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Her Thoughts : A Collection Of Meaningful Poems And Reflections


For so long I sat with my thoughts in my head as they gave me constant anxiety and depression.

Pushing them back, ignoring them…hoping they disappear. Sound familiar?

I was afraid to speak on anything for so many reasons. Folks have their own burdens to bear; I am being too dramatic. Does anyone really care? My thoughts turned into feelings that weighed my Soul down as I kept it all in. We wear a smile as if we are all good, but deep inside we are hurting.

This is because we had not gotten a hold of our thoughts. We must feel it to get past it!
Turning to unhealthy coping skills is not going to make the thoughts go away!Come join me as I start this amazing journey of healing as we reflect on “her thoughts!” Who knows they may happen to be a thought or two of yours as well. Our thoughts soon will be released from our Souls and before we know it! WE WILL BE FREE!

Write it out, sing it out, or even scream it outJust please!LET IT OUT!Ready to reflect on “her thoughts?”Let’s go!!!

SKU (ISBN): 9781954425538
Dezarita Dashai
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2022
Publisher: Jazzy Kitty Greeting Marketing & Publishing Co.

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