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Practicing The Sacred Art Of Listening


It happens at work and at home, with strangers and close friends, in heated debates and in quiet conversations–you hear someone speaking, but often you don’t truly listen.
Kay Lindahl’s highly respected workshops are attended by people from a broad range of backgrounds. Her first book, The Sacred Art of Listening, has been published to acclaim in North America, Europe, and Asia. Now she offers practical, easy-to-follow advice and exercises to enhance your capacity to listen in a spirit-filled way. Using examples from her own life and her work as a teacher of the sacred art of listening, Lindahl explores the nature and use of silence, reflection, and divine presence as foundational qualities of listening and shows you how you can apply these in your everyday life.

This valuable workshop-in-a-book examines the varied ways we are called to deep listening, including: Contemplative listening, Reflective listening, Heart listening, Listening in groups, Listening in conversations, and more.

You will find yourself inspired to discover how different your conversations will be when you stop just talking and start really listening.

SKU (ISBN): 9781893361850
Kay Lindhal
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2003
Art Of Spiritual Living
Publisher: Skylight Paths Publishing

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