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Sharlene Reyes

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  • You Can Easily Play Hymns


    Music is a gift from God! When we sing praises to His name and play instruments for His glory, the angels join us in worship to the King of kings.

    You Can Easily Play Hymns is a wonderful book for people who do not read music but want to be able to play hymns without needing to learn to read notes. The book contains easy-to-follow instructions and simple-to-understand pictures that enable you to play simple hymn arrangements on the piano or guitar.

    After reading just two short chapters teaching you how to use the book, you will be able to play more than 150 easily written hymns such as “A Mighty Fortress,” “Amazing Grace,” “I Love to Tell the Story,” “Jesus Saves,” “Marching to Zion,” “Praise Him! Praise Him!,” “Rock of Ages,” “Sweet Hour of Prayer,” and many more classic hymns.

    The words for each song are printed along with the music so that you can sing along or invite others to join you in lifting your voices in praise to God.

    If you’ve never played the piano or guitar before but have a desire to, or if you are a beginner looking for wonderful music to play with minimal effort, You Can Easily Play Hymns is for you!

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