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  • Igreja Sem Paredes – (Other Language)


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    Por costume, a igreja acabou se tornando um lugar onde nos reunimos e formamos crentes. Mas enquanto o nosso conceito de igreja se limitar a isso, perderemos de vista uma de nossas funoes principais como povo de Deus: sair pelo mundo.

    O resultado e que viramos congregaoes que se reunem entre as paredes de um predio – em vez de sermos comunidades vitais movidas por um proposito dentro das culturas atuais. Em Igreja Sem Paredes, Jim Petersen propoe uma definiao revigorante de igreja que se estende alem das fronteiras limitadas que herdamos.

    Um chamado vivido e inspirador a todo cristao, Igreja Sem Paredes investiga: Por que as formas de igreja que sobreviveram as suas funoes impedem o evangelho no mundo atual; praticas esquecidas do Novo Testamento que permitem uma expressao mais fluida e diversa do povo de Deus; a importancia de distinguir entre tradiao da igreja e absolutos biblicos ao comunicar o evangelho; o que precisamos saber sobre a sociedade de hoje para tornar o evangelho verdadeiramente acessivel e transformador.

    Os cristaos do primeiro seculo precisaram separar Jesus do judaismo para que pudessem se tornar o povo de todas as naoes. Hoje, precisamos separar Jesus das tradioes religiosas para torna-lo visivel em nosso mundo. Esse e o desafio que enfrentamos. Seremos a igreja sem paredes, comunicando um evangelho livre das armadilhas da tradiao e da cultura? Ou continuaremos a reproduzir nossas formas e estruturas, omitindo a essencia do evangelho?

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  • Ceux Qui Vous Accusent – (Other Language)


    “Perhaps one of the greatest enemies you will ever encounter is ‘the accuser in the midst of the brethren’.” Receive great insights on how this weapon of accusation is deployed and learn how to overcome it, as you read this classic book, by Dag Heward-Mills.

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  • Fur Die Nachste Generation – (Other Language)


    Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts. Psalm 145:4 NLT

    It is natural for every church to follow a path that leads to more funerals than baptisms. Actually, with thousands of churches worldwide closing their doors every year, every church is potentially on a path to extinction.

    For A New Generation is not about changing your church’s statement of faith or core beliefs. It is about evaluating and changing, as needed, your church’s programs, ministries, traditions and practices to more effectively reach the next generation.

    Written to both church leaders and members, it presents a pathway to allow the reader to become a catalyst in creating a church that will thrive for generations to come. It is based on the assumption that accepting the status quo is the greatest threat to your church’s core mission and, perhaps, to the very survival of your church.

    Any church leader or member, no matter the denomination, can benefit from working through the challenging questions posed in For A New Generation. Andy Stanley

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  • Mega Eglise – (Other Language)


    “.Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in. THAT MY HOUSE MAY BE FILLED.” Luke 14:23. The heartcry of God is for the world to be saved, and for His house -the church- to be filled! From this revelation was born this book, “The Megachurch” by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, pastor of one of the largest churches in Ghana. Your church and ministry will never be the same again after reading this stimulating book!

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  • Croissance De LEglise – (Other Language)


    We know that church growth is elusive and difficult to achieve. All pastors wish their churches would grow. This book is the answer to your quest for church growth. You will understand how “many different things work together” to achieve church growth. Dear Pastor, as the words and anointing of this book find their way into your heart, you will experience the church growth you have been praying for.

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  • 5 Practices Of Fruitful Congregations – (Other Language)


    People are searching for a church shaped and sustained by Radical Hospitality, Passionate Worship, Intentional Faith Development, Risk-Taking Mission and Service, and Extravagant Generosity. These fundamental practices are critical to the success of congregations. Their presence and strength demonstrate congregational health, vitality, and fruitfulness. By repeating and improving these practices, churches fulfill their mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

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