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Gods Plan For Peons


“I am the least in my father’s house.”

These are the words that Gideon uttered (Judges 6:15, Holy Bible, KJV) when God commissioned him to lead the Israelites to war against the Midianites who, at that time, oppressed them. No matter how little he thought of himself, Gideon willingly served and followed God, who in turn assured him that He will be with him throughout the battle. True to His promise, God helped Gideon and his 300 soldiers in defeating the enemies and saving Israel.

We are no different from Gideon. We love God, true, but we often compare ourselves to others whom we think were a lot better than us in many aspects to the point that we doubt that we can perform great things for Him. But God sees things in a different way, and Susan Criddle helps in pointing that out in her book God’s Plan for Peons.

In fulfilling her role as a wife, mother, teacher, and faithful Christian, Criddle, in one of her introspection, had used the story of Gideon as an inspiration in finding her purpose in the will of God. Now happy in her role despite the challenges that goes with it, she imparts that while it’s difficult to have the right perspective on how God assigns our own place in the fulfillment of His will, we can be certain that through His guidance, we can be good and faithful servants-accomplishing things beyond our own capabilities.

SKU (ISBN): 9781434917447
Susan Criddle
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2013
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

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