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Sharon Ellis

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  • Seeing The Liberty


    Sharon has seen angels her whole life. Why?

    This soul-penetrating true story of uncommon things occurring as adversity giving way to transforming redemption-leaves you feeling emotionally wrung out, stunned, inspired, and wanting more.

    Seeing The Liberty is a gripping tale told honestly. Spanning six decades, with all the walls down, Sharon reveals the bare gut-wrenching truth of her passage through terror into glorious meeting and speaking with God.

    An extraordinary explanation of the life and journey of a true Christian mystic who has been given by God the destiny of understanding the Mystical Marriage to Christ in direct awareness of God, and who has been chosen and commissioned by the Grace of God to tell the pathway of struggle that leads her to His Heart. She has been empowered to report all that she has seen and heard for the sake of His Kingdom.

    We have here a generational anomaly that is to be cherished and seen for the miracle that it is.

    Pick it up. Prepare to be shocked. You will be blessed.

    This is the book you will want everyone you know to read. The riveting true story draws you in as every sight, sound, taste, texture are wonderfully created.

    “We have in our midst a true Christian mystic: Sharon Ellis. It is very rare but it is documented in the Church. I recommend everyone read Sharon’s writings and share them.” Dr. M.V. Myre, Old Testament Scholar, Christian Pastor, Ph.D. Hebrew Bible

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  • Communions With Christ


    This is a true story. An Archangel of the Lord appears to an unsuspecting housewife who had never been to church or read the Bible a day in her life. In doing the work of his Maker, God’s angel prepares the spirit of this biblically ignorant woman for what is soon to come. Then, Christ Jesus appears! Under the supervision of God’s own Heart, and through multiple miraculous encounters, the woman derives her gifting and comes into intimate Communions with Christ, seeing deeply inside the mysteries of our Lord, while encountering a prophetic mystical journey quite holy in content and purpose. By His Holy Spirit, God streams all manner of healing guidance into the heart of this once spiritual vacuum. The woman struggles to understand this joyous awakening and find faith enough to believe these revelations of mystery, and to obey God’s requests. Jesus speaks intimately to His children, offering prophetic messages of hope sent from our Father to heal, restore, and guide us into the days ahead.

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