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Sarah Gonzalez

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  • Baking With The Bread Lady


    From artisan yeast breads, to savory breakfasts and brunch, to rich gluten-free cakes, the recipes and stories in Baking with The Bread Lady, from popular baker and teacher Sarah Gonzalez, a master at creating community through the culinary arts, reminds us how a passion for baking can fill both the belly and soul.

    This isn’t your ordinary bread book. In Baking with The Bread Lady, Sarah Gonzalez–lovingly known as “The Bread Lady”–shares her love for the art of baking that grew from family tradition and the popularity of her Spring Hill, Tennessee, bakery. Growing up in a family of talented home cooks and bakers, Sarah regularly experienced the joy of preparing and sharing meals with people she loved. It was such an important part of her life that she began to cultivate that same culture for others–friends, family, and strangers alike.

    A creator at heart and a talented teacher, Sarah Gonzalez writes for both beginner and veteran bakers as she shares:
    *100 original recipes (including gluten-free options) with beautiful photos
    *Practical tips to learn to love baking from scratch
    *Inspiring and fun stories such as “The Care and Feeding of Neighbors,” “Happy Eggs,” and how her 170-year-old gingerbread recipe came to be
    *New and creative baking concepts built on centuries of tradition
    *Classic recipes and tricks to pass on to the next generation

    Whether your kitchen, your neighborhood, or a long-distance video call is your gathering place, connecting over food creates wonderful memories and lasting relationships. Feed your body and nurture your mind and spirit with these creative recipes, photos, and stories for every day of the year.

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