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September McCarthy

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  • Why Motherhood Matters


    Mama, Your Work Has Deep Worth

    Do you ever wonder if your efforts as a mom make any difference?

    Take heart. Whether you’re struggling through sleepless nights with your toddler or endless battles with your teen, September McCarthy’s story offers practical insights and powerful inspiration to encourage you on your own mothering journey.

    As a mom for 25 years who continues to raise young children and love her young adults, September imparts words of wisdom and grace in key areas of Christian parenting, including…
    *faith-navigating family devotions and your own lessons from God
    *wellness-learning to take care of your kids…and yourself
    *education-raising a new generation with creativity and character
    *relationships-speaking to the heart of your children in unique ways

    In these pages you’ll find sweet anecdotes and gentle guidance for those moments you need both a breather and a lifeline. Motherhood is an incredible labor of love-and in the scope of eternity, it matters more than you know.

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