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  • Creative Ideas For The Family Eucharist


    Find everything you need to lead a Family Eucharist in this comprehensive and versatile all-age resource. Building on the new Eucharistic Prayers for use in services with children, it balances formality and informality to help you create engaging worship for all. Easily adaptable for large and small all-age congregations, it offers ready-to-use worship ideas and service outlines for themed occasions throughout the year. Imaginatively-planned and well-structured Family Eucharists are a key part of growing churches, and this resource will give you both the structure and the confidence to lead all-age worship well.

    It includes:
    -advice on recruiting and training leaders
    -ways of getting children involved
    -a guide to creating a basic structure
    -suggestions for using music and props creatively
    -themed services for different seasons
    -imaginative service outlines for a variety of occasions, including a baptism in the context of a Eucharist
    -downloadable scripts and illustrations for use throughout the year

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  • Clothesline Math : The Master Number Sense Maker


    This must-have resource provides the theoretical groundwork for teaching number sense. Authored by Chris Shore, this book empowers teachers with the pedagogy, lessons, and detailed instructions to help them implement Clothesline Math in K-12 classrooms. Detailed, useful tips for facilitating the ensuing mathematical discourse are also included. At the elementary level, the hands-on lessons cover important math topics including whole numbers, place value, fractions, order of operations, algebraic reasoning, variables, and more. Implement Clothesline Math at the secondary level and provide students with hands-on learning and activities that teach advanced math topics including geometry, algebra, statistics, trigonometry, and pre-calculus. Aligned to state and national standards, this helpful resource will get students excited about learning math as they engage in meaningful discourse.

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  • Hebrew In 10 Minutes A Day With Digital Download


    Now learning Hebrew is simply a breeze! The new digital download includes interactive computer Sticky Labels, Flash Cards and special activities. It’s a blend of entertainment and education-you’ll learn faster than ever and have fun too! This book/software combo teaches you the most useful words and phrases so you’re speaking with ease. Whether you’re enjoying the beaches in Tel Aviv, exploring Jaffa, or connecting with your heritage, “HEBREW in 10 minutes a day” opens doors to this wonderful language!

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  • Reading Intervention Toolkit 4-8


    This classroom resource addresses the instructional challenges faced by fourth to eighth grade teachers and provides research-based tools needed to improve students’ reading comprehension. These classroom-tested interventions can be used with struggling readers in 5-, 10 to 15-, and 30 to 40-minute settings. Key features of this professional development resource include: responsive teaching and differentiation; the four kinds of interventions that can support students’ reading; intervention tools and strategies for teachers and students; the use of focus standards to discuss key reading strategies (inferring, finding main ideas and themes, and using context to determine a word’s meaning); and getting students to write about their reading.

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  • Strategies For Implementing Writers Workshop


    Strategies for Implementing Writer’s Workshop is as research-based, easy-to-use resource that includes all the tools needed to create a successful Writer’s Workshop and enhance student writing. Teachers will learn classroom-tested techniques and engaging instructional approaches to support all levels of writers. This resource provides sample mini lessons, activities, classroom snapshots, student resources, and more. Lesson plans are tailored to these specific grade spans: K-2, 3-5, 6-8.

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  • Reading 2 Teachers Edition With CD 3rd Edition


    Reading 2 Teacher’s Edition, 3rd ed., provides phonics instruction for review, multi-level discussion questions to promote critical thinking, and suggestions for pre-reading and post-reading activities to meet multiple-learning needs. Lesson instruction promotes the use of reading groups to help teachers tailor instruction to meet students’ varied reading levels. Teachers use silent reading to teach students to read for learning and then use good questions to guide discussion which builds comprehension. Oral reading follows to communicate the message of the author by using inflections, rhythm, pitch sounds, and so forth. This new edition has 180 lessons and includes new features, such as two BookLinks and book-report instructions. The Teacher’s Toolkit CD, located on the inside back cover of the teacher’s edition, contains additional instructional aids for phonics and literary skills, bi-quarterly assessments, service word cards, vocabulary context sentences, the Student Worktext Answer Key, and more.

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  • Great Christian Classics Volume 2


    2nd Edition of the Great Christian Classics: Four Essential Works of the Faith

    There is a wealth of great literature to study in the history of man, some written by Christians and some by non-Christians. While it is important to survey the writings produced in both the city of man and the city of God, the Christian student should direct special attention to literature produced in the city of God. The empires of man will always crumble and fall, but the kingdom of Jesus Christ will continue forever. This textbook covers four of the most important Christian works of all time. A thorough study of these great books will help the student understand the life, theology, and worldview of the Christian faith. This textbook covers Athanasius’ On the Incarnation, A’Kempis’ The Imitation of Christ, Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, and Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress.

    This Textbook Includes:

    *Four Essential Works of the Faith
    *Assignments for each chapter including vocabulary, questions, and essay assignments
    *Exams for each book
    *CD-Rom with all assignments
    *Teacher Answer Key

    740 Pages. Hardcover.

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  • Strategies For Building Text Dependent Questions


    This innovative resource provides teachers with the tools needed to effectively instruct using text-dependent questions. It contains current research and sample text-dependent questions and prompts to aide teachers in creating high-quality questions for any piece of literary or information text. Sample reading passages and student resources provide an excellent guide for teachers in creating their own questions or for students as they practice using evidence from the text to support and verify their responses and build deeper comprehension as called for in today’s standards.

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  • Science 5 Teachers Edition With CD 4th Edition


    The Science 5 Teacher’s Edition, 4th ed. contains 180 lessons grouped in six units of two interrelated chapters each. Most lessons include additional background information, cross-curricular links, and scientific activities.

    The Teacher’s Edition also includes useful information for the teacher about science process skills, the management of activities, and grading. The resource section in the appendix includes a complete materials list and the Science 5 alignment with national standards.

    The Teacher’s Edition comes with a Teacher’s Toolkit CD that is located in the back of the book. It includes a digital copy of the Activity Manual Answer Key, worksheets, visuals, Student Text diagrams, quizzes and quizzes answers, rubrics for all of the activities, and information about science fairs.

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  • Worship 4 Today Part 2


    Church House Publishing

    Worship 4 Today is a three-part course specially designed to train and equip all who lead worship in the local church – those with prior experience or none, musicians and the non-musical, ordained or lay, those who lead the prayers, operate the technology, employ the creative arts, or participate in any other way.

    Developed and tested in the Diocese of Sheffield over the last five years, Worship 4 Today is now recognised as a national training resource and its publication is fully supported by the Liturgical Commission of the Church of England. The course:

    * Nurtures a foundation of personal worship, developing new expertise and skills
    * Provides a rich Biblical and historical background
    * Builds understanding of different worship styles across the church

    Part 2 focuses on developing key skills. It explores the role of music in worship using the Psalms, different worship patterns in the Church of England, and how to build a worship team in your local church.

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  • Life Science Teachers Edition With CD 4th Edition


    The Life Science Teacher’s Edition features lots of new margin notes to help you prepare lessons. Each chapter includes a chapter overview, a suggested teaching schedule, the national standards for content, bulletin board and field trip ideas, and answers to the review questions. You will also find margin icons indicating links to helpful websites, demonstration and activity ideas, outside reading suggestions, critical-thinking questions, and extra information on the Teacher’s Toolkit CD. The CD contains lots of extra material! Be sure to check it out to find extra facets and boxes, visuals that you can easily add to PowerPoint(R) presentations, section quizzes, additional activities, and more.

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  • Youth Emmaus : Includes Free CD-ROM


    Youth Emmaus is a course designed to help those aged 11 to 16 explore the basics of the Christian faith. This is no easy task – but Youth Emmaus offers a winning combination of meaty leaders’ notes, cool handouts for group members, great cartoons and graphics and a free CD-ROM stacked with other useful resources. The material is fully road-tested and ideal for youth groups and as a confirmation course for young people.

    Youth Emmaus tackles:

    What Christians Believe (5 Units)
    How Christians Grow (5 Units)
    Living the Christian Life (3 Units)

    Youth Emmaus also contains a FREE CD-ROM that includes:

    Handouts and supplementary handouts for all sessions as PDF files
    Emmaus Poster
    Downloadable services to use with young people and a section on using Youth Emmaus in an all-age context
    Powerpoint presentation on Youth Emmaus
    Useful links to Emmaus website
    All icons from handouts available in colour in a downloadable format

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  • Math 6 Teachers Edition With CD 3rd Ed


    Math 6 Teacher’s Edition with CD, 3rd ed., contains teaching notes and reduced pages of the student text with answers. A Student Text Solutions section includes answers that do not fit on the reduced student pages and details the steps used to solve mathematical problems. The Teacher’s Toolkit CD includes a “Christian Worldview Shaping” section that provides real-life problems related to the theme of each chapter and is designed to show students that math is a powerful tool for exercising dominion over the earth in a way that helps others and glorifies God.

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  • Nelsons Annual Preachers Sourcebook 1


    Preach great sermons and plan innovative worship services with the newest edition of Nelson’s Annual Preacher’s Sourcebook. Nelson’s Annual Preacher’s Sourcebook, Volume 1 is the same sermon planner you have come to depend on for over ten years with a new topical focus. Outstanding pastors provide an entire year’s worth of preaching and worship resources for every Sunday. With an emphasis on the family, sermon series on the names of God, and special sermons for holidays, preachers can a plan a full year of services! Look for a new volume every fall.

    Features include:
    *Sermons, creative outlines, illustrations, and quotes for every Sunday of the year
    *Worship helps, including hymns, prayers, and Scripture texts
    *Inspirational thoughts and preaching techniques
    *Sermons for special occasions and holidays

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  • Pre Algebra Teachers Edition With CD 2nd Edition


    Algebraic expressions and linear equations are applied throughout a thorough review of operations on integers, fractions, decimals, percents, and radicals. Students explore relations and functions using equations, tables, and graphs. Chapters on statistics and geometry extend foundational concepts in preparation for high school courses. Problem solving and real life uses of math are featured in each chapter. Dominion mathematics can be used to manage God’s creation to His glory.

    Teacher’s Edition with CD-student pages with overprint answers, presentation suggestions, additional problems, one-on-one activities, common student errors, and complete solutions for exercises; incudes suggested schedule and assignments to accommodate minimum, standard and extended tracks; CD contains Transparency Ready Answers, Mathardy (Review Game) and Visuals.

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  • Creative Retreat Ideas


    Time apart to listen to God is an essential component of the Christian life. This wide ranging practical resource offers complete programme ideas – from short spiritual breaks for those who can only manage a couple of hours from their work or family responsibilities, to a range of ideas for whole day and full weekend retreats. aaExperienced retreat conductor Sue Pickering explores the elements that are commonly used in retreats:silence, journalling, using craft materials, reflection, lectio divina, imaginative prayer, music and movement, and more. aaOut of these building blocks, unlimited retreat programmes can be created. Part two offers themed retreat programme outlines complete with handouts which are downloadable from the accompanying CD Rom. These include Quiet Breakfasts, A Prayer Walk, A Garden Retreat and much more.

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  • Basic Introduction To Biblical Hebrew


    A robust introduction to biblical Hebrew grammar and the Masoretic Text. Hackett’s 30-lesson curriculum features an overview of the history of the Hebrew Bible; deductive lessons on recognition, drawing, and pronunciation; inductive experience in translating Scripture passages; and a CD-ROM with audio files and text files of vocabulary lists, Hebrew-to-English portions of exercises, and more.

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  • Taking Flight With Creativity


    Pastors and church leaders in many congregations have attempted to form teams for the purpose of planning, or designing, worship. Getting a group of people together in one room is fairly easy. But whether large or small church, staff or volunteer, most discover that it is difficult to form a team that actually works.

    Using the metaphor of early flight, this resource analyzes how to be a part of a worship design team that works. Major sections include discovering a strategic approach to worship, tips for team composition, a look at how to overcome a series of obstacles that frequently keep teams from finding success together, and some of the usual “mechanical difficulties” that keep teams grounded.

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  • More Excellent Way With DVD


    Author Henry W. Wright not only equips the church with respect to defeating sickness, but he also demystifies it by showing, from God’s perspective, why mankind has disease in the first place. A More Excellent Way is a valuable resource in assisting spiritual leaders, health-care professionals, and all individuals in understanding the spiritual dynamics behind diseases of the body, spirit, and soul. The book will help you to discover:
    * Why mankind has disease.
    * The spiritual roots of disease.
    * Blocks to healing.
    * Effective disease prevention.
    * Spiritual pathways to wholeness and health.

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  • 3 Simple Rules For Christian Living Student Book


    Three Simple Rules for Christian Living reflects on three principles of Christian living illuminated by John Wesley in the General Rules and revisited by Bishop Rueben Job in his book Three Simple Rules: Do No Harm, Do Good, and Stay in Love with God.

    This study presents the early Wesleyan understandings of spiritual disciplines that can transform us and the world in which we live and can lead to a more faithful way of living as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

    In this six-session study, you will explore the three rules and how to practice them in daily life. Each rule has a session to help you understand the rule and a session to help you explore ways to practice the rule. Through the words of John Wesley, Rueben Job, and the Bible, you will reflect on what these rules meant during Wesley’s time and what they can mean to us today.

    Three Simple Rules for Christian Living can be used in group study. The available leader guide to accompany this study book includes a DVD that contains interviews with author, Bishop Rueben Job, and a CD ROM that contains a Leader Guide for the study sessions.

    Churches can do a church-wide study of three simple rules by using the youth resource, Three Simple Rules 24/7, and the children’s resource, Three Simple Rules for Following Jesus, along with this book.

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  • Creative Ideas For Quiet Days


    Going a day retreat or quiet day is a regular activity for many local churches. During the preparatory seasons of Advent and Lent, they are especially popular. While many retreat houses and religious communities offer a program for such days, many groups prefer a do-it yourself approach. aaThis resource contains twelve complete day-long programs that are focused around different themes and are appropriate for use at varying times of the Christian year. It is suitable for all ages and assorted pastoral contexts. It also gives step-by-step instructions on creating your own program from scratch. aaEach session includes: opening worship, short talk 1, reflection exercise, short talk 2, second reflection exercise, prayers and blessings. Additionally there are leaders’ notes on all practical aspects of planning and conducting such a day, from booking the venue to handout templates. This new edition comes with download able worship and reflection materials to enrich your program.

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  • Comprehension And Critical Thinking 5


    Use these step-by-step guides to build students’ comprehension and critical thinking skills as they prepare for standardized tests that feature document-based questions. Step 1 has students reading high-interest nonfiction articles from TIME For Kids authors. Step 2 has students strengthening comprehension skills by responding to follow-up questions from all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Step 3 has students studying primary source documents (such as maps, census reports, population reports, charts, and graphs) that are related to the articles. Step 4 has students demonstrating critical thinking skills by responding to questions based on these primary sources.

    Teacher Resource CD includes reproducible pages of articles, primary source documents, and questions.

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  • Effectiveness By The Numbers


    Chapter One: The Fear Of Numbers
    Chapter Two: If You Could Count Only One Thing
    Chapter Three: How Many And How Often
    Chapter Four: How Many Stick?
    Chapter Five: How Many Serve?
    Chapter Six: Who’s New?
    Chapter Seven: Growing By Staying Small
    Chapter Eight: What’s More Important Than Dollars?
    Chapter Nine: What Product Are You Producing Anyway?

    Additional Info
    Accurately counting the right things can profoundly impact ministry effectiveness. Knowing “the story in the stats” can inform decisions and lead to the things that produce the results most pleasing to God. Gathering and studying the right numbers can help a church wisely invest its resources of time, effort, people, money, and facilities. Effectiveness by the Numbers will help ensure that your church is measuring the right things for the right reasons. Counting what counts enables a church to fulfill its mission–making mature followers of Jesus Christ.

    Jesus and his disciples counted. They knew how many he fed with the five loaves and fishes. When a crowd gathered they often knew and recorded the number of men, women and children present for the event. The early church counted. They knew that on the day of Pentecost about 3,000 were added to their number. The book of Acts reports that “many believed,” “people were added,” and “many of the Corinthians who heard him believed and were baptized.” If Jesus counted and the early church kept track of numbers, it is not unreasonable to expect churches today to use metrics to increase their effectiveness in doing God’s work on earth.

    This title contains a CD-ROM containing Excel templates for calculating some of the measures discussed in the book.

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  • Eyewitness Mesopotamia : Discover The Cradle Of Civilization The Birthplace


    Travel back to the land where human history was first recorded-the land of kings, queens, gods, goddesses, nomads, and scribes. Be an eyewitness to the “land between the rivers,” from the first Sumerian city-states to the mighty Babylonian empires. Featuring a pull-out wall chart and its own clip-art CD, Mesopotamia provides a detailed look at where the first cities, states, and empires rose. Richly detailed full-color images and photographs of ancient artifacts, architecture, and maps combine with a comprehensive overview of the Sumerian, Assyrian, and Babylonian civilizations. See incredible works of Mesopotamian art, meet the warriors and innovators living ahead of their time, learn how to read ancient inscriptions, and much, much more!The most trusted nonfiction series on the market, Eyewitness Books provide an in-depth, comprehensive look at their subjects with a unique integration of words and pictures.

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  • Charts Of Biblical Hebrew


    Charts of Biblical Hebrew provides students of biblical Hebrew with a unique study aid.

    This innovative language resource contains:

    130 of the most vital charts appear in print for instant access

    A CD-ROM offers a complete collection of over 450 charts.

    Featuring two color design, Charts of Biblical Hebrew is cross-referenced to Pratico and Van Pelt’s Basics of Biblical Hebrew and may be used with other first-year biblical Hebrew textbooks as well. The charts are also an ideal means of review for advanced students.

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  • Case For The Resurrection Of Jesus


    At some point in their Christian walk, many believers ask some difficult questions: Is Christianity really true? Are there any good reasons to know which religion is true? Could it be that God does not really exist? These are important questions, and we have an intense interest in their answers. After all, if atheism is true, then why should we subject ourselves to the teachings of Jesus? Why should we insist on views that alienate others, especially the claim that Jesus is the only way to heaven? If the Christian view of reality is wrong, we may be missing out on something. At least, we are needlessly straining relationships with others.

    The authors of this volume did ask these questions as young men. We determined to find some answers. We cannot tell you that we looked at the evidence without presuppositions or biases. This volume and its accompanying interactive software are tools to encourage Christians in their faith and to help them share with others the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection.

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  • Big Book Of Job Descriptions For Ministry


    Match the right people to the right ministries—right now! Here are 200 professionally prepared, simple, ready-to-use position descriptions for every church job you can imagine—from senior pastor to cookie baker. Customize your documents with the included CD-ROM. Windows 3.1 or higher, Macintosh System 6 or higher. Requires a word processing system with RTF file-reading capability.

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  • Handbook For Multi Sensory Worship 2


    Widely known for their innovative use of multimedia elements in worship, Kim Miller and worship team of Ginghamsburg Church provide more practical guidance for planning and conducting contemporary worship celebrations. Through the skillful blending of contemporary media such as music, film, and drama with the timeless truths and stories of the Bible, these celebrations help postmodern persons – particularly those who have little or no experience with the Christian faith – experience God’s love and become faithful followers. Included in this second volume are thirty new and complete worship celebrations, each organized around a central metaphor and theme designed to articulate the needs of and connect with the life experiences of the congregation.

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  • White Floral Wedding Accessory Kit


    SKU (UPC): 0078777040956Binding: Boxed SetPublisher: Concordia Publishing House

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  • Purple Floral Wedding Accessory Kit


    SKU (UPC): 0078777040949Binding: Boxed SetPublisher: Concordia Publishing House

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