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MORE Than Your Mountains


Did you know God made you MORE than your disease, and he has a purpose for you? Well, he did and he does! No matter how many needle sticks you get that make you shout, “Ow!” or scary tests that make you want to scream, or cold waiting rooms you have to sit in that make you feel small, God sees you, your bravery, and the MORE he created you to be.

The author’s disease began when she was a little girl, so Whitney knows first-hand the emotions and feelings these children experience and the frightening unknowns they face. In this book, Whitney encourages every child who’s battling disease to see themselves how God sees them and shout the powerful message to the world- “I am MORE!”

SKU (ISBN): 9781649493354
Whitney Ward | Illustrator: Courtney Smith
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2021
Publisher: Elk Lake Publishing

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