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Shawna Boudreauz

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  • Peregrination Series Book 2 Wind


    A S. G. Boudreaux Title

    A fiction, fantasy, time travel, literary novel that includes clean romance as well. This series of novels is Christian-based and has no inappropriate situations or cursing in the books. However, there are some suggested situations and descriptive demon battles that may frighten younger children. The suggested reading age for this series is thirteen and up.

    In this second book in the series, Seth and Odessa make a trip with Simon to Reader’s Island, a hidden island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. The island holds all sorts of secrets, and the barrier is extememly easy to travel by for anyone on the island, meaning Seth could possibly find a way back to Caroline.

    Nicholas Turner and Sean Doran have been training new Peregrines Kristen Wright, Dina Adams, and Wade Connolly while they wait on word from Safra Driscoll and the other Dragoman as to where they can find the lost Peregrine dubbed Eleven, whom they now know as Bridget Burke. The last attempt to find her was unsuccessful, but they did find that she travels with another woman who could also be a new Peregrine or Dragoman.

    The Dragoman leaders have instructed the Peregrination leaders to merge with everyone else on Reader’s Island for an important mission. The Peregrines must soon leave on these missions to find some lost or hidden keys that open the recently found ancient archive books. The books were found hidden deep beneath the Earth’s surface in an ancient temple. These books may hold important information concerning all of their futures.

    Meanwhile, Caroline and Bridget have just walked out of the storm they entered back in Dover, England in the year 1580. The place in which they have exited the storm is a dark, stormy place, full of strange things and people. Especially the large, hairy man who calls himself, Oz. The adventures they take and the perils they face make them wonder if they should have ever left Dover, even with the horrible witch hunts and trials that had been taking place.

    Join me on another journey with old and new friends as they continue the search for ancient artifacts, strangely shaped keys that will open the ancient archive books, and the hunt for the missing Peregrine. You will discover strangely beautiful new worlds, evil men who kill for pleasure and their own personal gains, and exotic new animals in a world yet to be discovered.

    The Peregrination Series will prove to be your next great adventure read!

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