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Nobody Sees This You


A Paul Renfroe Title

Nobody Sees This You is a learning tool for your own spirit. This book holds conversations about the unseen world with the one and only holy Spirit governing it. The primary message: everything we want is possible when we become living spirits.

This book is rational, but not a book of the mind. Feelings are expressed, but it is not a book of the emotions. To achieve its purpose, the following pages may even irritate your mind-because we don’t know God with our mind. We know God spirit-to-Spirit. What you hold is a book of spirit, for your spirit.

This book will encourage discussion. Readers of this book can be credentialed for an online discussion forum with other readers, for further exploration. With the discussion questions in the back of this book, you can personalize each chapter’s impact.

The truths about spirit are the backing of reality’s tapestry. Tapestries on castle walls have two sides. The event and its participants are what you see on the room-facing side, but the wall-facing side is unseen-one uniform and unchanging backing, of one fabric. God revealed Himself in the Bible-both sides-and the truths about the Unseen Realm are the backing.

In Nobody Sees This You, you will find a new and secret intimacy with God Almighty. Wherever the maturing process finds your spirit, the God of Jesus Christ sees you and calls you into His friendship. Of course you’re unequal to it, so He gives you the capability-spiritual senses and abilities. As your spirit matures, the title of this book will become outdated. You will be seen, known, and loved. You will be safe.

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SKU (ISBN): 9798985394412
Paul Renfroe
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: January 2022
Publisher: Spring Arbor Distributors

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