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Shelby Spear

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  • How Are You Feeling Momma You Dont Need To Say Im Fine.


    A Shelby Spear Title

    The simple question, “How are you feeling, Momma?” wins the prize for the most loaded inquiry in the history of all things wonder. As moms, we’ve concocted a gazillion ways to dodge and deflect the question in order to avoid giving an honest answer. A trite “I’m fine” keeps the heaviness of authenticity from mucking up our everyday living.

    Yet, the truth is, beneath our facade are countless felt needs just begging for healing and resolve. Motherhood is full of competing emotions that sap our energy on the regular. We often choose to ignore our feelings because if we give them room to breathe, scary things can happen. One of which is a complete unraveling of all the ‘fake it until you make it’ holding us together. Who wants to risk coming undone when we’re already on ‘overwhelmed mother’ status? But trying to side-step our reality by not being genuine only adds to the emotional weight we carry because of the missed opportunities to unburden our heart.

    The good news is God is ready and willing to listen to how we feel. He already knows our heart anyway. His presence never leaves us, which means the availability God has on any given day to hear our prayers, pleadings, worries, and fears is all of time and eternity. It seems like the Hebrews took full advantage of this truth back in the day when you consider the Psalms. Turns out all the “Why, God?,” “Why not, God?,” “When, God?,” “How, God?,” and “Are you sure, God?” questions hanging in the air thousands of years ago still resonate in our heart space today.

    How Are You Feeling, Momma? is a collection of 31 short reflections giving you a peek into the inner life of Shelby and Lisa as they share all the emotions they’ve grappled with as moms over the course of many years. You will be comforted in knowing you are not alone in how you feel, as mom emotions are universal to all. In each chapter, you will read two perspectives on a specific emotion and corresponding Psalm scripture. One captures the emotion from Shelby’s experience as a Christian mom and the other from Lisa’s vantage point as a Jewish step-mom and grandma.

    Motherhood is hard, and the emotions moms deal with on any given day are universal. Shelby and Lisa’s words draw from deep wells of inexperienced experiences in hopes of bringing relief and encouragement to Moms everywhere. With vulnerability and a hefty dose of wit, Shelby and Lisa will:
    *Inspire you to lean into and get real about your mom feelings

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