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  • God In The Modern Wing


    Should Christians even bother with the modern wing at the art museum? After all, modern art and artists are often caricatured as rabidly opposed to God, the church-indeed, to faith of any kind. But is that all there is to the story?

    In this Studies in Theology and the Arts volume, coeditors Cameron J. Anderson and G. Walter Hansen gather the reflections of artists, art historians, and theologians who collectively offer a more complicated narrative of the history of modern art and its place in the Christian life. Here, readers will find insights on the work and faith of artists including Marc Chagall, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol, and more.

    For those willing to look with eyes of faith, they may just find that God is present in the modern wing too.

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  • Teaching Art In The Primary Grades


    Everything needed to structure and teach an effective art program for grades one to three is made simple for the home-school parent or teacher.

    This step-by-step process for teaching art is perfect for home-school teachers or parents with limited art skills or time to create their own programs. This system of insight, responses to judgments, ideas, and feelings aligns with public school and state visual arts requirements.

    Teaching Art in the Primary Grades is designed to foster lifelong interest in the arts, provide a gauge of what can be expected of children at various ages and grade levels, and present a baseline for measuring growth and skill.

    Lesson plans with goals, objects, time frames, techniques, steps, illustrated examples, and assessment of growth are included.

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  • Contemporary Art And The Church


    The church and the contemporary art world often find themselves in an uneasy relationship in which misunderstanding and mistrust abound. On one hand, the leaders of local congregations, seminaries, and other Christian ministries often don’t know what to make of works by contemporary artists. Not only are these artists mostly unknown to church leaders, they and their work often lead them to regard the world of contemporary art with indifference, frustration, or even disdain. On the other hand, many artists lack any meaningful experience with the contemporary church and are mostly ignorant of its mission. Not infrequently, these artists regard religion as irrelevant to their work, are disinclined to trust the church and its leaders, and have experienced personal rejection from these communities. In response to this situation, the 2015 biennial conference of Christians in the Visual Arts (CIVA) facilitated a conversation between these two worlds. The present volume gathers together essays and reflections by artists, theologians, and church leaders as they sought to explore misperceptions, create a hospitable space to learn from each other, and imagine the possibility of a renewed and mutually fruitful relationship. Contemporary Art and the Church seeks common ground for the common good of both the church and the contemporary art world.

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  • Culture Care : Reconnecting With Beauty For Our Common Life


    Foreword By Mark Labberton
    1. On Becoming Generative
    2. Culture Care Defined
    3. Black River, Cracked Lands
    4. From Culture Wars To A Common Life
    5. Soul Care
    6. Beauty As Food For The Soul
    7. Leadership From The Margins
    8. “Tell ’em About The Dream!”
    9. Two Lives At The Margins
    10. Our Calling In The Starry Night
    11. Opening The Gates
    12. Cultivating Cultural Soil
    13. Cultural Estuaries
    14. Custodians Of Culture Care
    15. Business Care
    16. Practical Advice For Artists
    17. Tilling Our Cultural Soil In The Age Of Anxiety
    18. New Vocabularies, New Stories
    19. What If?
    A Gratuitous Postscript
    Discussion Guide

    Additional Info
    Culture is not a territory to be won or lost but a resource we are called to steward with care. Culture is a garden to be cultivated. Many bemoan the decay of culture. But we all have a responsibility to care for culture, to nurture it in ways that help people thrive. In Culture Care artist Makoto Fujimura issues a call to cultural stewardship, in which we become generative and feed our culture’s soul with beauty, creativity, and generosity. We serve others as cultural custodians of the future. This is a book for artists, but artists come in many forms. Anyone with a calling to create-from visual artists, musicians, writers, and actors to entrepreneurs, pastors, and business professionals-will resonate with its message. This book is for anyone with a desire or an artistic gift to reach across boundaries with understanding, reconciliation, and healing. It is a book for anyone with a passion for the arts, for supporters of the arts, and for “creative catalysts” who understand how much the culture we all share affects human thriving today and shapes the generations to come. Culture Care includes a study guide for individual reflection or group discussion.

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  • Imagine : A Vision For Christians In The Arts (Expanded)


    Imagine art that is risky, complex, and subtle. Imagine music, movies, books, and paintings of the highest quality. Imagine art that permeates society, challenging conventional thinking and standard morals to their core. Imagine that it is all created by Christians! This is the bold vision of Steve Turner, who has worked among a wide variety of artists for decades. He believes Christians should confront society and the church using art’s powerful impact. Art can faithfully chronicle the lives of ordinary people and express the transcendence of God. And Christians should be involved in every level of the art world and in every medium. In this revised and expanded edition of a contemporary classic, Turner builds a compelling case for Christians in the arts. If Jesus is Lord of all of life and creation, then art is part of his cultural mandate. It can and should be a way of expressing faith through creatively, beautifully and truthfully arranged words, sounds, and sights.

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  • Faithful Artist : A Vision For Evangelicalism And The Arts


    Drawing upon his experiences as both a Christian and an artist, Cameron Anderson traces the relationship between the evangelical church and modern art in postwar America. While acknowledging the tensions between faith and visual art, he eschews the notion of a final rift, instead casting a vision for serious, faithful engagement with the arts.

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  • Silence And Beauty


    Introduction: A Pilgrimage
    1. A Journey Into Silence: Pulverization
    2. A Culture Of Beauty: Cultural Context For Silence
    3. Ambiguity And Faith: Japan, The Ambiguous And Myself
    4. Ground Zero
    5. Fumi-e Culture
    6. Hidden Faith Revealed
    7. The Redemption Of Father Rodrigues
    8. The Aroma: Toward An Antidote To Trauma
    9. Mission Beyond The Waves
    Appendix 1: Endo And Kawabata
    Appendix 2: Endo And Graham Greene
    Appendix 3: Kenzaburo Oe’s Ambiguous Japan
    Glossary Of Japanese Terms
    Author Index
    Subject Index
    Scripture Index

    Additional Info
    Shusaku Endo’s novel Silence, first published in 1966, endures as one of the greatest works of twentieth-century Japanese literature. Its narrative of the persecution of Christians in seventeenth-century Japan raises uncomfortable questions about God and the ambiguity of faith in the midst of suffering and hostility. Endo’s Silence took internationally renowned visual artist Makoto Fujimura on a pilgrimage of grappling with the nature of art, the significance of pain and his own cultural heritage. His artistic faith journey overlaps with Endo’s as he uncovers deep layers of meaning in Japanese history and literature, expressed in art both past and present. He finds connections to how faith is lived in contemporary contexts of trauma and glimpses of how the gospel is conveyed in Christ-hidden cultures. In this world of pain and suffering, God often seems silent. Fujimura’s reflections show that light is yet present in darkness, and that silence speaks with hidden beauty and truth.

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  • Eyes To See


    Written by a Protestant for a non-Orthodox readership

    * Includes full-color images of eight icons

    * Strong potential for group study

    Eyes to See: The Redemptive Purpose of Icons offers the discovery of life-giving
    spiritual insights found through learning to read the language of religious icons. Written
    especially for those whose traditions have not included icons, this book introduces eight
    icons written (painted) by the author. Historical notes, explanation of symbolism, related
    scriptures for interpretation, and a reflection for each icon deepens understanding and
    appreciation for the ancient holy images of the Church.
    The book is eight chapters in length, each describing one of the eight full-color icon
    plates in the insert.

    For individuals and study groups, plus those with interests in iconography.

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  • Christ : The Miracle Worker In Early Christian Art


    1. Introduction
    2. Healing, Miracle, And Magic In Non-Christian Sources
    3. Healing And Miracles In Early Christian Writings
    4. Images Of Christ Healing
    5. Images Of Christ Rasing The Dead
    6. The Nature Miracles Of Christ
    7. The Staff Of Jesus
    8. Conclusion
    Appendix Of Images

    Additional Info
    Artistic representations were of significant value to early Christian communities. In Christ the Miracle Worker in Early Christian Art, Lee Jefferson argues that images provided visual representations of vital religious and theological truths crucial to the faithful and projected concepts beyond the limitations of the written and spoken word. Images of Christ performing miracles or healings functioned as advertisements for Christianity and illustrated the nature of Christ. Using these images of Christ, Jefferson examines the power of art, its role in fostering devotion, and the deep connection between art and its elucidation of pivotal theological claims.

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  • Art Of Faith


    Have you stood in front of a painting and thought, What does this mean?

    The Art of Faith answers this question again and again, with insight, wit, and verve, providing a thorough reference to Christian art through the centuries. Practical and easy to read, this book unfolds the ancient world of Christian images for believers who want to enrich their faith, college students studying art history, and travelers to religious sites. With this book in hand, you can visit museums, churches, or other sacred places and identify a work of art’s style and meaning. Or even explore the signs and symbols of your local church.

    Whatever your relationship to art or Christianity, open this book when you’re curious about a painting, sculpture, symbol, or other sacred work. It will answer your questions about The Art of Faith.

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  • Awakening The Creative Spirit


    The new resource is designed to help spiritual directors and others use expressive arts in the context of spiritual direction. It is the latest book in the unique SDI series, designed for professional spiritual directors, but also useful for clergy, therapists, and Christian formation specialists.

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  • Crucifixions And Resurrections Of The Image


    George Pattison offers theological reflections on a range of works of art and films which have attracted wide discussion such as Anthony Gormley’s ‘Angel of the North’. Pattison takes seriously the modernist movement in art and constitutes an argument for its continuing relevance. The book centres on artists active in the mid- to late twentieth century, whose work reflects both the cultural and social crises of that era – Beuys, Rothko, Kiefer, Natkin and film directors such as Bergman and Tarkovksy. The studies are contextualized in broader reflections on modern art that suggest ‘the death of God’ as a motif that links theology and modern art itself. This enables a Christian theological engagement with works that often appear alien or even hostile to Christian faith. George Pattison takes the secular seriously in its own right, arguing that both secular art and theological reflection are often different but related responses to a common existential situation.

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  • Another Brush With God


    Introduces readers to a more advanced level in icon development, exploring more complex imagery and skills
    Step-by-step instructions for painting icons, from original drawings through finished product
    Includes eight full-color plates of the author’s original icons

    This is the sequel to the author’s previous work, A Brush with God, for advanced beginners, intermediate, and advanced iconographers. It presents greater detail and instructions for creating entirely new icons. One major feature of the new book is the full-page sketches that artists can photocopy and use as the basis of their own icons, providing a unique and much-requested resource.

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  • Saints Signs And Symbols (Expanded)


    Expanded new edition of a popular, best-selling resource for artists and Christian educators
    Author is accomplished liturgical artist who attends many major religion trade exhibits
    Complete guide to the symbols of the Church, with attractive design and many illustrations

    This thoroughly updated and comprehensive new edition enhances the well-loved and often-used earlier work as a guide to symbolism in Christian liturgical art, architecture, manuscripts, stained glass, and more.

    The new book is more heavily pictorial in an effort to provide an even stronger resource for artists and researchers, as well as the general browsing public. It addresses the rich history of Christian symbolism, presented for the 21st century reader.

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  • Art And The Bible


    SKU (ISBN): 9780830834013ISBN10: 083083401XFrancis SchaefferBinding: Trade PaperPublished: January 2007IVP ClassicsPublisher: InterVarsity Press Print On Demand Product

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  • How Postmodernism Serves My Faith


    Can Christians learn from postmodern thinkers and their critique of modernism? Crystal L. Downing introduces students (especially those in the arts) to postmoderism: where it came from, and how Christians can best understand, critique and benefit from its insights. She believes that the challenges, questions and insights of postmodernism can contribute to a deeper and clearer grasp of our faith. She thinks so because, beginning as a graduate student, she explored the best of postmodern thought and came out thankful for it. Through honest engagement, Downing seeks to guide students along a path that will ultimately strengthen their faith.

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  • Brush With God


    For more than a thousand years, Eastern Christians have used their hands and hearts to create icons, proclaiming God’s reality in a visible?and breathtakingly beautiful?way. This ancient art is enjoying a renewed interest in the West, as people of faith create icons and use them to meditate on mysteries for which there are no words. A Brush With God is a guide to painting icons and using them in prayer. Written with warmth and energy, it describes the history of icons and examines why they?ve been a spiritual tool for so many centuries. Written from a uniquely Western perspective, the book guides artists?from novices to professionals?through the process of icon painting, using traditional techniques but employing contemporary materials. Included are eight full-color plates of the artist’s icons.

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  • Art And The Christian Mind


    Hans Rookmaaker’s impact on the arts in the twentieth century was enormous. Laurel Gasque examines Rookmaaker’s life and shows how he incorporated his biblical beliefs into his teaching, writing, and interaction with the arts and individuals

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  • Unceasing Worship : Biblical Perspectives On Worship And The Arts


    SKU (ISBN): 9780830832293ISBN10: 0830832297Harold BestBinding: Trade PaperPublished: October 2003Publisher: InterVarsity Press Print On Demand Product

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  • Visual Faith : Art Theology And Worship In Dialogue


    This book considers the historical, cultural, and theological factors behind the estrangement between Protestants and the visual arts and argues for renewed engagement between them.

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  • Creative Call : An Artists Response To The Way Of The Spirit


    Perhaps you’re a “closet writer” who’s been scribbling in journals for years. Maybe you once had a passion for playing the piano or violin–a passion that is still flickering somewhere deep inside you. You may have a knack for photography, drawing, gardening, cooking, or some other creative gift. Or you may long to express yourself creatively, but have yet to discover your unique talents.

    Your creativity was meant be used. Whether you are an artist who has already identified your gifts or you believe that you have artistic talent that has never been developed, working through this book will help you grow closer to becoming the person God has designed you to be.

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  • Art In Action


    This book offers a fine general introduction to the theory of art, and it also presents one of the most interesting statements of recent years regarding th special perspectives that may be cast upon the issues of aesthetics from the standpoint of the Christian theology. It is a cogently argued and splendidly written book which deserves to be widely read.

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