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Jacque LaFleur

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  • Science Of Salvation


    The compiler of this book is himself a lay person who is sometimes asked to speak. He knows it is often a scramble to put something together with short notice. He and some of his acquaintances have used these materials with marked success.

    The compiler is not a theologian but is a product of Christian schools and has been an avid student of the Bible his entire life. He is educated in the sciences and so is an objective thinker. He was an instructor of college students, teaching biological subjects and chemistry for nearly 30 years.

    He insists that the authors of the book are really the apostles of the Bible under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. His own contribution is only to bring the Bible texts together by topic for easy use. There is no need to search for texts in preparation of the sermon or to frantically turn pages while trying to speak and hold the congregation’s attention at the same time. The sermon is in the palm of the speaker’s hand.

    This book is a must for lay pastors, church elders, Bible teachers, group leaders, Sabbath School teachers, family worship, or for individual devotional studies.

    The following topics are covered in this book:

    God: Attributes of the God-Head
    As Christians We Believe in One God (One God-Head)
    God Above Time
    A Father God
    God the Son (Christ is Truly God)
    The Great I Am
    Christ the Lord of Glory
    Jesus Gives Us Living Water
    Christ is the Light of the World
    The Rock of Ages
    The Holy Spirit and His Work
    The Word of God
    The Nature of Man
    The Great Controversy (A Battle Between Christ and Satan)
    The Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ
    Repentance/Confession and Forgiveness
    Justification and Sanctification
    The Church
    Unity in the Body of Christ and Spiritual Gifts and Ministries
    Born Again Christians
    The Gift of Tongues
    The Gift of Prophecy
    The Lord’s Supper
    Christian Behavior
    Marriage and the Family
    What the Bible Says about Sinful Sexual Behavior
    The Remnant Church
    Hell Fire, When? Where? How?
    Where are the Dead?
    The Second Coming of Christ-Matthew 24
    The Nearness of the Return of Jesus
    The Time of the End and the Millennium
    The Millennium
    The Law of God
    The Sabbath
    The Change of the Sabbath and the First Day of the Week
    The Truth about th

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