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Sheila McGinn

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  • By Bread Alone


    1. Approaching The Bible Through A Hermeneutic Of Hunger-The Editors
    2. Let All The Peoples Praise You: Biblical Studies And A Hermeneutics Of Hunger-Kathleen M. O’Connor
    3. Feeding The Poor In Isaiah 58:1-9a: A Call To Justice, Mercy, And True Worship-J. L. Manzo
    4. From Drought To Starvation: A National Experience, A Global Reality-Carol J. Dempsey, OP
    5. War, Famine, And Baby Stew: A Recipe For Disaster In The Book Of Lamentations-Lauress Wilkins
    6. Social And Theological Aspects Of Hunger In Sirach-Bradley C. Gregory
    7. “You Give Them Something To Eat” (Mark 6:37): Beyond A Hermeneutic Of Hunger-Mary Ann Beavis
    8. The Friend At Midnight (Luke 11:1-10)-Linda Maloney
    9. An Empty Jar And A Starving Woman: Gospel Of Thomas Logion 97 And A Hermeneutics Of Hunger-Susan M. Elliott
    10. Including The Hungry Adelphoi: Exploring Pauline Point Of View In 1Cor 11:17-34-Ma. Malou Ibita
    11. Welfare Wastrels Or Swanky Socialites: 2 Thess 3:6-15 And The Problem Of The Ataktoi-Sheila E. McGinn And Megan T. Wilson-Reitz

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    Important ecclesiastical documents have stressed the urgency of addressing world hunger and put in the foreground its natural and historical causes, from famine to global austerity measures and welfare. Here biblical scholars examine passages from the Old and New Testaments, exploring the dynamics of hunger and its causation in ancient Israel and the Greco-Roman world and revealing the centrality of hunger concerns to the Bible.

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