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Shannon Gallatin

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  • Miss The Carriage


    “Just when you feel sorrow is too heavy to bear, and pain is too great to endure, the goodness of God will pursue you to unveil hidden riches through your deepest losses.”

    Shannon Gallatin knows the grief of having multiple miscarriages while losing several family members. She shares her personal story in a way that doesn’t bury the reader in more tragedy, but offers companionship for the broken heart that is walking through the valley of the shadow of death. The treasures she has discovered, while experiencing this kind of pain, provides a grace-filled resource for those wrestling with what God has allowed in their lives.

    Learn how brokenness can:
    Bring a greater understanding of a trustworthy God
    Tenderize us into vessels of compassion
    Loosen our grip on temporary things
    Open the door to experience God’s love and healing of the deepest soul wounds.

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