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Sarah Lenton

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  • Creative Ideas For The Family Eucharist


    Find everything you need to lead a Family Eucharist in this comprehensive and versatile all-age resource. Building on the new Eucharistic Prayers for use in services with children, it balances formality and informality to help you create engaging worship for all. Easily adaptable for large and small all-age congregations, it offers ready-to-use worship ideas and service outlines for themed occasions throughout the year. Imaginatively-planned and well-structured Family Eucharists are a key part of growing churches, and this resource will give you both the structure and the confidence to lead all-age worship well.

    It includes:
    -advice on recruiting and training leaders
    -ways of getting children involved
    -a guide to creating a basic structure
    -suggestions for using music and props creatively
    -themed services for different seasons
    -imaginative service outlines for a variety of occasions, including a baptism in the context of a Eucharist
    -downloadable scripts and illustrations for use throughout the year

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