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Gandhi : Indias Great Soul


This engaging introduction to Gandhi will show you how
one person can accomplish big things.

This colorful book offers you a window into the world of Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most amazing people of the twentieth century. You will learn about Gandhi’s life-from his time as a student in London to his work for equality in South Africa and India-and his methods of peaceful, but not passive, resistance to injustice.
Through engaging biography, activities inspired by Gandhi’s values and beliefs, and the words of Gandhi himself, Gandhi: India’s Great Soul will show you how to achieve your goals through persistence and persuasion rather than through violence and fighting.

SKU (ISBN): 9781893361911
Maura Shaw | Illustrator: Stephen Marchesi
Binding: Cloth Text
Spiritual Biographies For Young People
Publisher: Skylight Paths Publishing


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