, the Real Relationships Workbook digs below the surface to the depths of human interactions, helping you make your bad relationships better and your good relationships great, taking your life to a whole new level.

    The Real Relationships book–which includes a FREE interactive online assessment and vital information on virtual friendships and online dating–and Real Relationships Workbook reveal the secrets for healthy, authentic, and meaningful connections.Your relationships will never be the same.

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  • How To Make Friends And Stay Friends


    Have you ever been in a restaurant and heard raucous noises coming from a table full of children next to you? Or perhaps those children were yours and their behaviour made you want to crawl under the table in embarrassment? Well, this book is for you!

    For years I have closely studied children and their behaviour. I’ve witnessed the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Navigating the world can be difficult. Making friends, learning how to share and play nicely do not always come naturally. These are learned behaviours and in order for a child to understand and perform them they must first be taught them.

    With this book’s help children will learn the value and the many skills required for:
    *effective listening
    *communicating diplomatically
    *maintaining healthy boundaries
    *making new friends
    *attending social events
    *understanding and appreciating others
    *achieving and maintaining emotional well-being
    *winning favour with peers

    There are also chapters in this book dedicated to classroom etiquette, the importance of a smile, how to not drive your parents crazy on a long car ride and so much more!

    At the end of the day we all hope the best for the next generation. We want them to be happy and successful; financially, socially and emotionally. However, in order for them to be comfortable and to thrive in any situation, they need to know how to conduct themselves in a polite, thoughtful and loving manner.

    The aim of this book is to give young people the skills they need to manage life’s challenges and to treat others the way that they would like to be treated.

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  • Friendship Promises


    Friendship Promises is a meaningful gift book, for both the giver and the recipient. Sharing these encouraging words will help friends walk confidently toward a sweet, strong relationship grounded in honesty, kindness, and a devotion to God and one another. Featuring reflections about friendship from Never Unfriended by Lisa-Jo Baker, and Craving Connection from the (in)courage community, Friendship Promises combines beautiful graphics with devotional reflections, prayers, Scripture, and journaling prompts. By giving this lovely book, you are sharing your heart to be a friend that is authentic, present, encouraging, and rooted in Christ.

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  • Girls Club : Cultivating Lasting Friendship In A Lonely World


    In an era when many women struggle with feelings of isolation and deep loneliness, Girls’ Club calls us to embrace the delight and joy that can be found in life-giving female friendships-relationships that not only offer emotional affirmation and acceptance, but also inspire, educate, and stretch us to live out our God-given potential.

    Girls’ Club is a book of stories and encouragement based on the experiences of the authors: a middle-aged mom, her newly married oldest daughter, and her youngest daughter, a single woman in graduate school.

    While there are many books on women’s friendships that tout the message of “meeting each other in the mess,” Girls’ Club will speak to the value and satisfaction found through friendships in which women not only support each other emotionally but also encourage each other to become more excellent women.

    Girls’ Club will encourage women to take the initiative to seek out other women with whom to share life and to be blessed with the gift of deep friendship.

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  • Becoming Gertrude : How Our Friendships Shape Our Faith


    Becoming Gertrude is one woman’s wisdom on the beauty of spiritual friendship and God’s unfolding grace over the course of a life lived for Him. Jan uses the term spiritual friendship to capture this idea of journeying with others through life, sharing experiences and wisdom and seeking God together. In Becoming Gertrude, Jan wants to be your spiritual friend, sharing what she’s learned and painting a picture of what you might uncover as you seek to develop these kinds of relationships in your own life.

    Join Jan in exploring the critical pieces of spiritual friendship: hospitality, encouragement, acceptance, serving, and caring. With seasoned wisdom and winsome stories, Jan uses personal experiences to walk you through what each of these things can mean in your life. You can have rich, rewarding, faith-filled friendships that emerge from the everyday rhythms of your days-and Becoming Gertrude will lead you on that journey.

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  • Outside My Window


    A joyous glimpse into different cultures

    Children living in different parts of the world see very different things when they gaze out of their windows. One child looks out over a boulevard lined with palm trees, another sees a train whistling past snow-capped mountains, and another waves to her father as he tends to their garden. But while their lives may seem different, there’s something important that they all share.

    This beautiful book will spark readers’ curiosity and imagina-tion with its celebration of global diversity.

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  • Made For Friendship


    While most people have companions, acquaintances, or spouses, do they know what it means to have true friends? With studies showing increasing rates of loneliness and isolation in our society, it is clear there is a need for many to rediscover the true meaning and value of friendship. Filled with biblical insights and real-world examples, this book explores the universal need for friendship, what true friendship really looks like, and how to cultivate relationships that go deeper than enjoying similar tastes or shared interests. As readers discover the biblical vision of true friendship, they will be encouraged to pursue it with enthusiasm and joy.

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  • Friendship


    When Only the Truth Will Do

    Faced with real-life tests–whether to our reason or our reserves–we more easily doubt than believe, more quickly despair than trust.
    But often our tentativeness to stand on the Word of God is less a lack of courage and more a lack of knowledge. We know what we’ve heard; we know what we’ve been told. But what’s the truth? What does the Bible really say? What can we grab onto by faith and never let go?
    This book is an entire collection of biblical truth that deals with a specific area of life–a specific need, a specific topic, a specific place where questions have always seemed more prevalent than answers. But as each page attests, the Scripture will always provide a firm place to dig in and defend. Be sure of what’s true, and you’ll feel a lot more sure of the next step.

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  • Gift Of Friendship


    SKU (ISBN): 9780800723972Editor: Dawn CampBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2017Publisher: Revell Print On Demand Product

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  • Thank You For Being A Friend Perpetual Calendar


    Our ‘Thank You for Being a Friend’ 365 day perpetual calendar is a perfect gift for a friend-no special occasion necessary-thanks to its heartwarming words, insights, and beautiful verses.

    Thank You For Being A Friend

    Sample copy:
    September 4
    Nothing enters your life accidentally-remember that. Behind our
    every experience is our loving, sovereign God. -Charles Swindoll

    You both precede and follow me and place Your hand of blessing on my head. Psalm 139:5 TLB

    May 17
    See to it that you really do love each other warmly, with all your hearts. I Peter 1:22 TLB

    Product Details:

    Size: 5 1/4″ x 4 3/4″ x 1 1/4″
    366 inspirational messages
    Assorted Scripture text
    Padded cover
    Spiral binding
    Easel stand

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  • Have You Seen Spud


    This story is about a little boy named Sam who thought he lost his best friend, a bug named Spud. Spud had just wanted to play and explore, but he couldn’t find his way home. Asking for help from a passing firefly, Spud finds his way home where he is happily reunited with Sam once again.

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  • Radical Friendship : The Politics Of Communal Discernment


    A Print On Demand Title

    In a society that is increasingly marked by apathy, division, and moral incompetence, how might Christians set about working with others in such a way as to begin to address those challenges that seem to overwhelm our capacity to respond? In Radical Friendship, Ryan Newson argues that the often-neglected practice of communal discernment provides a path to faithful political engagement that is worthy of reconsideration, especially given its ability to create authentic friendships both within and beyond the church. Such friendships, Newson maintains, are capable of fostering a type of competence in people who engage the practice that can counteract those social, political forces that are antithetical to competence’s formation.

    Uniquely, Newson explores the contours of communal discernment as a practice that is especially relevant to Christians seeking radical democratic alternatives to political liberalism. Communal discernment is shown to be capable of generating conscientious participation in grassroots politics; additionally, this practice enables Christians to enjoy reciprocal, discerning relationships with people of differing convictional communities. Indeed, communal discernment turns out to be capable of preparing Christians to recognize and celebrate analogues to the practice in the world at large.

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  • Becoming Heart Sisters Participant Workbook


    Friendships with other women are as important to our mental, physical, and spiritual health as rest, exercise, and prayer. We don’t just want friends-we need friends. God created us for relationship. Yet despite being more connected than ever before, we struggle to feel connected. From the false intimacy of social media to busyness and relational conflict, there are many challenges to developing authentic relationships. If you’ve ever been hurt by a friend, struggled to balance friendship with everyday life, seen a friendship end too early, or longed for deeper and more authentic friendships, this Bible study is for you. As Natalie leads you in a deep exploration of timeless truths in the Old and New Testaments, you will learn how to develop and nurture the kind of enriching and satisfying friendships that build up the body of Christ and bring honor to God. Personal testimonies and stories of successes and failures add a level of authenticity that is refreshing and insightful. As you learn to cultivate God-honoring relationships, you will become more like Christ and demonstrate His love to a broken world. Study participants will find deep study of Scripture’s principles for God-honoring friendships; help for navigating conflict, setting boundaries, and learning to forgive; in-depth study of Scripture with testimonies and stories that “ring true,” the do’s and don’ts of authentic friendships; and Bible-based guidance for building stronger and deeper relationships. The participant workbook includes five days of lessons for each week, combining study of Scripture with personal reflection, application, and prayer. Other components for the Bible study, available separately, include a Leader Guide, DVD with six 20-25 minute sessions, and boxed Leader Kit.

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  • Saving Faith


    SKU (ISBN): 9781542834735T M GaouetteBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2017Faith And Kung Fu # 2Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Print On Demand Product

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  • Kylie Meets Cooley


    Upon moving away from the only home she s ever known, Kylie is sad until she meets Cooley Cow. Together the pair discover they have something in common, somehow. What begins with a wink, then shooting stars, becomes a wonderful new friendship, built on glowing hearts! Mooooooooooooooooo!”

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  • After College : Navigating Transitions Relationships And Faith


    Author’s Note
    Why This Book?

    Part I: Real Faith//Faithful To Christ
    “Go To An Unknown Land”: Trusting A Familiar God For Unfamiliar Times
    In Transition: Facing Change
    Take Up Your Cross: Embracing Adversity
    The Tyranny Of Choice: Making God-Honoring Decisions

    Part II: Real Life//Faithful In Community
    Beyond The Quad: Finding Friends
    No Perfect Church: Choosing Community
    People Are Strange: Preparing For Diversity
    Family Matters: Relating To Parents
    Twenty-Something Relationships: Navigating Sex, Dating And Marriage

    Part III: Real World//Faithful To Our Calling
    On Purpose: Stewarding Every Area Of Our Lives For Kingdom Good
    A Faith That Works: Adjusting To Our Jobs, Connecting Them To Christ
    Financial Faithfulness: Managing Money
    Conclusion: “The Land Is Good”: Trusting A Constant God For Dynamic Times

    Additional Info
    The first year out was one of the hardest years of my life. -Curt The years after college can be some of the most uncertain, unstable times of life. Recent graduates grieve the loss of community, question their place in the world and struggle to find meaningful work. It can be shocking to discover that college did not fully prepare you for the challenges you now face. “It’s much rougher than I thought. I thought things would just play out, and they didn’t. I don’t have friends, I don’t have a job and I hang out with my parents every night.” -Kate But you are not alone. For more than a decade, Erica Young Reitz has specialized in helping college seniors and recent graduates navigate the transition to post-college life. Drawing on best practices and research on senior preparedness, she offers practical tools for a life of faithfulness and flourishing during a critical, transitional time. This practical guide addresses the top issues graduates face: making decisions, finding friends, managing money, discerning your calling and much more. Discover how you can thrive beyond your undergraduate years. If you feel lost in transition, here are resources to help you flourish as a Christ-follower in a complex world.

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  • Friendship : Sisters For A Journey


    The ride through life is better with friends! Friendship, Sisters for a Journey will help you discover the secret to authentic friendship through meaningful and purposeful relationships. Sometimes it might look a little messy and other times glorious, but God uses all styles and seasons of friendships to grow and stretch us into better friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, and any other roles we fill. We are never beyond the age of learning more about one of the greatest gifts God has given us, Friendship. With discussion questions at the end of each chapter, biblical application, and real-life examples, this book will help you be the friend you desire to be.

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  • Girlfriends And Other Saints


    With wit and wisdom, popular Catholic talk show host Teresa Tomeo shares personal stories about saints-both her “girlfriend” saints, as well as several male saints. She shows us that the saints are alive and well in heaven and are always ready to listen to us and intercede on our behalf. As she relates how these heroes of the faith have worked in her own life, we are encouraged to go to the saints with our own needs. They are our friends and will never betray us or “unfriend” us!

    Among the saints Teresa shares about are the Blessed Mother, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila, and St. John Paul II.

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  • Spiritual Friendship After Religion


    Hardly a day goes by without some poll or news story documenting the changing relationship between the general population and religion, often accompanied by predictions of doom. The rise of the “nones” and the “dones” leaves many adrift in a world with multiple complex challenges. Providers of “spiritual friendship”-pastors, spiritual directors, pastoral counselors, concerned Christians-will need to change their approach as those with whom they interact distance themselves from the church. How should we talk with the “nones” and the “dones” about their spiritual lives? How can we be with them in their struggles when they are suspicious of our motives? These are questions providers of spiritual friendship face every day. This book offers answers that can help them look at their work in new ways. Stewart-Sicking presents an innovative approach to spiritual friendship, addressing major challenges of modern life and significant challenges in the lives of individuals, as well as making accessible scholarship on the subject that is difficult for practitioners to access.

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  • Beyond Loneliness : The Gift Of Gods Friendship


    Loneliness touches everyone, whether they are young or old, rich or poor. It can be one of the most painful experiences of life. There is a friend-shaped hole in all of our lives, Trevor Hudson writes. People long for relationship with others, but what may surprise them is that God actually longs to be friends with them. Having a close friendship with God is the only thing that will ultimately bring joy and happiness and ease the ache of loneliness. In Beyond Loneliness, Hudson provides guidance for building a friendship with God. Ten chapters help readers discover how to get to know God and deepen their friendship with God. Each chapter includes friendship exercises and reflection questions. Perfect for small-group or individual study.

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  • Amish Sweethearts


    Can These Two Friends from Opposite Worlds Find Love? They’ve been best friends for years, but as high school ends, Zane Beck can’t help but look at his Amish neighbor, Lila Lehman, with different eyes. Her controlling father sees only one future for Lila, though, and arranges for her to be courted by an upstanding young Amish man. When Zane sees the two together, his plans for the future crumble, and he impulsively enlists in the Army, following in his father’s footsteps.

    However, the passing of years and the distance between them isn’t enough to halt their now hidden feelings for each other. If being together used to be difficult, it’s now impossible, especially with the Amish opposed to war. Zane’s service takes a dramatic turn when he’s sent to Afghanistan. Being on the front line and the reality of taking a life has him questioning whether he can continue to serve or not. But all choices have consequences–both his and hers. With Lila preparing to marry another, will these one-time sweethearts ever find the life together that they both still long for?

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  • Olivias Teenage Challenge


    Adeline Press
    On Olivia’s thirteenth birthday, her father issues a challenge. Follow Olivia through her first year as a teenager and how she responds to that challenge. We read about her adventures, disasters, struggles and successes at school, with her family and with her friends.

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  • Even Then


    Libby and Caleb were the best of friends, until one day Caleb had a few questions Caleb is a curious boy with a huge imagination! Enjoy the adventure that Caleb and his friend Libby take as they unknowingly experience the greatest gift of all- God s unconditional love for His children. “Even Then” is a beautiful way to teach young children about the love of God and how no matter what- his love is always bigger than anything we could ever imagine!”

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  • Heart Sisters : Be The Friend You Want To Have


    Be the friend you want to have

    Friendships with other women are as important to our mental, physical, and spiritual health as rest, exercise, and prayer. We don’t just want friends-we need friends. Yet sometimes they can be as difficult as singing a song without the lyrics.

    If you’ve ever been hurt by a friend, struggled to balance friendship with everyday life, or seen a friendship end too early, Heart Sisters will help you:
    – Overcome your fear of being hurt by other women,
    – Practically examine issues so you can work your way through conflicts,
    – Recognize when it’s time to establish healthy-and holy-boundaries,
    – Get right with God so you can get right with others, and
    – Discover the secret to authentic friendships.

    With discussion questions and real-life examples, Heart Sisters will help you be the friend you want to have.

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  • Friends : Making Them And Keeping Them


    “Friends” is designed to help you learn how to make new friends, and make the most of the friendships you already have. It’s full of quizzes, crafts, thoughtful advice, and true stories of friendship shared by real girls like you.

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  • Heartfelt : A Woman’s Guide To Creating Meaningful Friendships


    Every woman longs for good conversation, a safe place to be vulnerable, and wisdom from women who are ahead of us on the journey. In previous generations, women lived in close-knit communities and encouraged one another in marriage, parenting, and spirituality. In today’s world, we often feel isolated. Yet our God-given craving for connection remains.

    In Heartfelt, Dr. Joneal Kirby shows us how to embrace the joy of emotional intimacy with other women. Her practical wisdom and personal experience, combined with dozens of real-life stories, equip us to cultivate meaningful relationships with women in all seasons of life.

    You may feel you’ll never move beyond the small talk of church coffee hour. You may wonder if your current friendships will ever reach a new depth. Heartfelt gives you the practical ideas and inspiration you need to change surface-level interactions into deep relationships that can change lives forever.

    Includes prayers, questions for discussion and reflection, and a guide to beginning your own intergenerational small group.

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  • Storm Sisters : Friends Though All Seasons


    Women treasure the support, loyalty, and laughter found in their friendships–especially when they face the storms of life. Whether purchased as a gift or for oneself, Storm Sisters is a delightful journey on what it means to be a friend in all seasons of life.

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  • Company We Keep


    Friendship: it’s one of the simplest of human relationships in comparison to marriage or family relationships, yet it’s one of the least understood and practiced. For all of our progress in making connections through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, people are consistently experiencing loneliness and growing disenchanted with the whole notion of friendship.

    Could it be that our understanding of friendship has been more informed by pop culture and social media, and less informed by the vision of friendship offered in Scripture? Is it possible that friendship exists for a greater purpose than merely our enjoyment and comfort? Does real friendship involve more than just hanging out on a weekend, participating in a book club, or hitting the golf course together? These questions and more are answered in this book.

    Broader and deeper than simple fellowship, biblical friendship is first and foremost about a relationship with Jesus Christ. As you are brought into friendship and relationship with the Father, Jesus Christ calls you a friend! It is out of this friendship that our human friendships find their beginning and their purpose.

    Aelred, a Cistercian monk who wrote a profound treatise on friendship, said, “And so in friendship are joined honor and charm, truth and joy, sweetness and good-will, affection and action. And all these take their beginning from Christ, advance through Christ, and are perfected in Christ.” This is the core of biblical friendship, and what sets it apart from what the world is offering: it all flows from Jesus Christ. Friendship finds its origin, purpose, and power in Jesus. Our human friendships then must be shaped by this life-changing truth.

    Biblical friendship is deep, honest, pure, transparent, and liberating. It is also attainable. Dig into this book, and learn how your friendships can embody this amazing and wonderful reality.

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  • Violet Mackerels Possible Friend


    The charming Violet Mackerel must overcome self-doubt to make a new friend in this fifth illustrated chapter book of a delightful series.

    Violet Mackerel hopes and hopes that her new next door neighbor, Rose, might turn out to be a very good friend.

    But even after a nice morning at Rose’s house, Violet still has quite a few worrying thoughts. Is she too messy for Rose’s tidy family? Will Rose be disappointed that the ice in Violet’s house comes from a plastic tray instead of a special box with fancy tongs? Will Violet wear the wrong sort of costume to Rose’s flower-themed birthday party? And what if the present Violet brings is a good bit smaller than the other presents?

    Luckily a helpful older sister, a big imagination, and a particularly brilliant idea just might turn Violet’s possible very good friend into a definite one.

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  • My Spouses Best Friend


    This book is meant to assist couples to progress to a point where they will joyfully embark on something new, creative, and different, on a daily basis not just for each individual but for each other. It is designed to show couples how to sustain the passion they had when they first discovered their love for each other.

    The book shares the experiences of couples who have passed through what you might be experiencing in your marriage today. You will get insights from couples with various experiences to keep you alive and assure you that you can attain fulfillment in your marriage. We will be glad to give any further assistance through prayer and counseling.

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  • Bears Loose Tooth


    In this Classic Board Book edition of Bear’s Loose Tooth, Bear’s friends help him deal with his first loose tooth!
    From a cave in the forest
    came a “MUNCH, MUNCH, CRUNCH!”
    as Bear and his friends
    all nibbled on their lunch.
    Bear and his friends are munching on their lunch when all of sudden… Bear feels something wiggling and wobbling in his mouth. Oh no! What can it be? It’s Bear’s first loose tooth!
    In this sweet story, Bear’s friends ease his concerns about his wiggly, wobbly tooth and help him understand that losing a baby tooth is perfectly natural. This funny and reassuring story–now available as a Classic Board Book–will delight little ones!

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  • Freeing Tanner Rose


    For Gabriel, Tanner Rose is just a superficial starlet, addicted to Hollywood. For Tanner, Gabriel is just a boring, kung fu-loving, Christian boy, who’s living a lackluster life in the middle of no-where. So, what happens when she’s forced to live in his world? It doesn’t take long before Tanner Rose craves a taste of her old life, even if it means upsetting a few people along the way. She thrives in the spotlight, after-all! Will Gabriel’s faith encourage Tanner to change her partying ways or will her wild undertakings and addicting vices tempt him to do things he’d never, ever considered before? “There has no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that you may be able to bear it.” (1 Corinthians 10:13) Freeing Tanner Rose is the first of four books in the Faith & Kung Fu series.
    Show Less

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  • Encouraging Hearts Handbook


    How to be a good friend. The Encouraging Hearts Handbook is a rare blend of true stories of friendship with engaging ideas to guide you in your quest to become an encouraging friend. Within the pages of this book you will learn how to comfort the grieving, reassure the worried, and calm those facing difficult life situations. With earnest prayer and faith, you will not only encourage your friends, but offer courageous words that will serve as a lighthouse into their future, no matter how dark. But even when your words fail, learn how to give one of the most comforting gifts of all — the gift of listening. Linda says, “Too many women are trying to fly with broken wings of discouragement.” The Encouraging Hearts Handbook will help you give wings of encouragement so that your loved ones can soar above their circumstances. The stories of more than 50 women are interwoven into the handbook so that you will see practical, era-life applications on how to be a good friend as you discover the unequaled joy of becoming an encouraging heart.

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  • Smart Girls Guide Friendship Troubles


    This popular title is now better than ever with new content and illustrations! As an important guide on relational aggression between girls, it offers advice on how to deal with arguments, bullying, betrayal, and other tough friendship problems. It features sound advice, quizzes, tips, and inspiring real-life stories about girls who have overcome their differences and strengthened their friendships.

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  • Liz Learns A Lesson


    Members of the Critter Club are all excited about their summer plans until Liz learns that, instead of taking an art class, she will have to be in summer school to improve her math skills. But a fun teacher, a classroom pet, support from her friends, and advice from her brother might get her through. Illustrations.

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  • Jesse : A True Story Of Redemption


    Everyone needs a friend like Jesse. Nashville radio personality, LaVern Vivio (a.k.a. U-Turn LaVern), shares a true account of her lifelong friend, Jesse. From her childhood in Western Kentucky through the many ups and downs of jobs, relationships, and family trials, Vivio weaves a folksy, but true story of an enduring, encouraging, and supportive friendship. As you read this book, you will long for a friend like Jesse in your life. Here’s the good news – Vivio shares her secret to finding and developing this kind of life-changing friendship in your own life. Life is tough … and even tougher without a true friend. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet your Jesse. “Jesse is a captivating story of hurt and healing, bitterness and forgiveness, as a tender heart turns calloused and resentful to all but one person – Jesse – a true friend through thick and thin. LaVern opens the curtains of her soul in a courageous way to reveal the story of her heart. I have personally witnessed her walk with through many of the chapters of this story. I love this family, and I love what God has done with LaVern’s heart. I think you will love it too, for it will resonate with your own heart in more ways than you may expect.” Dr. Jimmy Sites Host of Spiritual Outdoor Adventures TV Author of The Heart for Adventure

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  • Friendships Dont Just Happen


    This essential go-to guide reveals how women can enhance their lives by creating valuable friendships in today’s busy, mobile world, from nationally recognized friendship expert and CEO of GirlFriendCircles.com.

    Every woman is searching for a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Many realize the significant role that an intimate, tightly knit circle of friends plays in creating a more fulfilling life, but with hectic schedules, frequent moves, and life changes, it’s more important than ever for women to establish natural, meaningful friendships that will contribute to their overall wellbeing.

    In Friendships Don’t Just Happen!, Shasta Nelson, friendship expert and CEO of GirlFriendCircles.com, reveals the most important proven steps, processes, and secrets vital to establishing the five different levels of friendships, or Circles of Connectedness, that women-no matter their age or relationship status-are longing for in today’s stressful and mobile culture. This revolutionary, engaging guide will also benefit women who already feel rooted to fabulous friends, with insightful principles that will help them maintain and enhance their current friendships.

    Full of practical how-to tips, fun activities, guiding questions, and step-by-step instructions, Friendships Don’t Just Happen! highlights several areas of developing lasting friendships, teaching women how to:

    * Evaluate their current circle of friends
    * Recognize what types of friends they are seeking based on career, interests, location, and relationship status
    * Create a prioritized friendship action plan
    * Find extraordinary friends-where to look and how to approach them
    * Take initiative to jumpstart friendships and face fears of rejection
    * Establish “frientimacy,” trust, and happiness through conversation and activities
    * Maintain meaningful friendships and determine which ones are worthwhile

    We Value Belonging

    Friendships may not happen automatically, but what we crave about them sure seems to! We all want to belong-that need to be connected to others is an inherent desire. We live our entire lives trying to fit in, be known, attract acceptance, and experience intimacy. We desperately want to have others care about us. This book is about that hunger. And more pointedly, it is about listening to it and learning how to fulfill it.

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  • Kisses From A Friends Heart


    Friendship is a word the very sight of
    which in print makes the heart warm.””
    Augustine Birrell
    This book is from me to you —
    a special thought to say how much I appreciate you.
    I am so blessed to have you as my friend!

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  • Friend Me : Turning Faces Into Lasting Relationships


    From Virtual Friends to Authentic Relationships

    With the rise of social media, more of us are managing our relationships online instead of in person. Technology that was meant to make communication easier and faster for busy people may have met its goal, but often at the expense of intimacy and meaningful conversation. In many cases, friendship has become a status decided by the click of a mouse. Kindling a relationship-or cutting one off-is as simple as “friending” someone or removing that person from your list. And someone with a thousand-plus online pals may be the loneliest person on the planet.

    If you can identify, you’re not alone. That’s because each of us is wired to thrive in the context of real relationships-live interaction with real individuals, such as is shared by Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It’s how we give and receive emotional sustenance and support. Yet this type of intimacy can’t be achieved online.

    Join Donna Carter on a journey to stronger, more satisfying relationships as you explore:
    *The risks of being vulnerable and why they’re worth it
    *Qualities to seek out in a friend, as well as to cultivate in your own life
    *Toxic relationships and how to avoid them
    *Steps toward reconciliation, including forgiveness
    *The purpose of solitude in refreshing the soul
    *And more!

    Experience a richness in your human relationships that you’ve never experienced before. And, as you do, draw closer to the One who designed you to love and be loved, by other people and by Him.

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  • Celebrating The Blessing Of Friendship Laughter And Special Times


    You know who she is… that special woman with whom you’ve shared so many good times. She has a talent for making everything more fun. When you think of her, and the memories you’ve made together, you find yourself smiling. This book is for her, a small token of your appreciation for the bond of laughter you share.

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  • Unlike Friendships For Kids The Dog And The Piglet


    Unlikely Friendships is a phenomenon. A book with its compelling message of hope and friendship and differences overcome. Temple Grandin called it “. . . amazing. It shows the power of friendship.”

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  • Whole Guy Thing


    It’s time to deal with all those guy questions in your life. Guys can make life complex. Sometimes they’re nice, sometimes they’re not, and when they’re cute they sometimes leave our brains in a jumble. On top of seeing them every day, we have to figure out how to interact with the male gender, and exactly what to do with any romantic feelings. It’s no wonder girls have so many questions about guys!

    Well, here are answers to many of the issues and wonderings real girls like you have. The Whole Guy Thing explores how you can deal with boys now and in the future, as well as create self-respect that is rooted in God’s love. Featuring relationship topics, real feedback from guys, and even advice on how to talk to your parents about dating rules and guy-girl interactions, this may be the book you’ve been waiting for.

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  • Charity As Divine And Human Friendships


    The purpose of this work is to explore and explain St. Thomas’ curious description of charity as a “kind of friendship of man for God.”

    This is achieved in two symphonic movements:

    1) An investigation into the metaphysical substructure of friendship;
    2) Analysis of St. Thomas’ commentary on St. John’s Gospel from which he takes his understanding of charity as friendship.

    In the first part, basic concepts are defined which are employed ubiquitously by the Angelic Doctor whenever he discusses love and friendship. Once a basic lexicon is built, the author distinguishes diverse kinds of love given the anthropology of St. Thomas. This in term is employed in the specific love of friendship noting also Thomas’ dependence upon the Philosopher, Aristotle. Finally, charity itself is examined based primarily upon Thomas’ treatment in the Secunda secundae of the Summa Theologiae. The second movement of the work engages the text of Thomas’ commentary. Aquinas sees the Incarnation as the archetype of all transformation in Christ, namely, that Christ establishes with man a common life upon which friendship is based. This common life must move from the sensible to the spiritual, from human life to Divine. This course is tracked by the author with special emphasis on the means employed by Christ now with His would-be friends, namely, the gift of His Spirit and the Sacrament of Charity.

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  • Truth About Guys


    Okay, it’s a fact. God made guys and girls different in more ways than just the physical.

    But how different could we really be? After all, we are all made in His image, right? Well, yes, but let’s just say that guys and girls view the world in such different ways, that it’s a miracle we communicate at all. What’s worse is that girls this age often think they know what makes guys tick. That couldn’t be more wrong!

    Chad Eastham tells it like it is . . . to girls . . . from a guy’s perspective. As a popular presenter at Revolve conferences, he is known for his ability to speak truth and to give girls clearer perspective about guys and themselves as well as understand their own value. Chad explains, “You are incredibly valuable and worthy simply because God created you.”

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  • Its A God Thing


    Perpedit Ink Publication

    When it seemed the best years of his life were over, Larry Baker gained a new passion for living through unexpected, life-changing friendships and adventures. He invites you to join him in the daily exhilaration of discovering the surprises and relationships God has waiting for each of us just around the corner.

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  • Friendship : 101 Ways To Be A Better Friend


    Paige Jeary is a teen. She understands how tough it can be for teens to make and keep friends. This books contains simple, yet insightful advice that can be used by any teen to make friends and be a better friend. This book, written in a simple to understand way, can help all teens, both boys and girls, make friends and keep friends. It’s a great book for parents to buy for their kids.

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  • Getting To The Heart Of Friendships


    The longings in our hearts are reflected in our friendships. This book will teach you how to have relationships that reflect the joy, unity and delight God designed for us to have with our friends.

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  • Barkley : AKA A Small Person In A Black Fur Coat


    Barkley AKA A Small Person In A Black Fur Coat is the story of our almost sixteen year old male cocker spaniel as he reflected upon his life and all it brought. It is told from Barkley’s perspective, who for most of his years, has assumed the persona of a small person in a black fur coat. He has had five owners, all who loved him dearly, and as many AKA’s and experiences. As his life nears its end, he realizes that maybe being the most loved dog of a dear old lady might be equally rewarding as he goes Heaven bound to find Grandma.

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  • Spiritual Friendship


    Spiritual friendship is today the best known and perhaps most influential of the thirteen surviving works of Aelred, abbot of the great English Cistercian abbey of Rievaulx from 1147-1167. This fresh new translation makes the work crisply readable, allowing the intellectual and Christian insight of this great Cistercian teacher and writer to speak clearly to today’s seekers of love, wisdom, and truth.

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  • My Heavenly Adventures With God


    More than 2000 years ago, God gave His son Jesus Christ to us as a gift and out of love. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). With Jesus, man’s reunion with his Creator became a reality. “Clap your hands, all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph” (Psalm 47:1). Today, God has another gift for everyone especially to those with a child like faith. “My Heavenly Adventures with God” is a book of a four year old girl as told to her mother is a perfect gift for everyone; it encourages us to have a faith like a little child. Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as they” (Mark 10:14).

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  • Face To Face



    Part One: Friendship
    Chapter 1-Its Necessity And Obligations
    Chapter 2-Characteristics Of A True Friend
    Chapter 3-Cultivating Friendships: Justice And Mercy
    Chapter 4-Cultivating Friendships: Love And Good Works
    Chapter 5-Destroying Friendships

    Part Two: Hospitality
    Chapter 6-Commands Of Hospitality
    Chapter 7-The Nature Of Hospitality
    Chapter 8-The Benefits Of Hospitality
    Chapter 9-Stepping Toward Hospitality

    Additional Info
    The heart of Christian reality is a “society”, a Trinity of persons living with and for one another. God created us to live in bonds of society and friendship, not as lone rangers. The Christian faith presents friendship and hospitality not as luxuries but necessities. God does not save us in isolation but in community with other people. There is no possibility of living to the glory of God apart from godly companions. In this book, Steve Wilkins seeks to call us back to the joyous obligations of friendship and hospitality.

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  • Fierce Tenderness : A Feminist Theology Of Friendship


    “In Fierce Tenderness, Mary E. Hunt continues to chart the way from unjust, unequal power relationships to new experiences of mutuality through friendship?. Employing a combination of sources such as literature, case studies, and first-person accounts that easily span the gaps across racial and religious difference, gender preference and orientation, and geographical loci, this text maps new socio-ethical and theological interpretations for friendship. Hunt [contends] that when women choose to live in right relationship, new and compelling paradigms of the holy emerge, connoting co-responsibility, mutual influence, and commitment on both sides of the divine-human equation.”
    -Susan Brooks Thistlewaite and Toinette M. Eugene, Chicago Theological Seminary

    “In theory as well as in practice, Hunt’s work begs to be taken seriously and to be taken further?. To look to it [merely] for one additional chapter-friendship as a new theme–to add to a course in systematic theology, will lead to disappointment. The book is far too radical and too important for that. It risks changing the grammar of the enterprise, and it may well give rise to speech that is brand new.”
    -Sharon H. Ringe, Wesley Theological Seminary

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  • Real Relationships : From Bad To Better And Good To Great


    In this updated edition, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott dig below the surface to the depths of human interactions, offering expert advice and practical tools for improving the most important aspect of human life: relationships.

    Designed for college students, young adults, singles, and dating couples, this cutting-edge book teaches the basics of healthy relationships, including friendship, dating, sexuality, and relating to God. Newly updated and expanded to include the latest research on relationship building and vital information on social networking, it provides readers with proven tools for making bad relationships better and good relationships great.

    A workbook is also available, which contains dozens of self-tests and assessments that will help readers determine their relational readiness, the health of the home they grew up in, their understanding of gender differences, and much more. Real Relationships and the Real Relationships Workbook furnish an honest and timely guide to forming the rich relationships that are life’s greatest treasure.

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  • Friendship MAPS : A Journey Through Maturity Aspirations Perspectives And S


    Do you hunger to have a sense of where you are in God’s process, purpose, principles, and power at each crossroad in your life? Do you long to travel life’s journey with caring, friendly companions, a well-tested compass, and a trustworthy map? If so, then Friendship MAPS: A Journey through Maturity, Aspirations, Perspectives, and Struggles will point you in the right direction. Friendship is filled with possibilities, and the nature of our friendships often changes throughout our lives. It is a worthwhile endeavor to explore the potential that this person-to-person dynamic holds for each of us. By examining the scope of our maturity, aspirations, perspectives, and struggles (MAPS), we can see how these factors relate to our heart connections. Using the MAPS approach, you can explore the significance of your choices, the threat of superficiality, and the sufficiency of God’s grace as you seek to connect your heart with His and others. Just like the road maps stored in our cars or the GPS in our dashboard, Friendship MAPS provides markers for where we are and where we are going as we relate to those around us. The path that will lead us to good friendships is sometimes a rocky one. Therefore, it helps to have an excellent guidebook. With its solid foundation in biblical truth, Friendship MAPS: A Journey through Maturity, Aspirations, Perspectives, and Struggles fits the bill.

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  • Expressions Of Gratitude


    SKU (ISBN): 9781604778892Tom UrbyBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2008Publisher: Xulon Press Print On Demand Product

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  • Friendship : A Classic Guide To Finding Restoring And Building Lasting Frie


    The high ideal to which friendship was held by the ancient writers, like Plato and Aristotle, seems to be an obsolete sentiment today. Western society, with its busyness and self-centredness, to many people, feels like a cold and lonely place. In this culture of cynicism and malaise Hugh Black directs our attention to the importance of friendship and the blessing that it can be. With elegantly poignant prose, Black draws on ancient writings, poetry and the Scriptures, helping us to rediscover the miracle of genuine friendship and to understand the care and keeping of such treasure. Along the way, Black addresses the challenges and responsibilities associated with friendship including the tragic consequences of eclipsed or wrecked friendships. He defines the limitations of friendship but also highlights the blessings it can bring. In true friendship, accountability and love inspire us to live with more honour, integrity and grace. Ultimately, we see that in Jesus Christ we can have that “higher friendship”-friendship with God himself-which revolutionizes the way we live, the way we think and the things we value. This classic work is an inspiring read!

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  • Friendship : A Classic Guide To Finding Restoring And Building Lasting Frie


    The high ideal to which friendship was held by the ancient writers, like Plato and Aristotle, seems to be an obsolete sentiment today. Western society, with its busyness and self-centredness, to many people, feels like a cold and lonely place. In this culture of cynicism and malaise Hugh Black directs our attention to the importance of friendship and the blessing that it can be. With elegantly poignant prose, Black draws on ancient writings, poetry and the Scriptures, helping us to rediscover the miracle of genuine friendship and to understand the care and keeping of such treasure. Along the way, Black addresses the challenges and responsibilities associated with friendship including the tragic consequences of eclipsed or wrecked friendships. He defines the limitations of friendship but also highlights the blessings it can bring. In true friendship, accountability and love inspire us to live with more honour, integrity and grace. Ultimately, we see that in Jesus Christ we can have that “higher friendship”-friendship with God himself-which revolutionizes the way we live, the way we think and the things we value. This classic work is an inspiring read!

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  • 4 Feet Two Sandals


    When relief workers bring used clothing to a refugee camp in Pakistan, ten-year-old Lina is thrilled when she finds a sandal that fits her foot perfectly – until she sees that another girl has the matching shoe. But soon Lina and Feroza meet and decide that it is better to share the sandals than for each to wear only one.

    As they go about their rountines – washing clothes in the river, waiting in line for water, and watching for their names to appear on the list to go to America – the girls discover the true meaning of friendship and sacrifice.

    This book honors the experiences of refugee children around the world, whose daily existence is marked by uncertainty and fear. Warm colors and bold brush strokes are the perfect complement to this story of courage and hope.

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  • Kindred Souls : Connecting Through Spiritual Friendship


    What is a “spiritual friendship”? How does a spiritual friendship differ from other kinds of friendship? In this book, Stephanie Ford reveals what it truly means to be a spiritual companion. She begins by reexamining the monastic roots of spiritual friendship through our shared tradition with the Roman Catholic Church and presents the unlikely friendship of Ruth and Naomi as a template for spiritual friendship. She gives practical insights on how to deal with real issues concerning spiritual friendships, from overcoming the risk and fear of sharing to learning how to become a faithful listener. Whether you are a novice at such friendships or have enjoyed their benefits for many years, this book will offer new insights that will enable and empower you to build and nurture partnerships that will continue to bear fruit throughout your lifetime.

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  • Fabric Of Friendship


    SKU (ISBN): 9781893732957Joy CarolBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2006Publisher: Sorin Books Print On Demand Product

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  • Friendships Of Women Bible Study


    Great for personal or small group study, this book correlates with the bestselling The Friendships of Women.

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  • Every Teen Girls Little Pink Book Of Girlfriends


    Are you a Mean Girl or a Teenage Drama Queen? Today’s teenage girls will find humor in learning about how to pick good friends, discover their identity in Christ, navigate through cliches, and be friendly to others.

    Pink is for Princess.

    From the bestselling creators of the little black book series comes a unique and fun new series for teen girls. The little pink books series utilizes hip graphics, sassy quotes, and funny stories to teach teen girls about spiritual principals in a practical way. Chart-topping lists, prayers, and girly art make this book and/or gift a must have for all your teen readers. Watch as they collect each book and share them with their friends. Make sure to stock them all for this new trend in teen resources.

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  • True Story Of A Remarkable Friendship


    SKU (ISBN): 9780439829731Isabella Hatkoff | Craig Hatkoff | Paula KahumbuBinding: Cloth TextPublished: 2006Owen And MzeePublisher: Scholastic

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  • Lifes Too Short To Give Up Slumber Parties


    In the busyness of our days, we sometimes forget to slow down and enjoy the big benefits that are wrapped in the little moments shared between friends. This charming book is a sweet reminder to slow down, take a breath, and enjoy the journey. Life’s too short not to!

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  • Sacred Companions : The Gift Of Spirtiual Freindship And Direction


    SKU (ISBN): 9780830832705David BennerBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2004Publisher: InterVarsity Press

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  • Accountable Man : Pursuing Integrity Through Trust And Friendship


    Perfect for use by men’s groups, small groups or one-on-one accountability relationships, this handy guide includes lists of straight-to-the-point questions that will help you keep one another walking with integrity.

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  • Friendship : Growing Side By Side


    Carolyn Nystrom leads you through twelve inductive studies to discover what the Bible teaches about friendship. As you dig into the stories of friends like David and Jonathan or Ruth and Naomi, you will experience the riches of godly friendship for yourself.

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  • Power Of A Positive Friend


    Friendship. It’s one of the most powerful forces around. It adds peace to frazzled days, provides companionship for lonely tasks, and makes any joyous event twice as fun.

    Written by best-selling author Karol Ladd and her best friend, Terry Ann Kelly, this fourth book in the popular Power Of A Positive series shares practical principles on how to be a friend and nurture friendships. Exploring topics such as “Building on Your Common Interests,” “Attitudes and Actions That Divide Relationships,” “Being Real with Your Friends,” And “The Forgiveness Factor,” this book will help you enrich current friendships and develop new and lasting ones.

    The easy-to-read format and you-can-do-it principles will change the way you view your friendships forever.

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  • Pursuit Of God In The Company Of Friends


    SKU (ISBN): 9780830832309Richard LambBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 2003Publisher: InterVarsity Press Print On Demand Product

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  • Clothesline Chats


    Whether studying the Bible, attending a conference or seminar together, or supporting a common interest, Christian women form groups for many reasons. A group’s effectiveness is influenced by its appreciation of the unique life experiences God has given to each of its members. However, many groups focus on achieving goals without providing adequate forums for their members to truly learn about each other. Clothesline Chats is a turnkey approach to getting to know fellow group members. A Chat group of up to fifteen women follows a schedule to telephone one another. Each woman receives a Chat name, and the group selects fourteen Chat days. On each Chat day, each woman considers a suggested conversation topic and initiates a Chat with one group member. Through these Chats, the women gain a familiarity with each other that rarely occurs in a group setting. Whether a group is diverse or similar, newly formed or well established, knowledgeable about Christianity or new to the faith, any Christian woman can benefit from the support and encouragement that comes from sharing her life experiences with her sisters in Christ

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  • Rediscovering Friendship : Awakening To The Power And Promise Of Womens


    In our often lonely society, a new generation of women is redefining friendship. Feminist scholar Moltmann-Wendel examines this cultural phenomenon through a theological lens. Focusing on Jesus’ friendship with Mary Magdalene and his disciples, she reveals tenderness and healing in women’s relationships and shows how they enrich our connection with God.

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  • My Own Monster


    We all want to have good friends–and to be a good friend. Now, in the teen years, more than ever, you need girls and guys you can trust. You need friends who will stand by your side, no matter what–when you face peer pressure, family problems, a broken heart, or even questions about God. Whether you wish you had more friends or want to know how to be a better friend to the ones you’ve got, this 31-day devotional will give you fun, real-life advice about how to deal with relationship struggles and make your friendships count. You’ll find stories about teens you can identify with, suggestions for activities, ideas to think about, room to journal your thoughts and hopes, and Scriptures to encourage you in your relationship with the best Friend you’ll ever have!

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  • Friendship : Portraits In Gods Family Album


    1. Abraham, God’s Friend – Genesis 12:1-9: Hebrews 11;8-19; Genesis 13
    2. Are You A Friend Of God – John 15:5-17; Selected Passages From Genesis
    3. Introducing Ruth, Who Risked Commitment – Ruth 1
    4. Unfailing Kindness In God And His People – Ruth 2-4
    5. Jonathan And David: Faithful Friends – 1 Samuel 18-19
    6. Jonathan And David: Covenant Friends – 1 Samuel 20; 2 Samuel 9; Ecclesiastes 5:2-6
    7. Introducing Solomon, Son Of David – 2 Samuel 9; Selected Verses From Solomon’s Writings
    8. Solomon’s Folly: Failure To Apply Wisdom – Verses From Proverbs; 1 Kings 9: 1-9; 11:1-13
    9. Mary And Elizabeth: Sharing Faith In God – Luke 1:5 -80
    10. Jesus, Friend Of Sinners – Matthew 26: 36-56; Luke 5:27-32
    11. Barnabas, Son Of Encouragement – Acts 4: 32-36; Luke 5:27-32
    12. Barnabaas’s Later Ministry – Acts 11:19-30; 15:25-26; 36-39

    Additional Info
    To be rich in friends is true wealth! These 12 studies for group or private use focus on the treasure of good relationships. Here you will find vivid profiles of friends in the Bible like Jonathan and David Ruth and Naomi, Barnabas, Abraham and Jesus-the preeminent Friend and Brother. Steve and Dee Brestin are veteran Bible study authors with six popular titles in the Fisherman line.

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  • Havent We Met Before


    SKU (ISBN): 9780788013409Katheryn Barlow-WilliamsBinding: Trade PaperPublished: 1999Publisher: CSS Publishing Print On Demand Product

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