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Sarah Chessman

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  • Lifestyle Of A Happy Prophet


    What does the tone of God’s voice sound like?

    Every day, we are bombarded by voices of fear, anger and speculation. They seek to drown out the one voice that we so desperately need to hear – the voice of Father God. God’s voice is so different from every other voice. He is not only happy, but He is a good father, Who gives His sons and daughters access to His heart. By listening to His voice, we are empowered to bring His Kingdom to Earth.

    Prophetic leader, podcaster, and emerging minister, Sarah Cheesman takes an in-depth look at the heart of God for His sons and daughters. Dispelling lifetimes of false beliefs, she focuses on how knowing and listening to God’s voice helps us discover His love and deep joy, every moment of every day!

    Using practical exercises for daily conversation and ongoing dialogue with the Holy Spirit, Sarah helps readers to:

    *Discern the tone of God when you are receiving prophetic words, either from the Holy Spirit directly, or spoken through another person

    *Understand the nature of the Father and His desire for all of His children to know Him

    *Overcome false beliefs about God

    *Receive daily prophetic wisdom, insight, and strategy for everyday life situations

    *Create a healthy prophetic community within the local church and be a blessing to the leadership and Body of Christ

    *Speak destiny over cities and nations

    When you are connected to the source of life Himself, you will live in a whole new place of hope! Allow the kindness of the Father to propel you into your calling as His son or daughter, and change the world with His love!

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