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Sarah Bradley

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  • True : Being True To Yourself Your God Your Relationships


    1. Be True To Yourself (your Relationship With Yourself)
    2. The One True God (your Relationship With God)
    3. Your True Family (your Relationship With Church)
    4. True Friendship (your Relationships With Your Friends)
    5. Home Truths (your Relationship With Your Parents)
    6. True Love (your Relationships With Boys)
    7. Truth Or Dare (your Relationships With Non-Christians)
    8. It’s Tough Being True (your Relationship With The World)
    Final Thoughts

    Additional Info
    This book addresses eight key relationships that 11-14 year-old girls encounter: themselves, God, church, friends, parents, boys, non-Christians and the world.

    Each chapter unpacks one Bible passage and looks in detail at the different relationships, clearly showing what the Bible teaches, as well as ideas on how to practically live this out in their day-to-day lives. The book challenges girls to keep Jesus at the centre of every relationship as they keep living for Him.

    Every chapter ends with seven practical ideas to work through, a real-life testimony and a Bible study. Suitable for individuals or groups.

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