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Shannon Pourteau

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  • Hope Is Where The Heart Is


    In Hope Is Where the Heart Is, Jim Pourteau shares the story of how he and his wife, Shannon, found healing and restoration in their marriage after betrayal and brokenness.
    Have you made mistakes, wrong choices, or foolish decisions that have negatively affected your life and the people you love?

    Jim Pourteau has you beat.

    Jim was the guy who did everything “right.” He was a spiritual leader in one of the largest congregations in the Northeast, the go-to guy when others needed advice. Yet he nearly destroyed his marriage by having an affair with one of his wife’s best friends.

    But Hope Is Where the Heart Is is about much more than the demise of Jim’s marriage and how he and his wife, Shannon, discovered how to put it back together. It is a roadmap for overcoming hardships, for finding strength to face another day–or to make it through the long, dark night of your soul–forging ahead in faith, and persevering despite the circumstances or opinions of others.

    This story will cause you to ask, “What would I do in a similar situation? How can I better handle betrayal and rejection?” Most of all, it will evoke the question, “What really matters?”

    Whether you have a great marriage, or your relationship is in trouble, Hope Is Where the Heart Is offers a different approach to facing your challenges. Within these pages, you will find one of life’s most valuable assets– hope!

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