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J. Timothy Allen

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  • Mothers Around The Manger


    Chapter 1. Tamar (Matthew 1:3,Genesis 38)
    Chapter 2. Rahab (Matthew 1:5,Joshua2; 6:15-25; Hebrews 11:31; James 2:25)
    Chapter 3. Ruth (Matthew 1:5; The Book Of Ruth)
    Chapter 4. Uriah’s Wife (Matthew 1:6; 2 Samuel 11-12; 1 Kings 1-2)
    Chapter 5. Elizabeth (Luke 1:5:5-25,36-45,57-66)
    Chapter 6. Mary (Luke 1-2)
    Chapter 7. Anna (Luke 2:36-38)

    Additional Info
    What impact did Jesus mother have on his earthly life? Mothers Around the Manger examines the lives of Tamara, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, Elizabeth, Mary and Anna, Jesus “great grandmothers”, his female forebears and how they influenced Jesus’ ministry.

    Allen reflects on the significance of these women in the larger story of Jesus and in our changing global needs of today. At a time in history where race, class, national and religious barriers are being reexamined and re-imagined, the lesson Jesus’ mothers provide us with are important building blocks for the coming millenium.

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