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Sharon Ketcham

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  • Reciprocal Church : Becoming A Community Where Faith Flourishes Beyond High


    Introduction: Reciprocal Church

    Part 1: A Theological Vision For The Reciprocal Church
    1. Eating Melon On Tuesdays: Young People And Faith
    2. Galloping Mares: The Gospel Without Christ’s Church
    3. A Vital Identity: God Gathers A People
    4. A Vital Purpose: Christ Is Reconciling Relationships
    5. A Vital Avenue: The Spirit Transforms You, Me, And Us

    Part 2: Values And Practices For Flourishing Communities
    6. Tetherballs And Floodlights: Valuing Memory
    7. The Oxpecker’s Gift: Valuing Mutuality
    8. Seeing Beyond The Epidemic: Recognizing Potential
    9. Moving Beyond The Epidemic: Valuing Contribution
    10. Windmills Of Hope: Valuing Maturity

    Epilogue: Faith Flourishes With Practice
    Discussion Questions

    Additional Info
    The church faces an unprecedented loss of rising generations. Young adults who were active and engaged in the local church are leaving the community behind after high school. What can we do? Responding to these concerning statistics, Sharon Galgay Ketcham reflects theologically on the church community and its role in forming faith. She exposes problems in the way leaders conceive of and teach about the relationship between individual faith and the local church, and offers fresh solutions in the form of values and practices that can shape a community into a place where faith will flourish in those both young and old.

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