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Keeping Your Thinking Straight Companion Study Guide


You Can Keep Your Thinking in Check!

Is your thinking right or wrong? If you’ve figured out that some of your thinking is wrong, how do you fix it and start thinking healthy, right thoughts? What goes on inside your head determines what goes on in your life – so keeping your thinking straight is really, really important.

In this five-part series Keeping Your Thinking Straight, Rick Renner will teach you:

*How to get rid of wrong thinking.
*Five steps to change your thinking.
*How to think straight about religion.
*How to think straight about prejudice in the Church.
*How to think straight about money and people’s economic status.

Right thinking is vital to every area of your life. And in this installment of Rick’s study on the book of James, you’ll learn how to identify wrong thinking and start thinking healthy, powerful, and life-changing thoughts. Are you ready to get your “right-thinking cap” on?

SKU (ISBN): 9781680319620
Rick Renner
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2022
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers

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