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Annabellas Crown


Annabella rushed in. “They’re gone! My jewels are gone.”

Princess Annabella and her sisters, Belinda and Christina, joyfully receive boxes of jewels from the king. When the gems begin to disappear, Christina and Belinda set out to solve their father’s mystery.

Annabella doesn’t like mysteries. She just wants to have fun-until her sisters find jewels on their crowns.

Why do Belinda and Christina’s crowns have gems? And why is Annabella’s crown still plain gold?

Told from the viewpoint of Leopold, the royal cat, Annabella’s Crown is a parable for children about developing a loving relationship with God.

SKU (ISBN): 9781649493217
Jeanne Dennis | Christine St. Jacques
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2021
Publisher: Elk Lake Publishing

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