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Sharon Hoover

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  • Mapping Church Missions


    Foreword By Paul Borthwick
    Introduction: Charting Our Course
    1. Good News And Good Deeds
    2. Neighbors Near And Far
    3. Crisis Response And Sustainable Development
    4. Time And Money
    5. Benefits And Drawbacks Of Short-Term Teams
    6. Serving The Undiscipled And Discipling The Servant
    7. Minimizing And Embracing Risk
    Conclusion: Mobilizing Our Congregations
    Appendix 1: Beyond Minute For Missions: Connecting Churches With Mission Partners
    Appendix 2: Scenarios For Further Reflection

    Additional Info
    The terrain of church missions is often bewildering.

    Should we prioritize evangelism or works of service? Local ministries or overseas missions? What’s more important: giving our money or giving our time? Crisis relief or building sustainable, long-term ministries? And what about the often debated pros and cons of short-term missions trips?

    In Mapping Church Missions, Sharon Hoover brings her years of experience in local church missions to bear on these and other thorny questions. Instead of taking a hardline stance on one end of the spectrum or the other, she approaches each question with nuance, adding helpful data, presenting new perspectives, and always pressing gently past surface questions to the heart of the matter.

    Whether we’re fully aware of it or not, our churches come up against these questions whenever we consider how best to use our resources for the mission of God. Written by an experienced guide, this book maps the terrain of church missions in careful detail, helping us plot our church’s unique course as we seek to serve Christ’s kingdom.

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