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Sheri Mills

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  • Doing It Gods Way


    How often do you find yourself wondering what went wrong? You have tried everything possible, only to come to a final conclusion that life just isn’t fair and nothing is working out right. Maybe it’s time you try “Doing It God’s Way!”

    “Doing It God’s Way” will take you on a spiritual journey of searching out truths in God’s Word and will teach you how to apply them directly to your own life situations. Using this simple and practical discipleship study guide will teach you how to do it God’s way, giving you everything you need according to II Peter 1:3-4. You will discover God’s ways of doing things are life-changing when you obey His Word!

    What some are saying about “Doing It God’s Way”:

    “Some of the stories from the Bible are extremely interesting-I had no idea. Of all the prison ministries I’ve done, they don’t compare to the [first] two chapters you sent.”
    Cheryl S., Prison Inmate

    “A great teaching tool for new believers. It causes you to stop and think things out when you discover the truth of God’s Word. Great tool for group discussions!”
    Rita Frith, Intercessor

    “Be prepared to study the Word which convicts us and causes us to mature in Christ in this Spirit-led discipleship workbook. If you follow this purposeful, powerful study, you’ll be sure to grow in the Lord.”
    James R. Finn, Assembly of God Pastor

    “A very interesting and enjoyable method of motivating people to get into God’s Word.”
    Robert Parr, Royal Ranger Commander

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  • Called Out Of Darkness


    The reality of loneliness and hopelessness are common adversities many of us are facing today and play a major role in this fascinating story of hope and survival. Let the one who has faced all of them take you on the adventure of your life as you read her compelling story of expectations, transformations, and restorations.

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