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Sarah Flannery

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  • Children And Family Ministry Handbook


    Got a volunteer crisis? Need help choosing curriculum? Wondering how to balance ministry, health and life? This handy handbook offers advice and how-to’s on all this and more from seasoned ministry leaders, as well as relatable church life anecdotes.

    Chapters include:
    Chapter 1: Family & Intergenerational Ministry
    Chapter 2: Parents & Guardians
    Chapter 3: Children’s Ministry
    Chapter 4: Preteen Ministry
    Chapter 5: Youth Ministry
    Chapter 6: Intergenerational Worship & Serving
    Chapter 7: Spiritual Milestones
    Chapter 8: Disability Ministry
    Chapter 9: Curriculum & Ministry Design
    Chapter 10: Volunteers
    Chapter 11: Marriage & Divorce Ministry
    Chapter 12: Crisis & Counseling
    Chapter 13: Navigating Human Resources and Organizational Charts in Ministry

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  • 6 Secrets Of Preteen Ministry


    For children ages 10-12, transition is the name of the game. Accompanying these not-quite-children on their spiritual journeys is a constant balancing act. 6 Secrets of Preteen Ministry will help you manage this balancing act by covering the basic principles of discipleship with preteens, including developmental milestones, the role of parents, the use of technology, and ways to be inclusive of preteens with special needs.

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