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Sarah Bowling

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  • Hey God Can We Talk


    A Practical, Hands-On Guide to Prayer

    Hey, God: Can We Talk? is a practical book designed to transform your prayer time from a religious ritual into a meaningful and authentic dialogue with God.

    Deeply rooted in Scripture, this book gives hands-on tools for interacting with God through the everyday stuff of life. Each chapter contains “Conversation Starters” – simple biblical application and a roadmap for dialogue – to jumpstart your talks with God.

    As a respected pastor and Bible teacher, Sarah Bowling (daughter of Marilyn Hickey and co-host of Marilyn and Sarah) provides relevant Scriptural examples and relatable stories to make prayer accessible for everyday people.

    Experience life-changing encounters with God through any circumstance, including…
    *When you want to go deeper in connecting with God
    *When you royally mess up
    *When you reach a fork in the road
    *When the future looks bleak
    *When your life is a total meltdown
    *When your plans change
    *When your emotions are raw

    Regardless of your background, experiences, or training, the tools in this book will empower you to have deeper and more intimate conversations with God.

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  • Hanging By A Thread


    Sarah Bowling’s discovery of two abandoned Ethiopian babies, and an orphanage’s refusal to care for them, led to the founding of Saving Moses. Stepping over babies, literally sleeping on the hot, dirty, crowded sidewalks of Cambodia while their mothers earned a living just inside a brothel, led her to establish NightCare, an organization that provides a safe place for the children of sex workers to eat, sleep and be cared for while their mothers work.

    Hanging by a Thread is the story of Sarah’s journey to birth a one-of-a-kind international aid organization to care for the most vulnerable population of all– babies–in some of the world’s most deplorable and hostile environments. This book is an encouragement for others to step by faith into the void and pain they see around them and watch God do the impossible. What could He do through you–for the least of these–if you were willing to charge onto the battlefield with Him?

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  • In Step With The Spirit


    Many believers know in their heads that God cares about them. But it’s hard to hold that truth in your heart when you’re worn out and weary from the mundane, everyday battles and struggles–when you lose your temper again or give into that persistent temptation or feel paralyzed by overwhelming circumstances.

    The truth is that the Holy Spirit is right there–waiting for you to let him help. With warmth and encouragement, Sarah Bowling shows how he longs to be part of every situation you face in life, from the exciting, mountaintop experience to day-in, day-out hardships. She’ll help you identify the daily challenges and problems and then match those up to the Holy Spirit for supernatural results. As you see how the Helper moved in the lives of the disciples and apostles, you’ll begin to recognize the uniquely supernatural expressions of the Holy Spirit in your own daily life. Your faith will be encouraged as you discover how a Spirit-led life means Spirit-filled help, no matter what you may face.

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  • 30 Meditations On Jesus


    “This book of the law shall not depart out of your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it: for then you shall make your way prosperous, and then you shall have good success.”
    -Joshua 1:8 (RSV)

    Marilyn Hickey and Sarah Bowling present a series of books featuring 30 biblical meditations on important topics in life. Each book teaches the benefits of meditating on God’s Word, and includes convenient tear-away Scripture cards to help the reader maintain focus amid the busyness of life.

    Marilyn Hickey knows firsthand how meditating on God’s Word can change lives. In this volume, she presents 30 biblical meditations on the person of Jesus Christ. By focusing on who Jesus was and the words He spoke, we will better be able to proclaim our Savior to a watching world.

    “When Christians hear the word meditate, they frequently associate it with being a difficult and time-consuming task. But it does not need to be drudgery. Rather, I have discovered that it adds a refreshing quality to my study of God’s Word. It is my desire for you to experience the life transformation that will take place as you apply these principles to your own life.” -Marilyn Hickey

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  • Know Your Ministry


    Fulfill Your Unique Calling

    Everyone has gifts and talents, but do you know what gift is the foundation of your God-given purpose in life?

    In Know Your Ministry: Spiritual Gifts for Every Believer, renowned Bible teacher Marilyn Hickey explains the seven foundational gifts of the Holy Spirit-also known as motivational gifts-found in Romans 12. You will discover the one gift that you identify with most closely and through which you will obtain the most success. Once you have identified your core gift, you will see how it permeates all areas of your life.

    You have an indispensible part in the fulfillment of God’s purposes, and your foundational gift enables you to carry out your unique role. Through Know Your Ministry, you can…
    * Feel confident about your life calling
    * Be encouraged and motivated in your area of service
    * Live a satisfying life exercising your gifts
    * Work together harmoniously with other believers
    * Realize your full potential

    God designed a special gift for you! Discover and enjoy that gift as you fulfill your unique calling and serve others in His name.

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  • Blessing The Next Generation


    The mother and daughter team of Marilyn Hickey and Sarah Bowling explain the significance of generational curses and blessings and how readers have the power to have an impact on the spiritual heritage they hand to their children.

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