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Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship


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Scott Daniels

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  • 1st 100 Days


    1. On Your Mark, Get Set, Reflect
    2. Know What You Don’t Know
    3. Help Your Family Transition
    4. Establish Clear Expectations
    5. Preach Well
    6. Secure Some Early Wins
    7. Choose Your Battles Carefully
    8. Transition Accelerators
    9. Take Care Of Yourself

    Additional Info
    Every time a pastor goes to a new church, they form hopes, dreams, and expectations – without necessarily realizing it – for the progress and growth of their new ministry. Not only do these pastors have to transition into a new congregation and community, but they also have to think about building strong relationships with other influential people in the area.

    Almost every day, pastors of new churches face unexpected hardships and challenges. Some of the issues are financial mismanagement from their predecessor, moral or ethical misbehavior, or unresolved conflict that has just been suppressed long enough to find a new pastor. The fact is, pastors of new churches need guidance. The First 100 Days is for these pastors who need some guidance and insight to help them lead with godly wisdom and purpose during the first few months.

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  • BioEngagement A Print On Demand Title


    With the possibility of human cloning looming in the not-too-distant future and the recent completion of the genome project, which mapped the various strands of human DNA, questions of bioethics will be on the front burner in the 21st century. Listen to what 20 distinguished Christian voices have to say.

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