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Sharon Elliott

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  • Woman God Can Bless


    If God is real and so powerful, why won’t He just tell me what to do and fix things in my life?

    If God wants me to follow Him, why is the Bible so hard to understand?

    Why do I feel like I have to work so hard to please Him?

    Living the Christian life is not turning out to be as simple as you thought it would be. After the initial excitement of realizing you’ve missed hell and made heaven, the equal realization has become clear: you’ve got to live here in this life for a while. If your life was a house, you expected Jesus to stay comfortably in the living room where you could serve Him when and how you wanted to do so. But alas, He keeps getting up, traipsing through the other rooms, and even suggesting that He be allowed to open closed doors. Are you willing to allow Him to peek into every room – to actually speak into the areas of your life you’d much rather prefer to hide, ignore, or totally wash away? The answer to that vague discomfort keeping you from experiencing the fullness of God’s favor just might lie behind those doors.

    A Woman God Can Bless walks through the house of your life with you and Jesus. This book will help you ease open the doors of old patterns of behavior, ingrained habits, and accepted dispositions with which you’ve grown accustomed. Within these pages you will find gentle prompts that will help you let the Lord remodel those closed rooms by redesigning your thinking and behavior to line up with His will for how you should then live.
    The book will explore your identification with or participation in:
    *speaking edifying words vs. corrupt communication
    *Truth-telling vs. lying
    *Exercising restraint vs. anger
    *Forgiveness vs. bitterness
    *And more

    Come away having been challenged, encouraged, and changed – empowered to live consistently as A Woman God Can Bless

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  • 366 Glimpses Of God


    An Abm Publications Title

    In his classic work Knowing God, Christian theologian J. I. Packer astutely asks, “What makes life worthwhile is having a big enough objective, something which catches our imagination and lays hold of our allegiance, and this the Christian has in a way that no other person has. For what higher, more exalted, and more compelling goal can there be than to know God?” Indeed. Life is worthwhile and our imagination is captured by the fascination we experience upon gaining familiarity with our eternal, all-encompassing, omniscient God. Just to embark upon the journey itself gives our very existence new meaning. This is the lofty goal of the book you hold in your hands. Author Sharon Norris Elliott invites you to become a part of a movement of the faithful who insist upon growing closer to God through gaining a deeper knowledge of Him. By glimpsing a tiny bit of His glory every day, you will: Discover something amazing about God every day Increase your understanding of Scripture in general Enjoy engaging contemporary stories that point out God’s attributes Be encouraged in your walk with the God Be challenged to make necessary, positive changes Develop a new love for the Bible Again, J. I. Packer seems to speak directly to Elliott’s aim for her readers. “There is no peace like the peace of those whose minds are possessed with full assurance that they have known God, and God has known them, and that this relationship guarantees God’s favor to them in life, through death and on for ever.” Join the movement and get to know the God who already knows you by taking 366 glimpses of God.

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  • What Teenagers In The Bible


    Even though your teen years may be full of craziness and confusion, there’s one thing you can count on – God is not surprised by any of it. These years are not an accident, they’re an opportunity. You’re extraordinary in God’s eyes just as you are, and to prove that, He even included teens like you in His Book, the Bible. “What? Teenagers in the Bible?” recounts the stories of 14 kids who had some pretty crazy and confusing things happen in their lives too. Let these teens tell you about how they made it, kept their sanity in tact, and came out better and even closer to God. But watch out! Their stories will challenge you to look within yourself. You’ll identify with some stuff, but you may see some things you won’t like. Get ready to face the issues they faced. You’ll find out just how much you are like (or unlike) the Bible’s teens, and you’ll discover that God is interested in you – even while you are a teenager.

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  • Habit To Heart


    Habit to Heart is a collection of 31 devotions on the subject of prayer.

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  • Living A Milk And Honey Life


    1. Realization: Where Am I And What Do My Taste Buds Like?
    2. Location: How Did I End Up Here?
    3. Perception: What Can I Understand About Myself?
    4. Inclination: What Do I Accept As Truth?
    5. Evaluation: What Do I Lack From My Past?
    6. Obstructions: What Is Hindering My Deliverance?
    7. Emancipation: What Part Do I Play In My Deliverance?
    8. Transformation: What Should I Leave Behind?
    9. Satisfaction: What Should My Taste Buds Enjoy?
    10. Destination: How Do I Consistently Live By This New Plan?

    Additional Info
    Stressful relationships? Problems with your children? Are you hindered by financial difficulties? Sin? You may have something in common with the Israelites. They were struggling along on their way to something better-just like you are. But while they were trekking through Egypt, they went beyond adapting to their situation; they adopted it.

    And as they struggled, the Israelites developed a taste for the diet of leeks and onions. So much so that when God delivered them to the land of milk and honey, they couldn’t get the taste of leeks and onions out of their mouths! Are you developing a taste for your ungodly circumstances?

    Sharon Norris Elliott leads you from bondage to deliverance and teaches you to embrace your new land now that you’re a child of God. She helps you identify where you are in your walk so that you can understand how to get to the place He would have you go.
    *Personal reflection questions
    *Practical ideas and exercises
    *Scriptures and insightful anecdotes to illustrate concepts
    Isn’t it time for you to fully enjoy the sweetness of a milk-and-honey life?

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