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Overcoming Strife Companion Study Guide


You Can Overcome Strife!

From time to time, strife tries to get into all our relationships. And when it wiggles its way into our lives, it’s ugly and messy. Strife is an evil force that can divide people, cause heartaches, and destroy precious relationships. But you don’t have to be a victim to strife any longer!

Rick Renner says, “Years ago, Denise and I made a no-strife policy in our lives and ministry, and it permanently shut the door to strife in our lives. If you’ll make such a policy, that decision can keep strife out of your life!”

In this practical five-part series called Overcoming Strife, Rick teaches:

*How to stop giving place to strife in your life.
*How to stop your tongue from speaking poisonous words.
*How strife in its basic form is demonic and destructive.
*How to follow after peace and obtain it.
*How to permanently avoid the fruit of strife.

You really can permanently shut the door to strife. In this powerful series, you’ll learn how to slam the door to strife forever. It will change your life!

SKU (ISBN): 9781680319026
Rick Renner
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2022
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers

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