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Book Of Uncommon Prayer


Acclaimed, award-winning essayist and novelist Brian Doyle–whose writing, in the words of Mary Oliver, is “a gift to us all”–presents one hundred new prayers that evoke his deep Catholic belief in the mystery and miracle of the ordinary (and the whimsical) in human life.

In Brian Doyle’s newest work, his readers will find a series of prayers unlike any of the beautiful, formal, orthodox prayers of the Catholic tradition or the warm, extemporized prayers heard from pulpits and dinner tables. Doyle’s often-dazzling, always-poignant prayers include eye-opening hymns to shoes and faith and family. In Doyle’s words, “the world is crammed with miracles, so crammed and tumultuous that if we stop, see, savor, we are agog,” and the pages of his newest book give voice and body to this credo. By focusing on experiences that may seem the most unprayerful (one prayer is titled “Prayer of Abject Love for the Dishwasher, To Whom I Wish to Leave My Estate”), he gives permission to discover the joys and treasures in what he often calls the muddle of everyday life.

SKU (ISBN): 9781933495620
Brian Doyle
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2014
Publisher: Sorin Books


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