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Zeni Fox

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  • Lay Ecclesial Ministry


    Amy Hoey

    Part I: Response To Co-Workers In The Vineyard Of The Lord

    Co-Workers In The Vineyard Of The Lord: A Pastoral Perspective On Its Reception
    H.Richard McCord, Jr.
    The Theological Reception Of Co-Workers In The Vineyard Of The Lord
    Richard R. Gaillardetz
    Part II: Mining Our Theological Tradition

    Ministry In The New Testament
    Emil A. Wcela
    Being A Ministering Church: Insights From History
    Thomas F. O’Meara
    Theology Of Lay Ecclesial Ministry: Future Trajectories
    Edward P. Hahnenberg
    Lay Ecclesial Ministry And Ritual
    Catherine Vincie
    Lay Ecclesial Ministry And Parish Leadership Options: Canonical Reflections In Light Of Co-Workers In The Vineyard
    Sharon A. Euart
    Part III: Mining Our Spiritual Tradition

    Spirit Guides And Table Companions: Saints As Models For Lay Ecclesial Ministers
    Regina Bechtle
    Formation For Lay Ministry: Learnings From Religious Life
    Juliana Casey
    Part IV: Implications For Pastoral Practice

    The Call Of Co-Workers In The Vineyard Of The Lord For Cultural Diversity In Lay Ecclesial Ministry Formation Programs
    William H. Johnston
    Adopting Effective Human Resource Development Strategies For The Catholic Church In The United States
    Michael J. O’Loughlin With Michael J. Brough
    Strengthening Ministerial Leadership: Perspectives From Systems Theory
    Zeni Fox

    Additional Info
    The role of lay ecclesial ministers-professionally prepared laity who serve in leadership roles-is becoming critically more important in the life of the Catholic church. In Lay Ecclesial Ministry, theologians and pastoral leaders from diverse disciplines provide a deeper understanding, envision future direction, and offer inspiration for these new ministers and the community of the church.

    Building on the themes of the first official document addressing lay ecclesial ministry, Co-workers in the Vineyard of the Lord, approved by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2005, this book delves deeply into key topics. Authors reflect on dimensions of the Catholic tradition to enrich our understanding of this new reality of lay ministry in the church, to envision future developments, and to offer inspiration. Contributors draw on a variety of theological perspectives, including canon law, church history, ecclesiology, liturgy, and scripture, to ground understanding of lay ecclesial ministry within the Catholic tradition and to chart direction for further response to this newly emergent ministry. The book also offers inspiration and models of service to lay ministers, looking to stories of the saints and communities of vowed religious.

    Lay Ecclesial Ministry is an essential resource for the Catholic community in understanding and building upon this new and increasingly important component of church life.

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