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J. Louis Martyn

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  • History And Theology In The Fourth Gospel


    1. A Blind Beggar Receives His Sight
    2. He Is Excluded From The Synagogue And Enters The Church
    3. The Jewish-Christian Beguiler Must Be Identified
    4. He Must Be Arrested And Tried By The Court
    5. Yet The Conversation Continues
    6. From The Expectation Of The Prophet-Messiah Like Moses
    7. To The Presence Of The Son Of Man

    Additional Info
    In his comprehensive survey, Understanding The Fourth Gospel John Ashton divides the history of modern Johannine scholarship into three epochs: Before Bultmann, Bultmann, and After Bultmann. The reference is, of course, to the towering commentary on John by Rudolf Bultmann. In Ashton’s view, which many would share, J. Louis Martyn’s History and Theology in the Fourth Gospel “for all its brevity is probably the most important single work on the Gospel since Bultmann’s commentary”.

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