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Scott Hafemann

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  • 2 Corintios – (Spanish)


    Aprende la retadora pero importante tarea de transportar el mensaje antiguo de la Palabra de Dios a un contexto moderno y claro, utilizando Los Comentarios Biblicos con aplicacion NVI.

    Estos comentarios ademas de enfocarse en la aplicacion de un pasaje, tambien nos permite pensar en el proceso por el cual se desarrolla un texto en su sentido original hasta llegar a su significado contemporaneo. Son verdaderos comentarios, no exposiciones populares. Siendo obras de referencia y no de literatura devocional.

    En cada comentario encontraras:

    *El significado del texto biblico en su contexto del primer siglo (Sentido Original)

    *La conexion entre el contexto original de la Biblia y su aplicacion contemporaneo (Construyendo Puentes)

    *La aplicacion de un mensaje biblico contemporaneo con el mismo poder que fue escrito en el pasado.

    NVI Application Commentary: 2 Corinthians

    Learn the exciting but important task of translating the ancient message of God’s Word into a clear modern context using the NIV Bible Commentaries with application.

    These commentaries not only focus on the application of a passage, but also allow us to think about the process by which a text develops from its original meaning to its contemporary sense. These are true commentaries, not popular expositions. Being works of reference and not devotional literature.

    In each commentary you will find:

    *The meaning of the biblical text in its first century context (Original Meaning).

    *The connection between the original context of the Bible and its contemporary application (Building Bridges).

    *The application of a contemporary biblical message with the same power as it was written in the past.

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  • Galatians And Christian Theology


    Galatians, a key source for Pauline theology, treats such issues as the Gospel and the nature of justification and includes many topics of keen contemporary interest. In this volume, some of the world’s top Christian scholars offer cutting-edge scholarship on how Galatians relates to theology and ethics.

    The stellar list of contributors includes John Barclay, Beverly Gaventa, Richard Hays, Bruce McCormack, and Oliver O’Donovan. As they emphasize the contribution of Galatians to Christian theology and ethics, the contributors explore how exegesis and theology meet, critique, and inform each other.

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  • Biblical Theology : Retrospect And Prospect


    IVP Print On Demand Title

    Ever since Brevard Childs’s 1970 declaration of the crisis in biblical theology, the discipline has faced rumors of its imminent demise. But the patient refuses to die. The doctors continue to argue over how to proceed with treatment and even over whether treatment is worth pursuing, but the patient hangs on. The turn of the millennium appears to be a good time for a fresh assessment of the discipline, where it has been, the status of various questions within it and its future prospects. Scott Hafemann pulls together a crack team of practitioners, scholars from the disciplines of both Old and New Testament studies, to give us a status report. After an introductory essay by Hafemann looking back on recent history, John H. Sailhammer (Southeastern Baptist), Brian G. Toews (Philadelphia College of the Bible), William J. Dumbrell (Presbyterian Theological Centre, Australia), Stephen G. Dempster (Atlantic Baptist), Richard Schults (Wheaton College), Gerald H. Wilson (Asuza Pacific) and M. Jay Wells chart the current state of Old Testament questions. James M. Scott (Trinity Western), Andreas J. KOstenberger (Southeaster Baptist), G. K. Beale (Wheaton College) and Peter Stuhlmacher (TUbingen) examine the state of New Testament studies. Questions surrounding the unity of the Bible are explored by Christopher R. Seitz (St. Andrew’s, Scotland), Nicholas Perrin (Westminster Abbey), Stephen E. Fowl (Loyola-Baltimore), Daniel Pl Fuller (Fuller Theological Seminary) and Ted M. Dornan (Taylor University). The prognosis for biblical theology is then suggested by Paul R. House (Wheaton College) and Graeme Goldsworthy (Moore Theological College, Australia).

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  • God Of Promise And The Life Of Faith


    In the midst of the suffocating self-love of our postmodern culture, the Bible is clear that our real need is to know the God revealed in its pages–that we might satisfy our cravings for security (faith), purpose (hope) and acceptance (love) with the only thing that truly satisfies, God Himself. Yet the concept of studying biblical theology with its academic terminology and profound questions scares many Christians. In the tradition of Martyn Lloyd-Jones and John MacArthur, Scott Hafemann lets the Bible tell its own message, in words that speak clearly to every heart. This book provides a basic framework for understanding the Scriptures that will aid every reader and encourage them to take up the Bible for themselves to discover the secret and promise of contentment in God.

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