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Jack Redmond

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  • Gods Team : Unleashing The Full Power Of The Church


    God’s Team – Unleashing the Full Power of the Church is a call to all Christians to fulfil their role in the Body of Christ so the gospel is both preached and lived out in society. If both pastors and church members embrace this then the Church will achieve its global ministry to preach the gospel to every person.

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  • Let Your Voice Be Heard


    Let Your Voice Be Heardwill inspire individuals and groups to help people they know connect with Jesus in a life-changing way.

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  • Infusion : Receive Grow Give It Away


    Taking on the issue of “spectator Christianity” in his book Infusion, Jack Redmond writes
    to a Church that has been passive in reaching out to a sinful and dying world. He challenges believers to learn to receive what God gives, forgiveness, authority, love, to grow in these things, and to shift the focus from self toward helping others.

    Redmond illustrates how the Church is populated by ordinary people who are called by God to be extraordinary through the power of the Holy Spirit, and how God is restoring the ministry of the common believer. We have a life-changing faith and the cure to sin-sickness,
    and we should spend our lives pouring these out. God created us for greatness.

    The title of the book ,”Infusion,” means to cause to penetrate; instill; to fill or to be filled with something. The author makes the point that our world is in a desperate need of an infusion of Jesus Christ. God has given the Church greater authority and power than many of us
    realize. Christianity can change when individuals embrace what God has called them to do. Once we embark on this journey, true Christian adventure begins.

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  • Wounded Heart : Keys To Overcoming Lifes Pain And Disappointments


    Pain is one of the harsh realities of life. It can suddenly smack you in the face or slowly eat away at your soul. Pain is real, and we have to deal with it. It comes from the disappointments, failures and conflicts we all have to face. Wounded Heart: Keys to Overcoming Life’s Pain and Disappointments will take you on a spiritual journey from a current state of pain and disappointment to a place of wholeness and living the great life that God already has planned for you. Wounded Heart begins with topics such as: The Reality of Pain, Trusting God in the Middle of Pain and Preparing to Move Past the Pain of Today. This is followed by 12 key steps you can take. Life is a journey and learning how to overcome life’s pain and disappointments is essential to living a great life!

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  • People Matter To God


    Many people in today’s society are passionately looking for answers to life’s difficult questions. Others are trying to connect with a God that they don’t understand. The good news is that there are answers to life’s toughest questions and that people matter to God more than they could ever know or understand. People Matter to God will help people understand how valuable and important they are to God and to others. Once individuals understand how much they matter, the true adventure begins. Soon, God will show, lead, direct, and encourage them to live their life’s plan and purpose. There is also a fundamental shift that must take place where we must realize that part of our own great adventure is helping others understand that they matter to God. People Matter to God is about personal transformation for ourselves and for those that we touch in our lives each day.

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