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Shireen Spencer

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  • Prayers For You


    Do you ever feel stuck in your prayer life, like you don’t know how to pray or your prayers are not enough? Prayers for You contains 365 heartfelt prayers and meditations-one for each day of the year. When we don’t have our own words, the scriptures are a great source to fuel our prayers and bring life to them. God wants to communicate with you through prayer, and these prayers were written to help you grow in your faith and in your ability to pray.

    As you pray through these pages, know that where two or more are gathered together in prayer, God is present. You will grow in prayer, and God will breathe liberty and freedom as He shows you that your prayers are enough and He is listening.

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  • I Still Say I Do


    On the day we get married, life looks perfect. We dream of wedded bliss. Our vows are said with such conviction and promise. We mean them with all of our hearts. After all, our marriages are going to be the most wonderful story.

    Then life hits and the storms come and our wedding day can seem like a distant memory. How do we keep saying “I do” and not “I don’t” or “I can’t”? Life can be hard, but our marriages don’t have to be.

    Sharing their own story of difficulty and coming face to face with the reality of each vow, Che and Shireen share how their dependence on God kept them saying “I do” through each season of marriage. With God on their side, their marriage was made stronger. Just as strongly as they repeated the words “I do” on a beautiful June day seven years ago, they still say “I do” today-and you can too!

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  • Big Challenges Even Bigger God


    Sometimes life feels like it’s just a constant series of trials, each season presenting us with a new challenge to work through. What do we do in times when things are going from bad to worse? Is it possible to still live in joy and see God at work in our lives?

    In Big Challenges… Even Bigger God!, Shireen shows that it is, sharing her own hard-learned understanding that, while life is hard, God is good.

    You too can live every day in the knowledge that this is true. That even when you fear that you are alone, and feel that He has left you, God is always at work in your life. Remember, the challenges that we face in life may be big, but God is bigger!

    It’s time for everyone to experience the comfort of God’s presence in even the darkest of times.

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